Thursday, 22 March 2012

DJ Muro & DJ Cojie - Dig On Summer

Muro & Cojie CD from a few years ago, still dope Japan  release........grab it while you can.


  1. Oh lawd this is straight FIYAH!!!! Muro and Cojie are kings of the reggae mix.

  2. Word, shits ill! Yo Jamo, I been trying to track down these 90s reggae/dub mixtapes since back then when they used to play the same guys mixtapes in a weedspot in b'klyn i used to frequent. All i know is the dj or talkover guy sounded like that guy from Sound Bwoy Bureill, JaHdAn BLaKKaMooRe. And the beats were real real bassy and spacey with space souunds whirling around in and out the mixes. Way slower than dancehall stuff but bangin. Perfect bk weedspot music. I never bought any back then cause i was too busy worrying about my sale and getting the count right and all that, lol. If you have any idea or can find anything out for me, I'd love to cop all i can and of course I'll take any rips i can. Thanks for everything Jamo!