Saturday, 18 February 2017

Boogie & The Barber w/ DJ Premier Hot 97 WQHT December 21, 1997 (320 kbs)

DJ Eclipse rip, "No Stretch or Bob on this one. Just DJ Premier manning the tables and the mic (20:37) (50:59) (80:12) (110:58) (115:14). Very little talking and a lot of dope music."


MOP - Handle Ur Bizness Remix
Buckshot Talks
Xperado - Paradox
Royal Flush feat Mic Geronimo - Illiodic Shines
Third Degree - Uprising
I.G. Off & Hazadous - Street Serenade
Talk Break
Medina Green feat Mos Def - Crosstown Beef
24/7 - 24/7
Defari - People’s Choice
Onyx feat Wu-Tang - The Worst
Brand Nubian – Keep It Bubblin’
Talk Break
Sporty Thievz – Street Cinema
Strong Peoples – It Ain’t Safe
Noreaga feat NaS & Nature – Blood Money Part II
Neek the Exotic – Exotic’s Raw
Rascalz – Northern Touch
Brainsick Enterprize – Mixmaster U.S.A.
Talk Break
Mike Zoot feat Tek – Midnite Run
Diamond D feat Sadat X – Never
X-Ecutioners feat E. Bros – Raida’s Theme
Ghettolandz - Ginuwine Thoughtz
No I.D Feat Dug Infinite & Syndicate - Fate Or Destiny
Pitch Black - Analyze The Program
Talk Break
Neek the Exotic – Exotic’s Raw
Talk Break

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