Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Future Flavas w/Marley Marl & Pete Rock Hot 97 WQHT May 24, 1998 (320kbs)

Another sure shot from the crates of DJ Eclipse, damn!!!!

A LOT of dope joints on this one. Especially the Future Flava promos.  Sporty Thieves promo at the beginning of the show, Busta Rhymes (35:42), Killa Kidz (39:05) and another one that I'm not sure who it's from at 41:51. Mic breaks at 8:27, 30:08 and 54:29.

At the end of the show they mention that DJ Premier was about to get on the wheels
(on Boogie & The Barber). How dope was it that a commercial radio station had
Pete Rock and DJ Premier on air back to back? They don't make 'em like that anymore.


Sporty Thieves - Future Flavas Promo
AG, Big Pun, KRS-One - Drop it Heavy
Talk Break
Lord The Arkitec - Name Of The Game (Friends)
Paula Perry & Jesse West - Down To Die For This
God Sunz Ft. Starang Wonduh - 1-718
Black moon - War Zone
Da Team - What The F**K!
Gang Starr - Moment Of Truth
Dangerouz Waters ‎– NYCPD
Krondon - Thin minutes
Kool G Rap - Foul Cats
Talk Break
Busta Rhymes - Future Flavas Promo
Killa Kidz - Future Flavas Promo
??? - Future Flavas Promo
LL Cool J – The Ripper Strikes Back
Canibus – Second Round K.O.
Talk Break

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