Saturday, 31 March 2018

Surge - Handsoftime - Killing Time Three (320kbs)

New mix of new and older unreleased hip hop, really nice or download the single MP3 file from Soundcloud, or download the split track rip from the download link below.

Shylow / Prefixed Fate
Poops / Once Again
Apathy & O.C. / Live From The Iron Curtain
Da Buze Bruvaz / Us Embassy Ft. Ruste Juxx
Stanley Grimes / Stanley Grimes
Defari / Lowlands Anthem
Venom / Back In Position Rmx Ft. Skanks
Scaramanga / Special Efx Ft. Godfather Don
Da Steez Brothhaz / El Lagado
Icerocks / 3 Eyes Closed Ft. Calamity, Spit Gemz & Sickwitdapen
Venom / Crack Down Ft. Shabamm Sahdeeq & Ras Kass
Laster / Open House
Drama Klub / Rolla Costa Ride
Endangered Elements / Whatz The Deal
Sonny Skillz / Lost In The Storm
Brouse One / Ground Up Ft. Raw Poetic
Dela / Cheer Ft. Large Professor
Phat Kat & DJ Dister / The Monument Ft. DJ Dez
Timeless Truth / Wavelength
Pen Pals / You Know The Deal
Don Hall / Goinback6 Vs Msg Ft. Smoke Dog
Shylow / Manic Depressive
Venom / Game Of Survival Ft. Gstats
Lewis Parker / Robbery
3rd Rail & Akbar / My Mind Rmx
Hex One / I’m Gone
Kyo Itachi / Organic Ft. Planet Asia

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