Wednesday, 12 June 2013

DJ Norihito - Underground Railroad 11 (320 kbs)

Latest installment of the Underground Railroad series, DJ Norihito in them mix!!!

Iceburg / This Thing Of Ours
Dilated Peoples / Third Degree
Spaztik Mc / Who I Be
Trybal-Men / Watch Me Blow
Deams / Get It On (Remix)
Reggie Reg / Presence Of The Past
Blaque Spurm / Pack Ya Shit
Roughneck Soldiers / Kill Or Be Killed
Blackmajik / Bring It If You Wanna
Miilkbone / Mindgamez
Rakim / Remember That
South P/Nuts / Park Bench Poetry
Reggie Reg / Some Be Fronting
Legacy / That's How I Live
Citizen Kane / The Gambler
Pauly Yams & Dj Jazz / When I Blow Up
X-Caliber / Brand Name Woman
Derelect Camp / Prillz (Pressure)
Street Poets / Mindless
People Without Shoes / Escape The Streets
Raw Produce / Foundation
Jam / Soul Search'n
Bas Blasta / Ain't Watcha Do
36Zero / The Lyrical Jasun
Ruggedness Madddrama / Checkin Down The Menu
4th Quarter / C-Notes & Grants (Remix)
Trife God / World And Beyond
A.B.U. Nation / Pat Em Down
Mister Voodoo / Hemlock
Rond And Crazy Rak / No Justice, No Peace
Money Boss Players / Stick-N-Step


  1. how to download off that link man ? everytime im trying to get the file it stops at 10 % and write shit about my browser: "Firefox needs your consent to download large files.
    Please click ALLOW to continue your transfer."- maybe change storage server to other, more friendly for a homie

  2. Try downloading using a different browser, chrome for example

  3. Link is dead. Could you re-upload please. Thanks a lot :)