Friday, 17 June 2011

DJ Ameldabee - Original Samples Vs Hip Hop Beats 6

Dope mix, as it says on the tin, original samples mixed with their hip hop creations.

01 Yoooo, we forgot Ninth in NC ! (Lil' Brothintro)
Coke, Ted Turner, Strip clubs: welcome to ATL !
02 OutKast: “Jazzy Belle”, “Wheelz of Steel”, “So Fresh, So Clean”
Burritos, Amoeba, Haight Street, let's cross the Golden Gate Bridge: the Bay Area people !
03 DJ Shadow: “Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt”, “Midnight In A Perfect World”, “Organ Donor
(Extented Overhaul)”, “Six Days”, “Dark Days (Spoken For Mix)”
04 Hieroglyphics/Souls of Mischief: “'93 Til Infinity”, “Cab Fare”, “Limitations”, “Make Your Mind Up”,
“Live And Let Die”, “You Never Knew”
05 The B.U.M.S: “Elevation (Free My Mind)”
I know it's late, but we gotta K.I.M. like Tribe !
06 People Under The Stairs: “San Francisco Knights”
Chronic, Lakers, Venice Beach, Blondes in Porsche: that's LA !
07 Pharcyde: “Ya Mama”, “Passing Me By”, “Otha Fish”, “On The DL”, “Officer”, “Soul Flower (Remix)”
08 Likwidation Crew: Xzibit: “The Foundation”, “Eyes May Shine”, “3 Card Molly” feat. Ras Kass and Saafir, “What U See Is What U Get”, Tha Alkaholiks: “DAAAM!” (OG + Buckwild Remix)
09 Ras Kass: “Drama” feat. Coolio
10 Sound Providers: “Get Down”
11 Ugly Duckling: “I Did It Like This”
12 Jurassic 5: “Concrete Schoolyard”, “Jayou”
13 ABB in the area: Dilated Peoples: “The Platform (Remix)”, Defari: “People's Choice”, Dilated Peoples: “Guaranteed”, “Proper Propaganda”
Celery, Strawberry Festival, Madlib: you can enjoy your food while making music in Oxnard ah !
14 Lootpack: “Low Class Conspiracy”, Kazi: “A.V.E.R.A.G.E”, Dudley Perkins: “Falling”


  1. god lord, and i was geekin from volume 1 alone!

  2. Could you please reup this? When you extract the files and run the sfv, the file comes up with a crc error.