Sunday, 22 May 2011

DJ Ollie Teeba - Classic Material (Hip Hop 1991) Mixtape (320 kbs)

WOW!!!!!!  Ollie Teeba. One half of the production team known as The Herbaliser. Onstage DJ with The Herbaliser live band . Also part of the Hip Hop supergroup Soundsci, with members Jonny Cuba (DSP/Ninja Tune), Audessey (ex-Mass Influence), U-George (The Hemisphere) and legendary UK Hip Hop engineer 'No Sleep' Nigel.

4 hours deep, split into 7 parts....

Part 1

Son Of Bazerk / Are U Wit Me?
Chubb RockJust The 2 Of Us /
Diamond Shell / Back 'Em Up
Gang Starr / Credit Is Due
Dream Warriors/Gang Starr / I Lost My Ignorance (Gang Starr Remix)
Fu-Schnickens / Ring The Alarm
Black Sheep / Butt In The Meantime (Nostrand Ave Rastafarian Mix)
Kenny Dope / Supa
Public Enemy / Shut 'Em Down (Pe-Te Rock Remixx)
Main Source / Just Hangin Out (Remix)
Nice And Smooth / Down The Line
Pd3/London Posse / Funky Rhymes, Funky Style
Slick Rick / It's A Boy (Large Professor Remix)


Kmd / Plumskinzz
A Tribe Called Quest / Check The Rhyme
Hardknocks / Strictly From The Bronx
Gang Starr / Check The Technique (12" Mix)
Edo.G And The Bulldogs / I Got To Have It
De La Soul / Pease Porridge
Black Sheep / Flavor Of The Month
Cypress Hill / Hand On The Pump
Heavy D / Do Me, Do Me
Three Times Dope / Mr Sandmany
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien / Mr Dobalina
Kmd / Nitty Gritty (Dog Spelled Backwards)


Kmd / Nitty Gritty (Dog Spelled Backwards)
Nice And Smooth / Hip Hop Junkies
Naughty By Nature / Opp
Pete Rock And Cl Smooth / Mecca And The Soul Brother
Leaders Of The New School / Shining Star
Greyson And Jason / Get Bizzy
Brand Nubian / All 4 One
Cypress Hill / How I Could Just Kill A Man
Alphabet Soup / The Resurrection Of Gertrude
Nikki D / Your Man Is My Man (Instrumental)
Black Sheep / Choice Is Yours
Main Source / Live At The Barbeque
A Tribe Called Quest / Scenario


King Sun / Big Shots
Lifers Group / The Real Deal
Naughty By Nature / Uptown Anthem
Pete Rock And Cl Smooth / The Good Life
The Jaz / Hippocritters
Genius / The Genius Is Slammin'
Heavy D / Dont Curse
Twin Hype / Double Barrel
Leaders Of The New School / Case Of The P.T.A. (Remix)
3RD Bass / Portait Of The Artist As A Hood
Kobalt 60 / Kaos From Order
Public Enemy / Night Train (Pete Rock Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved Mix)
Epmd / Rampage
De La Soul / Let, Let Me In


Father Mc / Lisa Baby (Pete Rock Hip Hop Mix)
Main Source / Peace Is Not The Word To Play (12" Mix)
Ice-T / New Jack Hustler
Ice Cube / Horny Lil' Devil
Caveman / I'M Ready
Masta Ace / Movin' On (Remix)
Godfather Don / Read The Lines
Prime Rhyme Masters / You Need Discipline
Hardoise / Mice In The Prescence Of The Lion
London Posse / Jump Around (Nomad Soul 12" Mix)
S.W.S / Overture
Logic Control Mc's / Hi Pursuit
Big Daddy Kane / Its Hard Being The Kane (12" Mix)
Umc’S / One To Grow On
Ultramagnetic Mcs / Message From The Boss


De La Soul / A Rollerskating Jam Named Saturdays (Ladies Nite Decision)
Organised Konfusion / Walk Into The Sun
Donald D / Rahe Of The Rap Renegade
Eric B. And Rakim / Juice, Know The Ledge
Caveman / Fry You Like Fish
Pete Rock And Cl Smooth / The Creator
Chubb Rock / Treat ‘Em Right
Super Lover Cee And Casanova Rud / Romeo
Organised Konfusion / Releasing Hypnotical Gases
Queen Latifah / Nature Of A Sista
Big Daddy Kane / Nuff Respect
Larry Larr / Line 4 Line And Rhyme 4 Rhyme
Marley Marl Feat. Tragedy The Intelligent Hoodlum, King Tee, Grand Poobah, Def Jeff, Chubb Rock And Rap Industry For Social Evolution / Keep Control


Ice-T / Lifestyles Of The Rich And Infamous (Dj Premier Remix)
3RD Bass / No StaticB
Kid Capri / Lord's Party
Marley Marl Feat Ll Cool J / I Be Gettin' Busy
Godfather Don / Hazardous
Maestro Fresh Wes / On The Jazz Tip
Big Daddy Kane / Ooh Aah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah Nah


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  2. Look who ever was involved in this, from the dj all the way to the techy who posted this...yall some big damn fools for this!! Foreal tho thx, I really appreciate this ish rite here. And if I can donate to the dj let me know 1.

  3. This mix looks dope, would love this to be re-uploaded