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Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito - WKCR April 18, 1996

DJ Eclipse - "It was a ritual to have to listen to 89.9 every Thursday night from 1am-5am. The show started in '90 and continued with Stretch & Bob together until '98. This particular episode I spun on was such an incredible show. It was the beginning of the NYC indie scene so you hear music from groups like Non Phixion, Arsonists, Natural Elements, Jigmastas and Juggaknots to name a few. Then you had the X-Men (Roc Raida, Rob Swift & Mista Sinista) up there doing routines (10:45). It was also the last broadcast from KCR's infamous Ferris Booth Hall studios. Stretch called to check in (90:15) which turned into a quick snap session with Lord Sear. Callers weren't safe from Sear either on the show (168:00). Bob played a demo set (151:30) and my set (45:16) was interrupted (68:21) so that Big L, Murder Mase, Killer Cam, Bloodshed and Beef The Thief (of Children of the Corn and BBO Enterprises) could get on the mic and totally destroy it. I mean what more could you ask for in a radio show?"


Pt. 1
Non Phixion Promo
Kukoo Da Bag A Bonez - Real Kukoo
Talk Break
Mista Sinista Set
Rob Swift Set
Roc Raida Set
Talk Break
Common - Bitch In Yoo
Smoothe Da Hustler - My Brother My Ace
Jigmastas - Beyond Real
Juggaknots - Trouble Man
Al' Tariq - Spectactular
Big L, Bloodshed, Murda Mase, Killa Kam, Beef tha Thief of B.B.O Freestyle
B.B.O. - Dayz Lik This

Pt. 2
Talk Break
Organized Konfusion - Bring It On
Kwest Tha Madd Lad - What's The Reaction RMX
Natural Elements - Lyrical Tactics OR Shine
Camp Lo - Killin' Em Softly
Arsonists - The Session
The Artifacts - Art Of Facts
De la Soul feat. Common Sense - The Bizness
Cella Dwellas - Hold U Down
Non Phixion - No Tomorrow
S.O.S. - Demo
Terror Green - Check The File (Demo)
Timbuktu - Look Alive Demo
Mr Live - Supa Dupa (Demo)
Sic Sense - Positional Bypass (Demo)
Talk Break

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