Saturday, 6 November 2010

Militant Vinylist - Ultra2Gwade

Mad dope indy gems in this mix.....

Another Nasty Move - It Only Takes One To Get Done
Hardwere - Put It On Your Ass
Csp - Skills On The Map
Tongues In The Attic - Boom Data
Tha Lowa - Never Give Up
Tasc4rce - Sound In Ya Ears
The East Click - Sons
The Bancheez - Start My Mission
2ruff - On The Solo Tip
Ghetto Concept- Mista Crack Ed
Phunk Junkeez - I Am A Junkee
Kotic Fam - Composition
Cima - Good Shit
Stezo- Bop Ya Headz
Dominant Species - Pain To The Brain
Shortie No Mass - Like This
Sugacane - Good For All
Big Tabb - Raw Dawg Rmx
Trife - Gun Town’s Finest
Cypha Session
The Trauma Center - Bad Territory
Mood - Transmoreify
Meccalicious - Meccalicious
Earthquake - Unfadable
40oz - Down For The Crown
Mcgruff - I Keep My Palm On The Handle
Burnt Clique - Wild Wild East
Scientist Of Sounds - Scroll Of The Fake Assassins
Reggie Reg - Nj Connection
Burnt Clique - Dipladoekiss
100x - Meet The Mayor
Pauly Yamz - When I Blow Up
Example - 7 26 96
Mischevious Lq - Representing
Sacred Hoop - Panhandle
Deams - Let’s Get It On
Lsd - Parkside Madness
Mcm - Straight On Up
Prince Ali - Grew Up
Southpaw - Asthmatic
Lord VI - Not Tonight
Akinyele - No Exit
Militant Vinylist Interlude
Red1 Acc - My People

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