Monday, 27 September 2010

DJ JS-1 - Soundwaves (Cold Cutz Remixes 2)

01. Intro
02. The Symphony (Masta Ace Verse) vs Work The Angles (Dilated Peoples)
03. Crooklyn (Special Ed Verse) vs Suspect (Big Noyd), Got It Made (Special Ed), Jeep Ass Nigga Remix (Masta Ace)
04. Mad Izm (Krs Verse) vs Bust Ya Shit (Gangstarr), Made U Look (Nas)
05. Hip Hop Junkies (Craig Nice Verse) vs (Ultramagnetic)
06. Tear Da Roof Off (Redman) vs Unsolved Mysterme (Mysterme)
07. Rebel (Public Enemy) vs Move Something (Blvd Mosse), Who's Gonna Take The Weight (Gangstarr)
08. Peter Piper (Run DMC) vs Flashlight (Parliament), Rampage (EPMD), (Kid-N-Play), Straight Out The Jungle (Jungle Bros)
09. Rapper's Delight (Sugarhill Gang) vs Apache
10. Men At Work (Kool G Rap) vs Poppa Large (Ultramagnetic), Pelon (MC Ses), Know The Ledge (Rakim), No Omega (Rakim), Scenario (A Tribe Called Quest), Take A Rest (Gangstarr)
11. Set It Off (Big Daddy Kane) vs Bust A Move (Young MC)
12. I Used To Love Her (Common) vs Slow Down (Brand Nubians), Love Comes N Goes (Edo G), Passin' Me By (Pharcyde), Pickin' Booger (Biz Markie), Lots Of Lovin' (Pete Rock & CL Smooth), One Love (Nas),
13. Life's A Bitch (Nas Verse) vs Shit Iz Real (Diamond D)
14. (Pharoahe Monch) vs Build Ya Skillz (Krs-One)
15. Publicity (GZA) vs Dirty Piano beat (Alchemist)
16. Made U Look (Nas)
17. Back Down (50 Cent) vs Stop The Violence (Krs-One)
18. Get Retarded (Canibus) vs After Dark (Hiero)
19. (Biggie) vs (Compton's Most Wanted)
20. Tick Tick (Lords Of The Underground) vs I Just Wanna Chill (Large Professor)
21. Respect Cost More Than Money (Percee P verse) vs Triumph (Wu Tang Clan)
22. (Ghostface verse) vs Who Shot Ya (Biggie)
23. Essentials (JS-1, Krs, Rahzel) vs Ufo, Made U Look (Nas), Sucker Mc's (Run Dmc), Lick The Balls (Slick Rick), Outta Here (Krs-One), I Aint No Joke (Buckshot version), South Bronx (BDP), Return Of The Boom Bap (Krs-One), Jack Of Spades (BDP)
24. Stillmatic (Nas) vs Recognize & Realize (Big Noyd), Still Dre (Dr. Dre), The Fugitive (K-Solo), Unbelievable (Biggie)
25. Full Clip (Gangstarr) vs A Day In The Life (D.I.T.C.)
26. Stakes Is High (De La Soul) vs Role Model (Eminem)
27. Say Something (Edo G) vs The Score (The Fugees)
28. The Lah (Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles) vs Punks Jump Up (Brand Nubians), Tha Shiznit (Snoop Dog), Beg No Friends (Strictly Roots)
29. NY Shit (Busta Rhymes) vs Who Got The Props (Blackmoon), Checkmate (Jadakiss), Off The Books (The Beatnuts), On The Run (Kool G Rap)
30. Funky Technician (Lord Finesse) vs Dippin' (King Tee), Here Come The Lords (Lords Of The Underground)
31. Boom (Royce Da 5'9") vs Son Get Wreck (Blackmoon)
32. Daaamn! (Tha Liks: Tash verse) vs The R (Rakim)
33. Cream Team Lineup (Wu Tang Clan) vs Road To The Riches (Kool G Rap)
34. Paparazzi (Xzibit) vs Black Man (King Sun)
35. (M.O.P.) vs Duck Down (Krs-One)
36. I'm Flippin' (PHD) vs So Whatcha Sayin' (EPMD)
37. Elevators (Outkast) vs 8 Steps To Perfection (Company Flow), Let The Bass Go (DOC)
38. Something Got To Give (Royal Fam) vs Everything Remains Raw (Busta Rhymes)
39. Good Combination (Positive K) vs Get Your Weight Up (Co-Defendants), Tha What (Biggie)
40. You Ain't A Killer (Big Pun) vs Respect (Biggie), Queen Bitch (Lil Kim)
41. Fuck'n Crazy (Eminem) vs Spit (Showbiz & AG)
42. John Blaze (Jadakiss & Raekwon verses) vs ???
43. Never No More (Souls Of Mischief) vs Get Dis Money (Slum Village)
44. Pick It Up (Redman) vs Up Against The Wall (Group Home)
45. Kick In The Door (Biggie) vs Work (Gangstarr), The MC (Krs-One)
46. B-Boy Document '99 (Mos Def verse) vs Appreciate (Pete Rock & CL Smooth), How Nice I Am (World Renown)
47. Serious (EPMD) vs Deep Cover (Dr. Dre)
48. The Message (Grandmaster Flash & Furious Five) - In Control Of Things (YZ), Stop Look Listen (MC Lyte), Time To Flow (D-Nice)
49. The Bitch In Yoo (Common) vs Wild For The Night (Rampage), Good Day (Ice Cube), Bop Gun (Parliament)
50. Juicy (Biggie) vs The Hiatus (Diamond D)
51. 10% Diss (MC Lyte) vs It's Yourz (Wu Tang Clan)
52. The Symphony (Kool G Rap verse) vs What We Do (Freeway)
53. My Adidas (Run DMC) vs 4,3,2,1 (LL Cool J)
54. Strong Island (JVC Force) vs 4 Alarm Blaze (M.O.P.)
55. Eric B Is President (Rakim) vs Let's Get High (Dr. Dre), Goin' Back To Cali (Biggie), I Can't Wait (Spyder D), The Rebel (Tragedy)
56. All For One (Grand Puba verse) vs Blue Cheese (UMC's), It's On (Naughty By Nature)
57. Mama Said Knock You Out (LL Cool J) vs Go Stetsa (Stetsasonic), The Big Payback (EPMD), Buck Whylin' (Terminator X), Protect Ya Neck (Wu Tang Clan), Not Gonna Be Able To Do It (Double X Posse)
58. Outro - Live At The BBQ (Main Source)

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