Wednesday, 27 April 2011

DJ Seiji - FT Beat Emotion Library (90's Underground) (320 kbs)

Japans DJ Seiji, once again droppin a dope new CD with the 90's undergrounds finest...

DJ Seiji / Intro
B.O.$. / Da-Bona (DJ Ran's Rugged Remix)
J Rock / Drug Dealer (Gettin Paid Remix)
Maestro Fresh Wes / I'm Drinkin 'milk Now
Big Joe Krash / Break The Chain!
Bro-NÀX / Who You Be?
Rapmaster Rob / Kick The Flavor (TNT Bass Mix)
Controversy / 2 Da Beat Y'all
PHD / Keep It Real (Sha's Remix)
Dred Scott / Nuttin 'ta Lose
Prince Ikey C / The Doobie
Niro Clippse / Step Ta This
Kaliphz / Bop Ya Head.
HL Rock (The Sly Fox) / Put You On Lockdown
Ebony Broadcast System / Funkey-Rye-Men
Undaground Flava / Git Down (Wit Da Undaground)
Lord Aaqil / Check It Out
Dope And A Gun Feat. Kool Chip & Body God / Who Got The Flava?
Kings Of Swing / The Blunted
Troubleneck Brothers / Troubleneck Wreck
Ace C Ducey / Pop Ya Trunks
MC Class / Hope You're Listening
Ruff, Rugged & Raw / Jump, Wiggle It (Hardcore Mix)
Intelligent Hoodlum / At Large (Marley Mix)
Gashouse / Smell Smoke Yet?
Gunrunners / Consequences
2 Deep 2 Sleep / Badlands
Low End / Where Ya At?


  1. Can you update this Blog download link?
    old link wasn't download

  2. Link is dead. Could you re-upload please. Thanks a lot :)