Sunday, 17 August 2014

DJ Seiji & Southpaw Chop - Tutorial Time (320 kbs)

Another dope sureshot, DJ Seiji & Southpaw Chop bring a dope indie mix each, all on one cd!!!

DJ Southpaw Chop Intro
Gashouse/ Wat You Want With Us
Amp Boogie/ Bluntly Speaking
Rakim(King Tech Remix)/ When I`m Flowin
O.C./ Testprse / Promo
Ground Floor/ Dig On That
Smif-N-Wessun/ Buck Town
Cver/ Underground Flow
Royal Flush/ Rotten Apple
Big Shug/ Do What Pays Ya
Droopy Eye Crew/ Broke Willeez
Kaotic Style/ Tales From Da Sex Side
DJ Seiji / Intro
Foundation & Rezidue / DonÆt Get It Twisted
Paradign / Late Night
Mass Kunfusion / I Do My Dirt
Bosco Money / Sounds Good
Skemen / Under Pressure
Shadez Of Brooklyn / When It Rains It Pours
Rock The M.C. / DonÆt Stop The Hip Hop
Masterminds / IÆm Talentedà
Frankenstein / Sparkin Intellect
Illcrook / Illcrook
L. / Blue Lights & Blunts
Rawcotiks / Hardcore Hip-Hop
Ubad / The Legacy
Q Ball & Curt Cazal / Rock The Spot (Version 2)


  1. is mega something that only works on newer computers? mine is like 8 yrs old

  2. not sure mate, might br your web browser, try google chrome

    1. thanx for the advice. my OS is outdated so i ended up downloading on my droid then transfering it. and much respect for all the work you put in here!!