Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Chris Dope Folks - Heavy Rotation At Dope Folks HQ, December 2016

These are Rap records that have been on Heavy rotation on my turntable lately. There's tracks from Bolaji, Casual, and Soul King Productions from their latest Dope Folks releases, (which you can get at along with 12"s that I've been spinning lately. There's well knowns to unknowns. Bad N-Flewenz from Detroit is always on Heavy Rotation because it's a crazy banger. Enjoy the sampler


Big Daddy Kane: Put Your Weight on It
Freestyle Fellowship: Legal Alien
Bolaji: Colossal
Bad N-Flewenz: Nuthin' Can Save Ya
Soul King Productions: Mind Benda Go Off, Go Off
5 Bros Wit Ugly Clothes: Come Out Ta Play
Chris Styles: Dreams of Torture
Kapone: Who's Blowing Up For Rockaway Queens
Philly Bathgate: Trapped in The Game
Da Enfatry fet. Steady Roc: Lyrical Logic
Rawcotiks ft. Juju: Magic Chef
UBAD: Life's Getting Rough
E.Dot: Look Out
Casual: Who Do That
Boodah and Da Bandit: Swallow Your Pride
Horror City: Freestyle Fiend
Freshco: 4 At a Time
Lord Alibaski: Crunch Time
Supreme C: Mad Props
ATL: 17 Shots

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