Thursday, 10 July 2014

DJ Mattnyce - Midschool Heat 4

DJ Mattnyce dropped this a few days ago, pretty dope it is too........

Tymz Two-Check Us Out
Fatal-Pass The Kronz
Nine-Hit Em Like This
Undaworld-Fuck Work
Hoodtop Madness-Eye Ghot Skillz
2 Whyte Kydz-Flowers In The Attic
J-Dub-Swingin Thru Ya Town
Showdown-The Showdown
D.I.P.- I Knu
Organized Konfusion-Decisions (Funkymix)
8 Trak Hi-Tech The Hermit- Book Of Death
Volume 10-Pump Pump (Uk Jazz Funkymix)
Threat-Bust One Fa Me
Natural Mystics-How It Go
Noomads-The Ultimate
Shaqille Oneal-No Hooks (Miles Radio Remix)
Mad Pack-Six Souls Singin
Max & Sam-Rumble Young Man Rumble (Smooth Philly Style Mix)
Two Without Hats-Fast On The Draw
Vision Quest-Soul Clique
Souls Of Mischief-Thats When Ya Lost
Raidermen-Something That I Heard About
Socialistik-Float To It
Slade Savage-War Stories
Seeds Of Evolution-Sage
Doublespeek-Remind Body
Da Funk-Money
Whooliganz-The Whooliganz (Mickey P Radio Mix)
Rock The Mc-Dont Stop The Hip Hop
Goldmine-Natural (C-Swing Mix)
B.M.X.-Microphone Microphone
Pauly Paps-War Scarz
Empty Pockets-All Fo Nothin
P-Dap Ft. Prince Willie Bo-Nowadays
Street Poets-Out Ta Flip (Ruffa Mix)
Royal Flush-Dead Letter
Strictly Insane-Mentally Disturbed
Warren G-You Dont See (Stepz Remix)
Poor Righteous Teachers-Nobody Move
Pure Genius-Undercover
Skee-Lo-Holdin On (Stylus Remix)
De La Soul-Breakadawn (Foncett Power Radio Mix)
Big Oh-Throw Your Hands Up High
Nine-Whutcha Want (The Brotherhood Mix)
Street Poets-What Yo Need
Ruff Rugged Raw- Jump Wiggle It (Smokeout Mix)
Ruggedness Madd Drama-Me and My Squad
Black Poets-The Hand That Robs The Cradle
Da Homlez-Knock Knock (Kts Jazzy Mix)
Quinton-Quintons Here
Ghetto Children-Equilibrium
Soul Party-The Flavor (Club Mix)
Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs-Easy Comes Easy Goes (Jazz Poet Mix)


  1. the file is no longer available at that link. can you please re-upload?