Friday, 19 September 2014

DJ Seiji & Southpaw Chop - Tutorial Time Vol. 2 (320 kbs)

Really dope mix here, part 2 in this series!!!  Japan's finest  rocking the 1's & 2's

Enjoy :)

Southpaw Chop Intro
The Nonce / Mix Tapes
Moments / Sexy Mama
I'll Mentality / Lovin 'U4 Dayz
I'll Mentality / Lovin 'U4 Dayz (Remix)
Citizen Kane / Elements Of Mind
Ohio Players / Sweet Sticky Thing
Mytee G. Poetic / Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness
Gang Starr / Doe In Advance (Inst)
Gang Starr / Gotta Get Over
Bas Blasta / Dangerous
Bas Blasta / The Rhythm
John Klemmer / Free Soul
ED OG & Da Bulldogs / Less Than Zero
Q-Ball & Curt Cazal / One Time
Grover Washington, Jr / Hydra
Black Moon / How Many Emcees (Remix)
Kaotic Style / 6 Mc's
DJ Seiji / Intro
Broadway / Must Stay Paid
Wu-Tang Clan / After The Laughter Comes Tears
Jeru The Damaja / Ain't The Devil Happy
Mannish Feat. Real Thorough / Expect That (Bird Mix)
Grav / City To City
Ruff Draf / Da 'clipz Go On
Dif Productions / Skinz
Concrete Click / Keep It Street
Maylay Sparks / Unusual Styles
Power Hittin Artist / Chasin Clouds ('94 Basment Style)
Da Great Deity Dah Feat. Quiet Storm Ibn Nur 720 / Indecent Proposal
Da Bush Babees / Remember Me (Salaam Remi Version)
Da Regulaterz / Listen Up (Remix)
Gashouse / Avengence

Sunday, 14 September 2014

DJ Muro - Get On Your Knees And Dig (The Cheap Bins) (320 kbs)

Another DJ Muro sure shot, how many mixes does this guy have????!!!????!!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

DJ Muro & DJ K-Prince - WKOD 11154FM The Golden Era Of Hip Hop

Remastered for 2014, some dope golden era shit!!!!!

Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Large Professor & Grand Puba / Sprite TV Spot
Mighty Maestro / The One Man Band Strikes Again
Priority One / Tuff City Material
Glamorous / Good To Go
P.D.A. In Effect / Smooth
DJ Prince Ice / Funky Git Down
M.D.S. Production / Because I'm Pro
Live N'Effect Posse / We Got To Get Paid
King Sun / King Sun With Sword
Poor Righteous Teachers / Butt Naked Booty Bless
Boogie Down Productions / Jack Of Spades
Ms. Melodie / Live On Stage
Todd Terry / Made By The Man
Just-Ice / Get Into Something
Ultramagnetic MC's / Message
MF 911 / Get Open
Maestro Fresh Wes feat. Percee P / Pray To The East
Maestro Fresh Wes / Bring It On (Showbiz Remix)
The Freestyle Professors / The Hardcore Villain

Most Wanted / Good Old Days
Raw Dope Posse /  Listen To My Turbo
Dose Material / Dope Material
Heartbeat Brothers / Time To Get Paid
Tall Dark & Handsome / The Bronx Is Back
Another Def Creation / The Beat Keeper
Rakim / Coolin' Out With St. Ide's
Keefy Keef / Three's Company
800 Money / Dealin' With Aces
Sport G & Mastermind / Live
MC EZ & DJ Troup / Just Rhymin'
Foundation 7 / Compredator
Mac 10 / Soul On A Roll
Sha-Bar / Lethal Weapon
New England Massive / Mind Is Universal
800 Money / Simple Demonstration
Double J / Double J'z Tantrum
Prince Of Dance Music Groove To Get Down
Pre-Sweet / In Effect

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

DJ Muro & DJ Paul Nice - The Golden Era Of Break Beats

A double-disc whammy of non-stop breakbeats. Originally released as JFK To Narita in 2005.

Friday, 5 September 2014

DJ Gambit - #thankyoupremier (320 kbs)

Nice mix of DJ Premier produced tracks......

Beasly / Intro
M.O.P / New Jack City
The Notorious B.I.G. / Ten Crack Commandments
O.C. / War Games
Rakim / Its Been A Long Time
Gang Starr / Natural
Gang Starr / You Know My Steez
Heavy D / Here Comes The Heavster
M.O.P / What I Wanna Be
Paula Perry / Extra Extra
Group Home  Livin Proof
Rakim / Waiting For The World To End
Screwball / Seen It All
Charli Baltimore / Everybody Wanna Know
Gang Starr / Zonin
Mos Def / Mathmatics
Nas / Represent
Non Phixion / Rock Stars
Gang Starr / The ? Remainz
Jay Z / So Ghetto
Nas / Nas Is Like
Reks / 25th Hour
Royce Da 5'9 / Boom
Gang Starr / Full Clip
Gang Starr / Flip The Script
Bun B / Let Em Know
Jeru The Damaja / You Cant Stop The Prophet
Shabeeno & Lil Fame / Rap Addiction
Gang Starr / Take It Personal
Gang Starr / DWYCK
Royce Da 5'9 / Hip Hop
Gang Starr / Just To Get A Rep
Lady Of Rage / Chemical Burn
Gang Starr / Whos Gonna Take The Weight?

Friday, 29 August 2014

DJ Milky - Underground Vibes Mix Vol. 4 (320 kbs)

DJ Milky back with some more Underground Vibes....

Raw Produce / Cycles
Shadez Of Brooklyn / Change
INI / Fakin Jax
Rob-O / Mention Me
Red Life / Who's Talkin' Weight
Ill Mentality / Lovin' U 4 Dayz
Sic Sence / Positional Bypass
Jam Dot / Soul Searchin
Siah & Yeshua Dapoed / Gravity
Mr. Voodoo / Hemlock
Thrust / Do You Understand
Godfather Don / Kaos
Special Ed / Freaky Flow (Blend Mix)
Two Outta Millions / Land Of Lyricism
Lost Tribe Of Hip Hop / Walkin' On The Worldside
Rashid / Y-She Do Dat
Polecat / Make The Paper
Tongues In The Attic / Room Dada
Shamus / Try 2 C Love
Powerule / Dawn To Dusk
Da Enna C / You Can't Use My Pen
Mykill Myers / Crush & Burn
Gutter Snypes / Trial Of Life
Cue & DJ Desue / 211 Twennyfoseven
Maylay Sparks / Imani
3 X Dope / Freestyle Mania
PNS / Down With Those Beats

Sunday, 17 August 2014

DJ Statik - Fly Fishing Vol. 2 (320 kbs)

So here is Vol 2 of the Fly Fishing mix series which includes 85 mins of pure, unadulterated Herring from Jan 2013 to May 2014, for that rod!! Exquisitely mixed by Philly deck technician DJ Statik aka Mr Sonny James, this mix is available on cassette and for free download and streaming on Soundcloud. Exclusive artwork courtesy of MF DOOM - Operation Doomsday artist KEO aka Lord Scotch aka Scotch 79. Peep it:


Intro - Mr. Sonny James
Pauly Yams & DJ Jazz - Kick It
Zigg Zagg - Da Man Upstairs
Endangered Elements - Lanodalos
Epidemic - Past The Margin
J-Zone - Wifey Dearest
L The Head Toucha - Rain
NBA - Live 97
Finsta Bundy - Payday’s Bliss Remix
Starvin B ft. Timeless Truth - Higher Power
Da Buze Bruvaz - Cold Ones
Zigg Zagg - Pick Any Tip
uMaNg - Stay Focused
Meyhem Lauren - Freestyle 1
Timeless Truth ft. Action Bronson - Amazin
Masta Ace ft. Paula Perry - Kick It On The One
Da Halrazzers - Death Rattle (Rockmaster Remix)
Tha Grimm Teachaz - Muthafucka Ay
Doap On Arrival - Jimmy Swagglers
Masta Ace - Scared of the Dark
JW Hype - On The Phone
J.V.C.F.O.R.C.E. - It’s Like That Anna
Da Buze Bruvaz - Tag Team Tactics
Endangered Elements - Here Comes The Sun
Keefy Keef (Keith Murray) - Thoughts My Brain Comsume
Mr. Sonny James - Interlude
Da Dysfunkshunal Familee - Committing Mad Sins
Smooth Criminal - Something to Hip
Meyhem Lauren - Egyptian Musk
LEX - Queens Action
Truth By Design - Let My Tape Rock
Meyhem Lauren - Freestyle 2
Killa Kidz - Timing
Him Lo - Elohim
Shaz IllYork ft. Sean Price - Power Pieces
Pauly Yams & DJ Jazz - When I Blow Up -
Doap On Arrival - So Bad
Doz Funky Baztardz - Straight Outta Remix
Modern Occupation - MO
Da Dysfunkshunal Familee - Shit Iz On Point
MarQ Spekt - Aquamarine
Da Henchmen - Gotta Make Moves
Natural Elements - Done
First In Command - My Next Project
Starvin B - Ulterior Motives
DJ Stitches ft. Eternal Intellect - Never Have Da Skillz
Meyhem Lauren ft Action Bronson & AG Da Coroner - Stewed Rabo
Mr. Sonny James - Outro

Go Buy some records at

DJ Seiji & Southpaw Chop - Tutorial Time (320 kbs)

Another dope sureshot, DJ Seiji & Southpaw Chop bring a dope indie mix each, all on one cd!!!

DJ Southpaw Chop Intro
Gashouse/ Wat You Want With Us
Amp Boogie/ Bluntly Speaking
Rakim(King Tech Remix)/ When I`m Flowin
O.C./ Testprse / Promo
Ground Floor/ Dig On That
Smif-N-Wessun/ Buck Town
Cver/ Underground Flow
Royal Flush/ Rotten Apple
Big Shug/ Do What Pays Ya
Droopy Eye Crew/ Broke Willeez
Kaotic Style/ Tales From Da Sex Side
DJ Seiji / Intro
Foundation & Rezidue / DonÆt Get It Twisted
Paradign / Late Night
Mass Kunfusion / I Do My Dirt
Bosco Money / Sounds Good
Skemen / Under Pressure
Shadez Of Brooklyn / When It Rains It Pours
Rock The M.C. / DonÆt Stop The Hip Hop
Masterminds / IÆm Talentedà
Frankenstein / Sparkin Intellect
Illcrook / Illcrook
L. / Blue Lights & Blunts
Rawcotiks / Hardcore Hip-Hop
Ubad / The Legacy
Q Ball & Curt Cazal / Rock The Spot (Version 2)

Friday, 15 August 2014

DJ Seiji - The Treasure Chest Vol. 2 (320 kbs)

Vinyl only mix, no serato etc, DJ Seiji digs into his treasure chest for another dope Exclusive mix!!  Want Vol. 3 & Vol. 4?????????

DJ Seiji / Intro
Finsta Bundy / Sunnyside
Powerule / P.R.I.S.M.
K B Dub / Watcha Back
Mop Top / Move Ya Body
Hillfiguz / Up On Prospect
Born Talent / Underground Tribute Pt. 1
Chris Styles / Rich Girl
The Outfit / Beauty Of The Week
Big Red & Diamond D / Created A Monster
Mos Desh / Cops & Crackrocks
Scientifik / Jungles Of The East
J-Force / For All Thoze
Sparrow / Inheritance
Lao Fai / Black Vegas
Mykill Myers / Soul Searchin'
Sparrow / Listen (To The Rhyme)
L The Head Toucha / It's Your Life
Nomad / Blessed 2 Mic Check
T Cole / Chi-Town
Virtuoso / Slicin' Your Wrists
Dr. Becket / Creativity Ft. El Da Sensei And K-Skills
Ten Thieves / Straight From The Slums
Finsta Bundy / Don't Stress Tomorrow

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

DJ MK - The Best Of Biggie (320 kbs)

As requested!!!

Debonair P - Debonair Blends 9 (320 kbs) + 5 CD Bundle

Debonair P is back with more dope mixes of those 90's joints we all love so much.  
 This mix is part of a new 5xCD bundle of megamixes.  For $20 + shipping you get:

1. Debonair Blends 11 ('90-'92 megamix - 77 tracks)
2. Debonair Blends 12 ('92-'94 megamix - 71 tracks)
3. Debonair Blends 13 ('95-'97 megamix - 65 tracks)
4. Debonair Blends 14 ('97-'99 megamix - 70 tracks)
5. Hydrabeats Megamix - 80 tracks

All CDs run between 78 and 80 minutes, and all feature full cover artwork / shrink-wrapped cases and will be shipped direct to you from the US.  You can also buy items 1-4 individually for $6 each - the Hydra mix is only available in the bundle though.



These mixes will eventually be made available to stream and download via Soundcloud

Sunday, 10 August 2014

DJ Koco / DJ Tus-One / Ryuhei The Man - Extra! Extra! (320 kbs)

DJ Koco
1.Ultimate Choice / I Got The Feeling
2.Cobra Mcees / The M-Go
3.Ultramagnetic Mc's / Feelin It
4.Ub / Freestyle
5.Cia / Only The Strong Survives
6.Dj Format / Classic Breaks Instrumental
7.Mic Fresh / I Make It Funky
8.D-Smooth / Don't Sleep On This
9.T-Abel Cachet / Dead Dreams
10.Priority One / I Can't Go For That
11.45 King / The King Is Here
12.Dj Doom, Nutso, Large Pro, El Da Sensei & Tony Touch / It's Jut Begun

DJ Tus-One
13.Young Senators / Ringing Bells (Sweet Music)
14.Decisions / You Look Like An Angel
15.Sso Orchestra / Faded Lady
16.Mad Lads / "Gone"! The Promises Of Yesterday
17.Ruby Andrews / You Made A Believer (Out Of Me)
18.Billy (Sugar Billy) Garner / I Got Some
19.Jeanne & The Darlings / Soul Gir
20.Temptations / I Need You
21.Jr Bailey / After Hours
22.Sam Dees / Just As Sure

Ryuhei The Man
23.Orquesta Esencia / Carnaval
24.Ohmega Watts / Saywhayusay
25.Hypnotic Brass Ensemble / Fire (Mr Scruff Remix)
26.Jungle Fire / Comencemos (Let's Start)
27.Funky President / Clap Your Hands
28.Reginald Milton & The Soul Jets / Clap Your Hands
29.Ruckus Roboticus / Lesson 7 (Dance Floor Edit)
30.Jimmy Castor Bunch / It's Just Begun
31.Nuyorican Soul / Mind Fluid Pt.1
32.Original Tropicana Steel Drum Band / Spanish Hustle (Edit)
33.Horn Band / Pink Styrofoam Pt.1
34.Lonnie Liston Smith / Expansions (Single Edit)

Thanks to sockdog for this gem!!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

DJ Kiyo - Four-Mat Studio 05152003 (320 kbs)

This DJ Kiyo mix has been released under more at least different titles, "Four-Mat Studio 05152003" and "Chill Out Jazzy Breaks) both pictured above....

Beatnuts - World Famous
Slick Rick - Its A Boy (Large Pro Remix)
ATCQ - Can I Kick It
Gang Starr - Gotta Get Over
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Ill Street Blues
Jeru -
Large Professor - Get Off Dat Bullshit
Beatnuts - Yeah you get props
Artifacts - Wrong Side Of Da Tracks
KRS-One - P Is Still Free
Redhead Kingpin -
Epmd - Get Off the Bandwagon
Beastie Boys - Paul Revere
Lord Finesse - Here I Come
Gang Starr - Flip The Script
A.T.C.Q. - Excursions
Nas - Halftime
Diamond & The Psychotic Neurotics - I Went For Mine
Pete Rock And Cl Smooth - In The Flesh

DJ Muro - Retrospect (320 kbs)

Very Rare Muro mix, limited edition.

DJ Kenta - Immortal Works Dedicated To Jay Dee (320 kbs)

Limited mix CD, only available in Japan

J-88 / From Detroit With Love
J-88 / The Look Of Love Pt. 1
The Pharcyde / Bullshit
Keith Murray / The Rhyme (Slum Village Remix)
Little Indian / One Little Indian (Jay Dee's Shit Remix)
1st Down / Front Street
De La Soul / Stakes Is High
Da Bush Babees / 3 Mc's
The Pharcyde / Drop
The Pharcyde / Y? (Be Like That) (Jay Dee Remix)
A Tribe Called Quest / Like It Like That
A Tribe Called Quest Featuring Noreaga / Give Me
De La Soul Featuring DV Alias Khrist / Thru Ya City
The Roots Featuring Elo / Dynamite!
A Tribe Called Quest / Jam
A Tribe Called Quest / Keeping It Moving
A Tribe Called Quest / What Really Goes On
Slum Village Featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff / I Don't Know
Common / Doinit
Guru Featuring Bilal / Certified
Q-Tip / Let's Ride
Phife Dawg / Bend Ova
Common Featuring Bilal & Jill Scott / Funky For You
Slum Village / Players
Slum Village / Get Dis Money
Jamiroquai Featuring Slum Village / Black Capricorn Day (Jay Dee Remix)
Nine Yards / Always Find A Way (Jay Dee Remix)
Mint Condition Featuring Phife / Let Me Be The One (Ummah Radio Remix)
D'angelo / Me And Those Dreamin' Eyes Of Mine (Jay Dee Remix)
Janet Featuring Q-Tip & Joni Mitchell / Got 'til It's Gone (Ummah's Uptown Saturday Remix)
Common Featuring Mos Def / The Questions
Common / Come Close (Remix) (Closer)
Jay Dee / Think Twice
Erykah Badu / Didn't Cha Know
Common Featuring Erykah Badu / The Light (Remix)

DJ Mitsu The Beats - Bossa-Nova Em Uso Diario (320 kbs)

Nice change of style here, DJ Mitsu The Beats in the mix!!!!

DJ Muro - Diggin P-Vine Planet Funk (320 kbs)

Keeep on diggin for those dope Muro mixes...

DJ Muro - Conduct A Library Research 2 (320 kbs)

Part 2 in the Library Research mix series, this time around its Muro!!!