Thursday, 8 December 2011

DJ Yu-Ki - Deep Concentration

As usual, more heat from Japan...

DJ Yu-Ki / Deep Concentration
De La Soul / Stakes Is High (Jay Dee Remix)
The Nonce / Mix Tape
Shadez Of Brooklyn / Change Inst
Group Home / Up Against The Wall
Mission / Soul Chips Inst
Science Of Sound / No Diggidy
Saukrates / Father Time (DJ Yu-Ki Blend Mix)
The Dog House / Tipper Inst
Dr Who Dat? / Bahia Blues
Moo / Day Walk
People Under The Stairs / Nothing At All
Cut Chemist / Soppn
KMD / Stop Smokin That Shit Inst
Mad Kap / Proof Is The Puddin'
A Tribe Called Quest / Jazz (We've Got) (Re Recording Inst)
Sons Of Sam / Oooh He Got An Afro
Modern Jazz Quartet  / Movin' Nicely (Eclipse Remix)
Sadat X / Escape From New York
Modern Jazz Quartet / Ralph's New Blues
Birdy Nam Nam / Kind Of Laid Back
O.C. / Time's Up (Remix) Inst
Damamnphreaknoizphunk / Ain't Nuttin But A Format
DJ Electro / Rootsy Potato
Brothers Of The Mind / Rough & Tough
The Roots / Push Up Ya Lighter
Da Grass Roots / Drama Inst
Citizen Kane / Blackrain

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