Wednesday, 30 November 2016

DJ PF Cuttin - Fly Fishing Vol. 3 (320kbs)

Dunno how I forgot to post this when it dropped last year??....anyways Vol 4 is just around the corner mixed by the one and only DJ Cashmoney!!


Starvin B - Buddha Bless
Meyhem Lauren - Street Caviar feat. Bags & Hologram
Cestyle - Beyond Limits
Sandinistas - Heartless
Memory Man - The War Room feat. Prince Po, Mr Lif & Blaise B
Juggaknots - 40 Oz of Flavor
Your Old Droog - You Know What Time It Is
Zigg Zagg - On and On
Mr Voodoo - Betta Duck
The Madness - Intergalactic Tactics
The Almighty $amhill - Can't Trust You
Mr Voodoo - Pen Hits The Paper
One Deep - Crime Stories
Juggaknots - Ol' Faithful
Pen Pals - Blue
Son A Bluntz - Don't Snooze
The Absouljah - Ninety Something
Meyhem Lauren ft. Timeless Truth - Black Cumin Oil
NSV - Times is Tragic
Poops - Destroy
Sic Sense - Conscience Abduction
Down To Erf - Rhyme Training (Original)
The Almighty $amhill - Vagina Monologues
Timeless Truth - Buen Provecho
Fatnice - Let's Get It
Starvin B - The Fuck I've Been

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