Saturday, 19 May 2018

DJ PF Cuttin - EastNYRadio WKCR 89.9 5-11-18 (320kbs)

New PF Cuttin on WKCR89.9 New York...Stream/download below

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Serch4beatz - The Good, The Bad, The Fugly Pt. 2 (320kbs)

New dope mix from Serch4beatz....all vinyl indie gemsssss!!!

Sons Of Light / I Can Hear Da Mic
Sun Risers / Street Song
Boys About Beats And Lyrics Uptown / Foreplay
L. / Check The Flow
Big Sha / Reload The Clip (Remix)
NYRU / Bootleggers
T-Dub / Think Just Blink
Triip / Keep It Flowin' (Re-Mix)
Private Eye / A And B Plan
Mood / Hustle On The Side
Derelect Camp / Hold On  Prillz (Pressure)
D-Stroy Ft. DJ Tony Touch / Vitamin D

Monday, 14 May 2018

Jazz Spastiks - Godfather Don Mix (320 kbs)

Latest mix from those jolly chaps the Jazz Spastiks, the vocals, remixes, and production of Godfather Don

Godfather Don / 7 Degrees of Elevation
Godfather Don / 8 Degrees
Godfather Don / Yeah
Godfather Don / Slaves (Straight Jacket Mix) Ft. Kool Keith
Ultramagnetic MC's / Saga Of Dandy, The Devil & Day
Godfather Don / Frontin' Ass Ducks
The Cenobites / I Was Forgotten
Godfather Don / Memories
Godfather Don / Do My Thing
Ultramagnetic MC's / See The Man On The Street
Godfather Don / No Competition
Godfather Don / Ain't None Left
Godfather Don / Ill Funk Freaker
Herb Mcgruff / East & Police
Science Of Sound / Who Got The Funk Ft. Phife
Godfather Don / Piece Of The Action
Godfather Don / Status
The Cenobites / Kick A Dope Verse
Godfather Don / Do You Know?
Godfather Don / Bottom Line
Godfather Don / Shoot The Two Ft. Da Funky Orphanz
The Cenobites / Cold Peein On Em (Remix)
Ultramagnetic MC's / Raise It Up
Godfather Don / Colors of Death
Godfather Don / Stuck of The Realness
The Cenobites / That's How I'm Goin Out
The Cenobites / You're Late
Godfather Don / Billy Bathgate
Godfather Don / Involuntary Excellence
Godfather Don / Hazardous
Godfather Don / Sleeping With The Enemy

Sunday, 15 April 2018

DJ Matman - J Dilla: Jay Dee The MC

Much has been said about J Dilla aka Jay Dee’s incredible production skills, and as on Hip Hop’s G.O.A.T.s in that field his talent as an MC has often been overlooked as a result. The innate sense of rhythm that is so evident in his music also shines brightly in his vocal performances, and while his lyrical content was often limited to a fairly narrow range of topics, his cutting delivery, flows and musical nuance made him a beast on the mic.
This mix focuses on some (but far from all) of my favourite Jay Dee verses both well-known and obscure, cut up and mixed in my usual style and featuring interview snippets from the “J Dilla: Still Shining” Documentary.

01. Intro
02. B.R. Gunna ft. Jay Dee - Do Ya Thing
03. Jay Dee - Beej N Dem
04. J Dilla - KJay And We Out
05. Common ft. Jay Dee - Thelonious
06. A Tribe Called Quest ft. Jay Dee - That Shit
07. Sa-Ra - Thrilla
08. J Dilla - Diamonds Alt. 12? version
09. Pete Rock ft. J-Dilla - N*ggaz Know
10. Oh No ft. Roc C & Dilla - Move Remix
11. Jaylib - The Official
12. Slum Village - Reunion
13. Platinum Pied Pipers - Act Like You Know
14. J Dilla - The $
15. J Dilla - The $ (Madlib Remix)
16. Jaylib ft. Frank N Dank - McNasty Filth
17. Slum Village - Bounce Wit A N*gga
18. Four Tet - As Serious As Your Life (Jay Dee Remix)
19. J Dilla - Nothing Like This
20. J-88 - The Look Of Love Pt. 2
21. Slum Village - The Look Of Love (9th Wonder Remix
22. J Dilla - wont do
23. Illa J & J Dilla - Shake It Down Pt. 2
22. J Dilla - Shake It Down
23. Dabrye ft. Jay Dee & Phat Kat - Game Over
24. Jay Dee - Fuck The Police
25. Jay Dee - Think Twice
26. J Dilla ft. Madlib & Guilty Simpson - Baby
27. J Dilla ft. Frank N Dank - We F ed Up
28. Slum Village - Get Dis Money
29. J Dilla - No One Knows
30. Slum Village - Raise It Up
31. DJ Cam & Cameo - Love Junkie (Jay Dee Remix)
32. J Dilla - Crushin
33. Jaylib - Champion Sound
34. J Dilla - Make Em NV
35. J Dilla - Make Em NV (Mydus Remix)

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Surge - Handsoftime - Killing Time Three (320kbs)

New mix of new and older unreleased hip hop, really nice or download the single MP3 file from Soundcloud, or download the split track rip from the download link below.

Shylow / Prefixed Fate
Poops / Once Again
Apathy & O.C. / Live From The Iron Curtain
Da Buze Bruvaz / Us Embassy Ft. Ruste Juxx
Stanley Grimes / Stanley Grimes
Defari / Lowlands Anthem
Venom / Back In Position Rmx Ft. Skanks
Scaramanga / Special Efx Ft. Godfather Don
Da Steez Brothhaz / El Lagado
Icerocks / 3 Eyes Closed Ft. Calamity, Spit Gemz & Sickwitdapen
Venom / Crack Down Ft. Shabamm Sahdeeq & Ras Kass
Laster / Open House
Drama Klub / Rolla Costa Ride
Endangered Elements / Whatz The Deal
Sonny Skillz / Lost In The Storm
Brouse One / Ground Up Ft. Raw Poetic
Dela / Cheer Ft. Large Professor
Phat Kat & DJ Dister / The Monument Ft. DJ Dez
Timeless Truth / Wavelength
Pen Pals / You Know The Deal
Don Hall / Goinback6 Vs Msg Ft. Smoke Dog
Shylow / Manic Depressive
Venom / Game Of Survival Ft. Gstats
Lewis Parker / Robbery
3rd Rail & Akbar / My Mind Rmx
Hex One / I’m Gone
Kyo Itachi / Organic Ft. Planet Asia

Friday, 30 March 2018

DJ OG-S - Flave Rule (Tape Rip) (320kbs)

DJ OG-S is back with another dope mixtape of rare Vinyl´s from 90's underground hip-hop artists, hand picked by the Flava Rule!

Also available on Limited CD, 100 copies, purchase here!!!

A2.TSU Productions - T.S.U. Tactics (1992) 
A4.Pos-Neg - South Bronx (1996) 
A5.M.O.B (Massive Of Brooklyn) - Katch Wreck (1993) 
A6.The First Sons - Rejection (1992) 
A7.Cruseville Productions - Psyco (1994) 
A8.Spoon - SpoonFeedinUm (1994) 
A9.Built To Last - Time To Pay The Piper (1993) 

B10.Science Of Sound - It Ain't Safe (1995) 
B11.Constructive R.U.K.U.S.- Anbesol (1999)
B12.Notorious Nate - You're My Biggest Fan (1993) 
B13.Char'dae rap - Doin the drug game (1994) 
B14.Prince Eze And Big Fran To The 3rd - Time To Get Funky (1989) 
B15.Goba - Rest Of Frame (1998) 
B16.Built To Last - We Hit 'Em Up (1993) 
B17.Sons Of Sam - Charisma (1993) 
B18.Rhythm & Poetry VS DJ OG-S - Buck-em'- Down (1993)

Mixed, composed, mastered & recorded by DJ OG-S. 
Exclusive Artwork by Spek The Architek.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Chrome / Donnie Propa - Dirty Rotten Mixtape (320kbs)

Village Live Presents: Chrome & Donnie Propa - Dirty Rotten Mixtape.

Featuring a fresh selection of classics and hidden gems from the legendary MC, Jeru The Damaja

All mixed on vinyl. Standard.

Side 1
Chrome - "Come Clean" (2:26)
Chrome - "One Day" (2:16)
Chrome - "D Original" (3:46)
Chrome - "You Can't Stop The Prophet" (2:32)
Chrome - "Prophet" (Pete Rock remix) (1:57)
Chrome - "Revenge Of The Prophet" (2:18)
Chrome - "Revenge Of The Prophet" (part 5) (1:16)
Chrome - "Great Solar Stance" (3:23)
Chrome - "Seinfeld" (2:19)
Chrome - "Whatever" (2:57)
Chrome - "Praise The Lord" (3:07)
Side 2
Donnie Propa - "Jungle Music" (2:36)
Donnie Propa - "Invasion" (2:13)
Donnie Propa - "My Mind Spray" (1:35)
Donnie Propa - "Speak Ya Clout" (1:15)
Donnie Propa - "True Skillz" (2:20)
Donnie Propa - "99.9 Percent" (4:05)
Donnie Propa - "Friend Or Foe" (1:26)
Donnie Propa - "Da Bichez" (3:28)
Donnie Propa - "El Presidente" (2:19)
Donnie Propa - "The Remedy" (2:35)
Donnie Propa - "1,2 Pass It" (1:32)

Buy the cassette here

DJ Riz & DJ Eclipse - Fly Fishing Vol. 5 (320kbs) (Including Volumes 1 - 4)

DJ Riz & DJ Eclipse getting busy with some Chopped Herring classics on the latest volume of Fly Fishing....thanks Bob!!

Available to purchase on cassette here.  Download the WAV files off Soundcloud, or the 320kbs MP3 at the bottom of the page.

Side 1 Mixed by DJ Riz
1  Apes of Graf - Dissection of I [Prod. Inna Attic Crookz]
2  Meyhem Lauren - Terminal Illness [Prod. TerminILL]
3  Hahyeem - Missing The Game [Prod. Inna Attic Crookz]
4  Doz Funky Baztardz - Frequency [Prod. Ernest Dimanche]
5  Shylow - Religious Sacrifice [Prod. Shylow]
6  Afiliashun - Tell Me If You're Open [Prod. Regi Ruckus]
7  Cenobites - Kick A Dope Verse feat. Bobbito [Re- Dux] [Prod. Godfather Don]
8  Junclassic - Jazz Baby [Prod. [Prod. Wun Two]
9  Von Love - Momentary Laps Of Reason [Prod. L.A. Kidd]
10 Class A Felony - Time To Make The Doughnuts [Prod. DJ Stitches]
11 Guy Grams - Tough Love [Prod. Fullscale]
12 Da Buze Bruvaz - Tango & Cash [Prod. Claymore]
13 Nomaads - Never Need A 9 feat. Mr. Wiggles, Phrase & Zulu Gremlin [Prod. Zulu Gremlin]
14 Manuel - Luv Luv [Prod. D. Marazzo]
15 Brothers G.R.Y.M. - Turtle Soup [Prod. Brothers G.R.Y.M.]
16 Da Steez Brothaz - Dias Grises [Prod. Truskull Zerokappa]
17 Wiseguys - In Tha Company Of Killaz (Remix) [Prod. Hangmen 3]
18 Malik Turner - Rap's A Joke [Prod. DJ Master Jam]
19 Shawn Lov – UNO [Prod. Raiden]
20 Horror City - Change The Game
21 Mhorlocks - Tore Down (Ripped Open) [Prod. DJ Rad]
22 Jazz Spastiks feat. Warpath - Cirumstances [Prod. Jazz Spastiks]
23 Beneficence - Hostyle Lifestyle [Prod. Beneficence]
24 Da Last Future - Fallen Diamonds [Prod. Su-Preme]
25 Masta Ace - One Two, One Two [Prod. Masta Ace]
26 5-Elementz - Searchin' [Prod. Jay Dee]
27 Big Tabb - Commerialized Music [Prod. Mentally Gifted]
28 Tha Roach Killaz - Wack MC's [Prod. Stranger Danger]

Side 2 Mixed by DJ Eclipse
1  Apes of Graf - Until Then [Prod. Inna Attic Crookz]
2  Mhorlocks - Wild Echoes [Prod. God's Child]
3  Hahyeem - You Neva Know [Prod. Inna Attic Crookz]
4  King Doe V - Knuckle Up [Prod. Su-Preme]
5  Meyhem Lauren - Cash Is King [Prod. Shakim Allah]
6  Beneficence - Contents Under Pressure [Prod. DJ Supa C]
7  Junclassic - How Higher [Prod. Wun Two]
8  Da Buze Bruvaz - Tranzor Z [Prod. Lord Beatjitzu]
9  Class A Felony feat Diamond D & Lakim Shabazz - I Can't Take It No More [Prod. Dimaond D]
10 Definite Vacation 4 Suckas - Sleepless Nightmares [Prod. Sean (Rhythm) Ross]
11 Speakeasy - Hi [Prod. K. Watters & T. Hardman]
12 Wiseguys - Face To Face [Prod. Hangmen 3]
13 Zigg Zagg - You Know My Style [Prod. Mighty Maestro]
14 Shawn Lov - Damn Tough [Prod. Custodian Of Records]
15 Shylow - From Parts Unknown Pt II [Prod. Beat Rapists]
16 Afiliashun - Bullet Scars [Prod. Regi Ruckus]
17 Jazz Spastiks feat. Rebels To The Grain - Unkutfresh [Prod. Jazz Spastiks]
18 Nomaads - Statistics [Prod. Groovy Lou]
19 Tha Roach Killaz - In My Shoes [Prod. Stranger Danger]
20 Thirstin Howl III - E-Dubb's Mixtape [Prod. Anger Bangers]
21 Da Steez Brothaz feat El Da Sensei - Hip Hop Disciples [Prod.  Truskull Zerokappa]
22 Manuel - Deep Waters [Prod. D. Marazzo]
23 5-Elementz - Sunflower [Prod. Jay Dee]
24 Brothers G.R.Y.M. - How Do Ya Do [Prod. Brothers G.R.Y.M.]
25 Da Last Future - Mental Combat [Prod. Su-Preme]
26 Malik Turner - No More 9 To 5 [Prod. DJ Sean Ski]
27 Big Tabb - Laid Back [Prod. Mentally Gifted]
28 Hip City Swingers - HCS Invasion [Prod. Eric Freeman]
29 Too Poetic - Ruff Son of a Gun [Prod. Poetic Productions]

For the older fly fishing volumes click on the cover of the volume you want below .....

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

DJ Premier - Live From HeadQCourterz 2018.03.16 (320 kbs)

New hip hop with below!!!

Guests: PRhyme (DJ Premier & Royce da 5’9?) WITH THEIR NEW LP: PRhyme 2

01.  Jericho Jackson (Khrysis & Elzhi)–Breguets
02.  PRhyme (f. Big K.R.I.T. & Denaun)–Made Man
03.  PRhyme (f. Yelawolf)–W.O.W. (With Out Warning)
04.  Big Tray Dee (f. Kurupt, Slip Capone, E3 & NME)–Crip2Nite
05.  Billy Danze–Whop It
06.  Supreme Cerebral–Daily Operation
07.  Roc Marciano (f. Knowledge The Pirate)–Bohemian Grove
08.  38 Spesh & Benny–So Strategic
09.  PRhyme (f. 2 Chainz)–Flirt
10.  PRhyme–Streets At Night
11.  RUN-DMC–Together Forever
12.  ANoyd–Just A Fan
13.  Big Tray Dee (f. Erik Lee)–Remain The Same
14.  Lil Fame–Say Nothing
15.  PRhyme–Sunflower Seeds
16.  Agallah & Dirty Diggs–White Lotus
17.  Erick Sermon (f. Mr. Cheeks, Craig Mack & Method Man)–Come Thru
18.  Evidence (f. Krondon)–Bad Publicity
19.  Big Twins x Ali Vegas x Tragedy Khadafi–Comin’ From Queens
20.  Chris Matic–Calories
21.  Big Bob (f. Craig G, Grand Surgeon, DJ Fastcut & Ji Sharp)–Global Crisis
22.  Jay Love & The Avid Record Collector–Ready For War

23.  Big Tray Dee (f. Snoop Dogg)–Life Of A G


Tuesday, 27 March 2018

DJ Eclipse & DJ Riz - Rap Is Outta Control 2018.03.15 (320kbs)

More new hip hop with DJ Eclipse & DJ Riz on SiriusXM, Guests: Senica Da Misfit, Sully Nomad & Sadat X.

Stream & Download below...

1. Quadir Lateef “Slave Hands To Shaved Grams” (prod. by Statik Selektah)
2. PRhyme “1 Of The Hardest” (prod. & cuts by DJ Premier)
3. BENNY “Camillia’s” (prod. by Green Lantern)
4. Sully Nomad “The Big Sweep”
5. Rome Streetz feat. Duo Macswell “Ride 4 Me” (prod. by Duo Macswell)
6. Supreme Cerebral “Soul Glow” (prod. by Free Mind)
7. Menace “Cutlery” (prod. by Splifout)
8. Buck-N-Nice feat. Reks “Time” (prod. by So Nice)
9. PRhyme feat. 2 Chainz “Flirt” (prod. by DJ Premier)
10. Sekkond Hand “Forever Free” (prod. by Spliftout)
11. Tru Trilla feat. DoItAll & Senica Da Misfit “Find Em, Fool Em, Forget Em” (prod. by Chat One)
12. Jay Love & The Avid Record Collector feat. F.T., A.L. Skills, & Ruste Juxx “Watch Ya Step” (prod. & cuts by The Avid Record Collector)
13. Sully Nomad “Nomads”
14. Lil Fame “Say Nothing” (prod. by I-Fresh)
15. Sully Nomad “Nomads (B)” (prod. by SK H.N.I.C)
16. Rome Streetz “Policy” (prod. by Sadhugold)
17. Crimeapple “Crime State of Mind” (prod. by Big Ghost LTD, cuts by DJ Grouch)
18. PRhyme feat. Chavis Chandler “Everyday Struggle” (prod. & cuts by DJ Premier)
19. Roc Marciano “67 Lobby” (prod. by Element)
20. Supreme Cerebral “Daily Operation” (prod. by Free Mind)
21. Westside Gunn “Part Deux” (prod. by Mr. Green)
22. Big Twins, Ali Vegas & Tragedy Khadafi “Comin From Queens” (prod. & cuts by DJ Flash)
23. Sadat X feat. Tony Sunshine “Who’s Judging” (D.R.U.G.S. Beats Remix) / Original Mix (prod. by Diamond D) {Medley}
24. Bumpy Knuckles X Snoop Dogg “Drop A Jewel On’m (prod. by Freddie Foxxx)
25. Senica Da Misfit feat. Juxx Diamondz “I Wanna Know” (prod. by Senica Da Misfit)
26. Farmabeats feat. Flashius Clayton “Knuckle Sandwich Deli Bruce” (prod. by Farmabeats)
27. Jamil Honesty “24” (prod. by JR Swiftz, cuts by DJ Grazzhoppa)
28. Sully Nomad, Senica Da Misfit & Sadat X Live Freestyle!

Monday, 26 March 2018

DJ Premier - Live From HeadQCourterz 2018.03.09 (320 kbs)

DJ P-P-P-P-Premier on SiriusXM with some newish hip hop for your ears, stream and download below.

01.  Lil Fame–Say Nothing
02.  Supreme Cerebral–Daily Operation
03.  PRhyme (f. Yelawolf)–W.O.W.
04.  Chris Matic–Calories
05.  Cut Chemist (f. Biz Markie)–Moonlightin’ With Biz
06.  Billy Danze–Whop It
07.  Yasin (f. Killa Q)–2 Official
08.  Prince Ak–James Brown
09.  Termanology–Nuff Props
10.  PRhyme (f. 2 Chainz)–Flirt
11.  Big Twins x Ali Vegas x Tragedy Khadafi–Comin’From Queens
12.  Faith Evans & The Notorious BIG (f. Jadakiss)–NYC
13.  Notorious BIG (f. Redman & Method Man)–Rap Phenomenon
14.  Notorious BIG–Unbelieveable
15.  Bumpy Knuckles–Grumpy ‘OL Man
16.  Agallah & Dirty Diggs–White Lotus
17.  Nipsey Hu$$le (f. Cee-Lo Green)–Loaded Bases
18.  ELB (Everybody Luv Black) (f. King Hansom)–Talkin’
19.  Jericho Jackson (Khrysis & Elzhi)–Breguets
20.  Billy Danze–Halle Berry
21.  Illa Ghee–Gripped Up
22.  Bumpy Knuckles (f. Snoop Dogg)–Drop  A Jewel On’m
23.  PRhyme (f. Novel & Summer ’96)–Sunflower Seeds
24.  ANoyd–Just A Fan
25.  Roc Marciano (f. Knowledge The Pirate)–Bohemian Grove
26.  Rakim Al Jabbar (f. Flower Child)–Super Tight

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

DJ P - Edelweiss (A Sergent Winter Mixtape) (320kbs)

Sergent Records Winter Mix, DJ P on the decks...enjoy!!

Saskwatch Iron / The After Party
1st Down / World Premier
Finsta / Finsta Baby
Sop / Phases
Comptons Righteous / Live From Centenial High School Compton
Kazi / A.V.E.R.A.G.E.
Xzibit / 3 Card Molly (Feat. Ras Kass And Saafir) (Azaia Remix)
Rampage / The Last Boyscout
Rawberry & Sneadr / The Nine (Feat. Ellmatic)
Saskwatch Iron / Ubiquity
Da Funk / Lifestyle
Saskwatch Iron / 40 Belows
Rampage / The Illest Moment Feat. Serious
Kayo / City Life (Feat. Phat Kat)
Awon & Phoniks / Street Saga
D.O.M.S. / De Letscht ( Instrumental)
Big L / Mvp (George Fields Remix)
1st Down / Front Street Remix
Awon / Haunted (Gorilla Glock)
Native Faces / Smile
Triflicts / Im Terror
D.O.M.S. / Mole
Awon / Escapin Youth (Odweeyne)
DD Born / 108 Dragons / Decapitators (1st Version)
Git X Hubbs / Pen Strokes
Kazi & Madlib / Beats By The Pound
Kazi & Madlib / Called Your Bluff
Kukoo Da Baga Bonez / Stop Playing The Role
Unknown Mizery / Sticky Bomb
DJ Born / Da Legendary / Memoirs Of A Villain (Villain Version)
Dan-E-O / Dear Hip Hop (Remix)

Monday, 19 March 2018

Serch4beatz - The Good, The Bad, The Fugly (320 kbs)

New mix from S4BZ, you know what it's about by now......enjoy!

Fill in the tracklist!!

01. Godfather Don - Status
02. Sic Sense - Positional Bypass
03. Roc Marciano - The Prophecy
04. Sherlock - Beautiful Ways Remix
05. 2 Demented ‎– The Real Sunset Park
06. Dolomight - Keep It Live (Remix)
07. Mr. Ruckuz - Senselezz Murderz
08. Kinetic - Moms Is The Ghetto
09. Shadez Of Brooklyn ‎- Everyday Livin'
10. Sugacane - God For All
11. Open Eyes - Riot Gear
12. One Step Beyond - Women Who Sleep With Women
13. George Fields - Maya Shore

Ahhh man, cant remember what the ??? are, pretty easy ones too.....

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Jazz Spastiks - Green Mix (320 kbs)

Our new mix of classic and underground hip hop is here!
Featuring A Tribe Called Quest, Grand Puba, Lastrawze, Trauma Center, Artifacts, Keith Murray and loads more..

Stream or download below

01. Lastrawze - Care Free
02. Trauma Center - Game Goes
03. Homeliss Derilex - Cash Money
04. Trauma Center - Spilling What I'm Feeling
05. Homeliss Derilex - Daily Operation
06. Keith Murray - World Be Free
07. Omniscence - Nuff Love
08. Artifacts - To Ya Chest
09. Trauma Center - Bad Territory
10. Reggie Capers - Suspect
11. Trauma Center - Just A Little Rage
12. ????
13. ????
14. Al Tariq - Crime Pays
15. Artifacts - Attack Of New Jeruzalum
16. Dead Poets Society - Don't Quit
17. Omniscence - I'm On Mine
18. Omniscence - Wrecognize
19. A Tribe Called Quest - Phoney Rappers
20. Strickly Roots ‎– Beg No Friends
21. Heavy D & The Boyz - Blue Funk
22. ?????
23. Omniscence - I Gotta Maintain
24. ?????
25. J.V.C. Force - Sandee
26. ?????

Sunday, 14 January 2018

House Shoes - Magic 12.13.17

House Shoes used to live in Detroit, where he did a lot of really cool sh*t. Known for championing some of your favorite producers and emcees long before they gained national notoriety, he now lives in Los Angeles, where he is currently doing sh*t even cooler than what he did in Detroit. Street Corner Music is his self ran record label which he started in LA a few years ago. Having played in over 40 countries and consistently keeping his finger on pulse of the newest sounds, ‘Shoes has released roughly 40 projects on the label in the last few years. His dublab program, Magic, runs every 2nd and 4th Wednesdays from 8pm-12am PST.

Biggie Dilla
Busta Rhymes ft. Flipmode - Modern Day Gangsters / Dangerous M.C.’s
Roc Marciano - Wolfing Down prod. Nicholas Craven
Dabyre - The Appetite ft. Roc Marci, Quelle Chris, Danny Brown
GQ - Laundry Day
Spectacular Diagnostics - Ur Own Worst Enemy ft. Quelle Chris
Spectacular Diagnostics - Stack the Cabbage ft. Crimeapple, Flashius Clayton, smoovth, & Al Divino
Crimeapple - Meatdust
Crimeapple - Zombie Land
Statik Selektah - Nobody Move ft. Raekwon & Royce Da 5’9”
Statik Selektah - Disrespekt ft. Prodigy
Harry Fraud - Lifestyles of a Thug ft. Prodigy
El Camino Sway - Insane ft. Conway
Conway x Your Old Droog x Camoflauge Monk
Vic Spencer - Gone Fishin
Apollo Brown & Planet Asia - Panties in a Jumble
Apollo Brown & Planet Asia - Nine Steamin ft. Guilty Simpson
Guilty Simpson - Detroit’s Son
Knxwledge - Illimination
Knxwledge - 30yrsold
Vic Spencer - Gone Fishin pt. 2
Denmark x Doppleganger - Maury
Denmark x Doppleganger x Co$$ - CopAnO
DJ Chong Wizard & Chris Spencer - Ewoks prod. Unjust
Aakeem x Vic Spencer - Freestyle
Vic Spencer - Gone Fishin pt. 3
Jalal Salaam - Lifeboats prod. Farmabeats
Jalal Salaam - Sharp Plastic prod. Fred Fades
Marv Won - Soundtrack of Autumn ft. Gwenation
DITC - All Love (Apollo Brown Remix)
Jadakiss Ice Pick ft. Styles P
Styles P - Ghost In A Nutshell
Flyanakin & Koncept Jackson - Conversation
Prince Paul - The Redux
Talib Kweli - All of Us
Jay Electronica - Road to Perdition
TF - Unprofessional Shit
Samiyam - Hummus ft. Alchemist
Samiyam - mirror ft. Earl
Earlxsweat - Wind In My Sails
Earl Sweatshirt - Balance prod. by Knxwledge
Mach Hommy - Quartz Movement prod. Swarvy & House Shoes
Mach Hommy - Bride of the Water G-d
Mach Hommy - Jacobs Ladder Company

Saturday, 13 January 2018

DJ Eclipse - Rap Is Outta Control (SiriusXM) - 2018.01.11

DJ Eclipse & DJ Riz with their take on whats hot from the underground right now.....

01. DITC Studios feat. Show and AG “City Of The Gods” (prod. by Showbiz & Motif)
02. Crimeapple “Dhalism” (prod. by Buck Dudley)
03. Conway feat. Prodigy “Rodney Little” (prod. by Daringer)
04. Supreme Cerebral & Ralphiie Reese “Tuff Talk” (prod. by Kaoss Beats)
05. Asun Eastwood feat. Daniel Son “Vinyl Dust Blunts” (prod. by Ol Man 80ZZ)
06. Cashus King (fka Co$$) “What The World Made”(prod. by Beatnick Dee)
07. DITC Studios feat. Tashane and A Bless “Burn Somethin” (prod. by Showbiz & Motif)
08. Willie The Kid X V Don feat. Lil Eto “Heather Grey” (prod. by V Don)
09. Tribeca feat. Pharoahe Monch “The Life (ESPN Theme)” (prod. by Ayatollah)
10. SageInfinite “Jedi March” (prod. by Ro Data)
11. Gary Rue feat. Tef Wesley & G-Mo Sosa “Passing Through” (prod. by Sultan Mir, cuts by DJ Trickalome)
12. Shabaam Sahdeeq “Bars” (prod. by Pete Twist)
13. Eto & Recognize Ali “Swear On My Pops” (prod. by Unjust, cuts by DJ Chong Wizard)
14. Daniel Son feat. Crimeapple “Daily Soup” (prod. Giallo Point)
15. Styles P “Strong As Oak” (prod. by gradeaproducer)
16. Ankhlejohn “Self” (prod. by All Ceven)
17. Daniel Son X Smoovth “Amore” (prod. by The Historian)
18. Jamil Honesty x Krazyfingaz “Empower” (prod. by Krazyfingaz)
19. Nutso “Red Light” (prod. by G-Sparkz)
20. TRIBECA-GRAND “Take A Knee” (prod. by Tribeca)
21. NapsNdreds “Rap Is Outta Control Freestyle”
22. Supreme Cerebral “War Ready” (prod. by Pete Twist, cuts by DJ Ragz)
23. Ski “Daddy Sick” (prod. by Cardiak)
24. Estee Nack X Al Divino “Pecorino Romano” (prod. by The Historian)
25. Menace “GB” (prod. & cuts by Menace)
26. Wyld Bunch “Problems” (prod. by Slide Beats)
27. Tha Soloist X Dr G “All I Need Is Time” (prod. by Dr G)
28. LOKI feat. Sean Price, Slaine & Kool Keith “The Beast” (prod. by Jorel Decker & LOKI)
29. TRIBECA-GRAND Live Freestyle!
30. TRIBECA-GRAND “NY-PHI” (prod. by Tribeca)

DJ Premier - Live from HeadQCourterz (SiriusXM) - 2018.01.12

This weeks round up of whats rockin DJ Premier's turntables....

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

DJ Premier - Live from HeadQCourterz (SiriusXM) - 2018.01.05

New DJ P-P-P-P-P-Premier show, stream & download avalable below...!!!

01.  Arsun Fist–Crab Pot Soapbox
02.  Mad Skillz–Murda Gram (Uncle Murda Diss)
03.  Jadakiss, Nino Man & Styles P–Friends
04.  Big Bob (f. Sadat X & Big Twins)–The Truth
05.  Chris Webby–Raw Thoughts
06.  Domo Genesis (f. Phonte)–Shaq Carried Kobe
07.  Verbal Kent & Superior–As Far As A Fair Fight
08.  Showbiz (f. Tashane & A. Bless)–Burn Somethin’
09.  Menace–GB
10.  Masta Killa (f. Sean Price)–Down With Me
11.  E. Jake (f. Roc Marciano)–Counterfeit
12.  Shabaam Sahdeeq (f. El Gant, Masta Ace, Ras Kass & Paws One)–Darkness
14.  Peedi Crakk–Good Life
15.  Hec Teck (f. Shogun Assassin)–The War’s On
16.  Joell Ortiz & Fred The Godson–Talk Dat
17.  Labba (f. El Da Sensei)–Pipe Bombs
18.  Domo Genesis–Free Krik
19.  Ghostface Killah & Apollo Brown–Rise Of The Black Suits
20.  Dox Diggla–L.O.L.
21.  Original Soul Invented–Radio Waves
22.  Dinco D. & C. Boogie Brown–How We Like It (The Take Off)
23.  Conway The Machine–Trump
24.  Showbiz (f. David Bars)–Do What I Want 2
25.  Joell Ortiz (f. Raekwon & Smokey Robinson)–Start To Fade
26.  Rasheed Chappell & Crimeapple–The Bridge (Freestyle)
27.  Statik Selektah (f. Run The Jewels)–Put Jewels On It

DJ Eclipse - Rap Is Outta Control (SiriusXM) - 2018.01.04

All the latest hip hop from DJ Eclipse & DJ Riz....enjoy

01. Styles P “Strong As Oak” (prod. by gradeaproducer)
02. Code Nine “Execution In Saigon” (prod. by Motif Alumni & Kas)
03. Conway feat. Royce 5’9 “Mandatory” (prod. & cuts by Daringer)
04. DITC Studios feat. O.C. “Dead Man Walking” (prod. by Showbiz & Motif)
05. Ghostface Killah & Apollo Brown “Rise of the Black Suits” (prod. by Apollo Brown)
06. Asun Eastwood “The Whole Ship” (prod. by Uncle D.O.E.)
07. iLL Conscious feat. Jay Royale “The Narrative” (prod. by EyeDee, cuts by DJ TMB)
08. Statik Selektah feat. No Malice (of The Clipse) “Pull the Curtain Back” (prod. by Statik Selektah)
09. Dayne Jordan “Soul Idea” (prod. by DJ Jazzy Jeff)
10. Innocent? & Napoleon Da Legend “Capitalize” (prod. by EyeDee)
11. Jon Glass feat. Singapore Kane & Big Shug “This And Them” (prod. by Jon Glass)
12. Joell Ortiz feat. Raekwon & Smokey Robinson “Start To Fade”
13. Jeru The Damaja feat. ILL BILL “Monopoly” (prod. by O.S.T.R)
14. Crimeapple feat. D Rugz “Private Stock” (prod. by Buck Dudley)
15. Certain.Ones “Baker Act” (prod. by Clanarchy)
16. Johnny Hustle “TheWhole FN Show” (prod. by Nicholas Craven)
17. BigBob feat. Sadat X & Big Twins “The Truth” (prod. by BigBob, cuts by DCypha)
18. SageInfinite “Jedi March” (prod. by Ro Data)
19. Timid feat. Q-Unique “Who’s To Blame?” (prod. by Skammadix)
20. Daniel Son feat. Crimeapple “Daily Soup” (prod. Giallo Point)
21. Shabaam Sahdeeq “Bars” (prod. by Pete Twist)
22. Woadah “Bring It Back” (prod. & cuts by DJ Uma)
23. Cashus King (fka Co$$) “Broken Language 3000” (prod. by The Psyclones)
24. Jay Royale feat. Conway & ILL Conscious “Walk With A Gun” (prod. by Ray Sosa, cuts by DJ Grazzhoppa)
25. Hec Teck feat. Shogun Assassin “The War’s On” (prod. by Daze Beats)
26. Gary Rue feat. Recognize Ali, Tha Soloist & G-Mo Sosa “Pick Your Poison” (prod. by Sultan Mir)
27. Rawmatik feat. Reks & N.B.S. “Nobody” (prod. by Rawmatik, cuts by DJ Tray)
28. Jeru The Damaja feat. O.C. “Spontaneous” (prod. by OSTR)

Saturday, 30 December 2017

DJ Premier - Live from HeadQCourterz (SiriusXM) - 2017.12.29

Latest show with DJ Premier on the decks..Stream and HQ Download below...

01.  Ockz (f. Conway The Machine)–Actual Facts
02.  Showbiz (f. Tashane & A. Bless)–Burn Somethin’
03.  Ruste Juxx & The Lst Composer (f. Flashius)–Never Ran Never Will
04.  Scarface–Live That Life
05.  Arsun Fist–Crab Pot Soapbox
06.  Planet Asia (f. Turbin)–Shots At Your Highness
07.  Fabolous & Jadakiss (f. Swizz Beatz)–Theme Music
08.  Prince AK (f. Mysty Blanco & Runt Dawg)–Brick
09.  Joell Ortiz & Fred The Godson–Talk Dat
10.  Dinco D. & C. “Boogie” Brown–How We Like It
11.  DJ Premier (f. A$AP Ferg)–Our Streets
12.  Ghostface Killah & Apollo Brown–Rise Of The Black Suits
13.  DJ Muggs & Meyhem Lauren (f. Hologram & Benny The Butcher)–War Drums
14.  ST. Da Squad (f. Ea$y Money, Reks & Termanology)–K.I.M. (Derelict 2)
15.  Krs-One, Cutty Ranks & Grand Surgeon–The Blessings
16.  Lone Catalysts (f. Greg Nice)–Rhymes
17.  Showbiz (f. David Bars)–Do What I Want 2
18.  Wu-Tang Clan (f. Inspektah Deck & Redman)–Lesson Learn’d
19.  Cyhi The Prince–Get Yo Money
20.  Smiley The Ghetto Child–Mustle For The Hustle
21.  Eminem–Framed
22.  One Session (f. Hus Kingpin, TriState & Planet Asia)–Payday Crooks
23.  Talib Kweli (f. Anderson .Paak)–Traveling Light 
24.  Supreme Cerebral x Alphabetic x Nowaah The Flood–Bully Rap
25.  Labba (f. El Da Sensei)–Pipe Bombs
26.  Domo Genesis (f. Phonte)–Shaq Carried Kobe
27.  Statik Selektah (f. Raekwon & Royce da 5’9″)–Nobody Move
28.  Ty Farris–Real Shit
29.  Big K.R.I.T.–Price Of Fame

Friday, 29 December 2017

DJ Eclipse - Rap Is Outta Control (SiriusXM) - 2017.12.28

New hip hop on SiriusXM, Stream/HQ Download below...

1. Thruway feat. Gab Gotcha & Willie Stubz “11368” (prod. by Labor Dept)
2. Invincible Mask (Kyo Itachi & Tha Soloist) “Highs & Lows” (prod. by Kyo Itachi)
3. Guilty Simpson feat. Meyhem Lauren & Starvin B “CO-OP” (prod. by Cuns & Sine One)
4. Defari feat. Krondon “Break Wide” (prod. by Evidence)
5. Primo Profit “No Handouts” (prod. by Teyo Beats)
6. Kriswontwo feat. Artifacts & EDO. G “Amsterdam Cypher” (prod. by Kriswontwo)
7. Joe Young feat. Mobb Deep & Big Noyd “What The Thugs Do” (prod. by Dame Grease)
8. Verbal Kent & Superior “As Far As A Fair Fight” (prod. by Superior)
9. Statik Selektah feat. Run The Jewels “Put Jewels On it” (prod. & cuts by Statik Selektah)
10. ChanHays feat. Ghettosocks, Guilty Simpson, Ras Kass & Tachichi “Gotta Love It” (prod. by ChanHays)
11. Duffel Bag Hottie feat. Benny “U Know What It Is”
12. Thruway feat. Ag da Coroner & Maffew Ragazino “Love or Hate (prod. by Michelangelo)
13. Jeru The Damaja feat. Lil Dap “Truth Be Told” (prod. by O.S.T.R)
14. Son Of Sam feat. Masta Ace & Large Professor “Come A Long Way” (The Extra P Remix)
15. DITC Studios feat. Tashane and Majestic Gage “Bronx Day” (prod. by Showbiz & Motif)
16. Conway “XXXTRAS” (prod. by Daringer)
17. V.Nova feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq “New York City (prod. by Crack Factory)
18. DITC Studios feat. Tashane and A Bless “Burn Somethin” (prod. by Showbiz & Motif)
19. Roc Marciano, Foul Monday, Rim (DaVillins), Rock & Sean Price “The Delegation” (prod. by Roc Marciano, cuts by DJ Akil)
20. Willie The Kid X V Don “Unrule” (prod. by V Don)
21. iLL Conscious feat. Jay Royale “The Narrative” (prod. by EyeDee, cuts by DJ TMB)
22. E Jake feat. Roc Marciano “Counterfeit” (prod. by Vanderslice)
23. NickeB “Faded” (prod. by Camouflage Don)
24. Jon Glass feat. Singapore Kane & Big Shug “This And Them” (prod. by Jon Glass)
25. Styles P “Strong As Oak” (prod. by gradeaproducer)
26. Jeru The Damaja feat. ILL BILL “Monopoly” (prod. by O.S.T.R)
27. Peedi Crakk “Good Life” (prod. by 4th Disciple)
28. Paradox & Imperial feat. Erik Jackson “Alive on Arrival” (prod. by Imperial)
29. Rasheed Chappell & Crimeapple “The Bridge (Freestyle)”