Saturday, 8 May 2010

DJ Four, One, One - Jazz Flava Lesson 2


One Be Lo - Rocketshop (DJ Four, One, One, Remix)
Brawdcast - Calm Down
Talib Kweli - Rock On (Cool Out Remix)
Mos Def & Talib Kweli - Respiration (Flying High Mix)
Mos Def - Mathematics (Cool Out Remix)
Pete Rock - Take You There (Hoop's Remix)
O.C. - Born To Live (Lil Gav's Instrumental)
Nas - One Love (Lil' Gav's Cascading Keys Mix)
Ahmad Jamal - Dolphin Dance
DJ Deckstream - Memory Of Melodies (Feat. Dred Scott & Adriana Evans)
Common - The Light (Kero One Remix)
Choice37 - Tomorrow (Feat. Othello)
Funky Dl - Only The Initials Cm (Latin Remix)
49ers - Champagne
Speach Impediments - Casino
Shin-Ski Of Martiangang - Emerald Myst
Shinsight Trio - Heart (Shin-Ski's Cold Hearted Remix Feat. Ed Og)
The Smile Rays - A Toast
Kev Brown - Life's A Gamble (DJ Mr Flesh Remix)
Hi-Fidel & DJ Crucial - Madiera II
Jay Nice - Think It Through (Feat. Adad & DJ 33 1)
Supersci - Ain't No End
Fine Print - Ashby (Frequent Flyers Remix)
Longevitycew - Walk With Us
Lord Finesse - Soul Plan (DJ Four, One, One, Remix)

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