Saturday, 15 October 2016

Stype Ones - Late 90's Hip Hop

Real nice mix, dope selection of tracks often heard on Stretch & Bobbito.  Props to Pradadon over at the Phila Forums for this....dope!!!


Street Smartz- Problemz
Kwest The Madd Ladd - What's The Remix
Company Flow- Infokill
Scienz of Life- Powers of Nine Ether
Reflection Eternal Ft. Mos Def and Mr. Man - Fortified Live
Darc Mind- Outside Looking In
INI - Think Twice
L The Head Toucha- It's Your Life
J Treads - Make It Happen
Hi And Mighty - Open Mic Night
MF DOOM- Gas Drawls
Organized Konfusion - Invetro
Mike Zoot Ft. Royal Flush- The Turn Pt 2
Boulevard Connection- Haagen Daz
Cloud Kickers Ft. Cage - And So Kiddies..
Frankenstein- The Rain Is Gone
DiamonD Ft. Busta Rhymes - This One
Heiroglyphics- The Who (A-Plus Remix)
Reflection Eternal - 2000 Seasons
Powerule - Bright Lights, Big City
Hi-Tech - Book Of Life

Ed O.G. and Erule - Lessons

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