Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Slurg - Lesson 3

Dope mix thats been floating around for a while, resurfaced on my hard drive this week and got a good listening too!!!!

Stony Island / Slowly On The South Side
March The 5th / Flesh
Da Hurricane Holla Macwell / Laughin At You
Mental Giants / Huslers' Hymn
Broke As / Tonight
Raw Grass / Puffit
Head Rush / Run For Cover
Krewcial / Devoted
Chris Styles / Piece Of The Pie
Most Desh / Microphone Enhancer
Kinetic / Mom's The Ghetto
Trey / Universal Soldier
Alamo / X-Marks The Spot
Rockwiella / Nine To Five
Meaner / Real Rap Song
Lpsd / Insane Nigga
Ill Biskits / Chill Factor
Ghetto Concept / Ez On The Motion
Silent Ones / Gotta Go
Mr Brown / Luv Me Sweet
Lee Ramsay / God Bless Yer Life
T Love / I Be Flexin
Phil Blunts / X Files

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