Friday, 29 July 2016

DJ Riz & DJ Eclipse - The Halftime Show 89.1 WNYU April 15, 1998 (320 kbs)

Peace to DJ Eclipse for another dope show from his tape archives....

"Busy busy busy show right here. After Lynn and I crack the mic to make some announcements (26:10) such as Channel Live, Ced Gee and Gang Starr Fat Beats in-stores, we had our first group of the night, N.O.T.S. Click up (29:04). Freestyle session starts at 32:07. Next mic break (64:35) Lynn and I set it off with some rules and regulations of the show. Sounds like we had too many people just showing up that night. Shortly after that though Polyrhythm Addicts get on for an interview. Then at 71:33 we have an ill freestyle session with Polyrhythm Addicts, L-Fudge, Kriminul and Fudge's man Yogi all while DJ Spinna cuts it up. Last group of the night is All City (116:00) who start rhyming at 119:12. We close out the show at 142:49 and of course there's a lot of dope music being played by me and Riz all in between these mic breaks."


Gang Starr - Above The Clouds
All City - Priceless
Xzibit feat. Ras Kass and Saafir - 3 Card Molly
God Sunz ft Starang Wonduh ‎- 1-718
Cormega – One Love
Fat Joe - Misery Needs Company Ft. Noreaga
Talk Break w. N.O.T.S. Click
N.O.T.S. Click Freestyle
N.O.T.S. Click - Work Is Never Done
Camouflage Large Clique - Heavy Hitters
The Basement Khemists - Vibrate
J-Live - Schools In
Ill Advised - Redd Hot
Yah Supreme – Old & Wise
Cormega - The Testament
Talk Break
Polyrhythm Addicts, L-Fudge, Kriminul and Yogi Freestyle
Polyrhythm Addicts - Not Your Ordinary
Non Phixion -‎ This Is Not An Exercise
Lootpack - Likwit Fusion
Nightbreed ‎– 2 Roads Out The Ghetto
No False Lyricists ‎– Funk The Radio
L-Fudge – Rockin' It
Talk Break w/ All City
All City Freestyle
Buc Fifty ‎– Still Breathin'
Yeshua daPoED ‎– The Head Bop
FT - F-it-Less
Choclair ‎– Internal Affairs Ft. Frankenstein, Kardinal Offishall, Marvel
Ras Kass ‎– Understandable Smooth


  1. awesome find, thanks for posting

  2. Name of song minute 40:35 please?

    1. Camouflage Large Clique - Heavy Hitters

  3. ??? 14.35 =God Sunz ft Starang Wonduh ‎– "1-718"
    Ill Advised – ???? 55.00=Ill Advised-Redd Hot
    ??? 1.34.00=Non Phixion-‎This Is Not An Exercise