Monday, 12 March 2012

DJ Muro & DJ Cojie - Black Funk (320 kbs)

Muro's killer reggae credentials are well known via titles like Rockers Revenge and his Dub Trump series, but this special new double CD is his strongest foray into the genre to date. Joining Muro on this double header is Cojie of imperial Japanese reggae sound system Mighty Crown, who's taken time out of his schedule keeping lesser crews running scared to lay down over an hour of classic reggae bullets. Superbly selected and expertly mixed, these 50+ shocking dubs and tough roots obscurities sit on the cusp between analogue and digital.


  1. 3h to download!!!

  2. This is worth the long download. It's one of the best reggae mixes ever. There's lots of U.S. soul covers to drive home the "black funk" concept. Most people don't realize just how close Reggae and 60s/70s U.S. soul music are.

    BTW, most anonymous hosts won't accept a file of this size. So if the "Anonymous" poster here knows of a better host than Rapidshare... please share that information.

  3. took me about two minutes, thanks for sharing.

  4. 1st of thx for the music !!
    cant get enuff of that wonderfull dub haha

    but now its the rise of the small hosters
    divshare, oron, mediafire still dope as usual
    or take a look around for russian, chinese or korean hosters
    its all still out there

  5. Glad people are enjoying this mix!


  6. hey, bro! what a dope mix, but i can`t find the link