Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Chris The Vinylist - Hip To Da Jazz Underground Mixtape

Chris The Vinylist dropped this mix a few months ago, check it out, its a pretty nice selction of tracks.

Afu-Ra - Do you want it
Major Stress - More and more
Sick Lyrical Damager - It's over
People Without Shoes - Evil for eternity (Remix)
Greyboy - Freestylin'
The Pharcyde - My soul
Ghetto Philharmonic - Don't bite the concept (94 Remix)
Red Hot Lover Tone - 98
Kwest The Mad Ladd - What's the reaction (Remix)
Fierce - Crab
Blahzey Blahzey - Don't let this rapshit fool ya
Drama Klub - Hear no evil
The Roots - It just don't stop
Ras Kass - Miami life
Chop Shop - The tribute (Outro)

Download Here

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