Saturday, 24 March 2012

DJ 3rd Rail - Subway Hip Hop 35

Bamski - To Whom
Common - Tekzilla
Triple Seis - New York New York
Rise - Do You Know Him?
The Beatnuts - No Escapin This
Swollen Members - Temptation
Wayne Live feat. Nova Kaine - A Million MC's
Mystic - Current Event
M-Boogie feat. Buckshot - The Real
Kool Keith - I Don't Believe You(rmx)
Battle Axe Warriors - Take What's Given
Infinito - Impatient 25
Last Emperor - Gotta Have Love
Vaughn C Intro
Bamski - What Y'all Thought
Lucky Dice feat. Reks & L Da Headtoucha - Main Threats
The Prunes feat. Freestyle - Rockin The Mic
Heltah Skeltah - The Crabb Inn
Nas - The 2nd Coming
All Natural - Return Of The Avenger
Declaime feat. Quasimoto - Don't Trip
Jaz-O - Kingz Kounty
Epitome - Maximum Adrenaline
Jedi Mind Tricks feat. Sean Price - Blood Runs Cold
Last Emporer - The Wild MC


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  1. can you post these somewhere else? thanks!