Sunday, 27 December 2009

Jazzy Hip Hop Mix

Dope jazzy hip hop mix from Chris over on Check The Vibe, some tracks here I haven't heard before and its pretty sweet, so sit back & get your drink / smoke on and kick back to this mix.


K-Nock - Do run run
Biazee and the Orfinz - Just parlay
Wayne Live - I remember
3 Times Dope - Freestyle mania
Rumpletilskinz - Is it alright (Radio Remix)
Lethal Assault Weapons - Phat stixxx
HEZ - The zip
God Complex - Secret wars
Quasimoto - Astro travelin
The Creators - Room for improvement
Baaad Influence - Bun watcher
Frankenstein - All hands
Siah and Yeshua da Poets- Gravity
Aboriginals - Keep it hot
The Creators - Check it out (Outro)

Download Here

1 comment:

  1. Hey that's nice that you posted my mixtape with some new download sources.
    Big shout outs to DJ Calhoun from Strasbourg/France, thank's of him I know some stuff on vinyl I used for this mix.