Thursday, 20 June 2013

DJ Mitsu The Beats - Solid Black

In conjunction with Snow Dog Projects and Black Jazz Records, Jazzy Sport crew member DJ Mitsu The Beats has composed a seamless mix of tracks selected from the Black Jazz catalogue. Well known for his hip hop mixes, Mitsu takes a two-decade-veteran DJ’s perspective here, more often than not segueing complete tracks, as opposed to doubling and cutting breaks, for a 70-minute-plus trip through vintage 1970s spiritual jazz that a listener can easily lose themself in. Of course beats and breaks and funk abound here, but the emphasis of this mix lands on the Black Jazz label’s overall vibe, while highlighting the funkier edge to the catalogue, which has collectors chasing original vinyl copies to this day!!!


  1. Great series! Many thanks for this.

  2. hello brother hope you are well, the link of this post is dead, I greatly appreciate it if you can reupload this shit if you have some free time. also I have a request, I wonder if you have albums of Grooveman spot aka dj Kou G, I cant find almost nothing... thanks for your time. peace.