Friday, 12 May 2017

Boogie & The Barber w/Bobbito & DJ Eclipse Hot 97 WQHT October 19, 1997 (320 kbs)

DJ Eclipse - "Here goes a full show of Boogie & The Barber minus commercials and us starting a little late.  I filled in for Stretch and Bobbito got on the tables as well at the very end of the show (91:20).  Right out the gate Bob jumps on the mic to let the people know we were running late. 
On the next mic break (31:17) the guests were the Jungle Brothers who were promoting their "Raw Deluxe" album which had just dropped.  Glad Bob mentioned that Roc Raida (R.I.P.) had produced the first single from the album. Then he goes on to mention the X-Men's new album The X-Terminators, hahahaha. We got it corrected (X-Ecutioners) and kept it moving, but not after a couple jokes.  The JBs freestyle at 40:25 and then come back for the last mic break at 51:01. 

Thanks to Nes from for Bob's portion of the set which I was missing. And thanks to Jamo on the backup. 
Also, make sure to catch Stretch & Bobbito on their new podcast which airs on NPR this summer."

Bobbito Talk Break
High & Mighty / The Meaning
Black Attack / Correct Technique
Common / Real N***a Quotes
God Sunz - Sub Sidewalkers
The Lordz Ft. Lord Finesse & O.C. - Lake Of Fire (Remix)
No I.D. Ft. Common & Dug Infinite - State To State
L Fudge - Show Me Your Gratitude
Rawcotics - Magic Chef
Talk Break W/ Jungle Brothers
Jungle Brothers Freestyle
Jungle Brothers / Jungle Brother
Talk Break
Diamond D Ft. Cru - The Hiatus (Remix)
No I.D - Fate Or Destiny
Sauce Money - Against The Grain
J-Live - School's In
Common - Hungry
Royal Flush - Regulate
Hieroglyphics - The Who
Mike Zoot / Live & Stink
Obscure Disorder - Lyrically Exposed (Part Two) The Revelation
Invisibl Skratch Piklz
Beyond - Growth
PHA (Power Hittin Artist) - Don't take time
Unspoken Heard - Mid Atlantic (Ferris Dula Mix)
Masterminds - Deja Vu


  1. before Lake of Fire: God Sunz - Sub Sidewalkers

  2. After Beyond - Growth , this is PHA (Power Hittin Artist) - Don't take time .

    and the last track is Masterminds - Deja Vu

    peace Bro ;)

  3. Thanks fellas, updated :)