Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Mixmasters Weekend - Westwood Radio 1 9.11.96

Occasionally Timmy would have some guest DJ's in to show of their skills and to promote themselves, and would basically take over the most part of the show if not all of it with "Mixmasters Weekend". This tape from 9th November '96 features 2 DJ's, Fats on side a, Paris on side b. nice mixing and scratching prevail, tracks include blahzay blahzay, mobb deep, east flatbush, m.o.p., money boss players, mad lion, frankie cutlass, special ed, run dmc, dougie fresh, l.o.t.u.g., o.g.c, black moon, large pro, a.t.c.q., cnn, nas, kool g rap, funky dl, de la soul, jeru, krs1, keith murray, group home and many more. Enjoy.

Download Here


  1. I've got this tape but hadnt got round to ripping it yet. I've also got that sticker in the picture!

    any chance you have DJ MK volume 4?

  2. Hi Step One. I have 2 other MK tapes which i will post tomorrow, tape 10 and tape 15.

  3. ok, cool. I've got 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 so I might try and get them ripped and some point. the quality isnt the best on some of them though!

  4. Hi please can you re up: Mixmasters Weekend - Westwood Radio 1 9.11.96 thanks. Tony B