Thursday, 1 December 2016

Stretch & Bobbito - 89.9 WKCR July 27 1995 (320kbs)

Massive props as always to DJ Eclipse!!!!

Here goes more than a full show of Stretch & Bob as they went about 20 minutes overtime. Seems like bad weather made the "Jazz Man" late. But that just makes for a better SNB show. DJ E-Kim sets off the first mic break (8:55) followed by Souls of Mischief (40:05) who do what they do best at 43:56. Redman displays his DJ skills (74:14) before him and Diezzle Don get on for an interview (79:22). And of course that's followed up by a freestyle session from the two (91:58) once the right beat is chosen. As if the show couldn't get any better you have Mr. Voodoo, L-Swift and Dante Pacino from Natural Elements up on the show (137:21) with another freestyle session (142:04). Some mic banter with Reef and friends (186:39), freestyle from Jersey's Tone The Butcher (192:53), live phone calls (199:27) and then last mic break of the night to sign off at 261:43


Blahzay Blahzay - Danger
Grand Puba - A Little Of This
Talk Break w/ DJ Ekim
Method Man - The Riddler
Bushwackas - Caught Up In The Game
Funkdoobiest - What The Deal
A.Z. - Rather Unique
Ill Al Skratch - Dr. Feelgood ft. Nice & Smooth, Nine & M.O.P.
Talk w/Souls Of Mischief
Souls Of Mischief - Freestyle
Rakim - Remember That
Cella Dwellas - Good Dwellas
Keith Murray - This That Shit
Mic Geronimo - Masta I.C.
Talk w/Redman, Diezzle Don
Das EFX - Real Hip Hop
KRS-One - MC's Act Like They Don't Know
Redman & Diezzle Don - Freestyle
Raekwon - Incarcerated Scarfaces
Redman - I Get Down Like That ft. Roz
Powerule - Rock Ya Knot Quick
Diezzle Don & Tha Governor – 1-900
Diezzle Don & The Govna - Now You Know
Soul Kid Klick - Mortal Kombat
D&D All Stars - 1,2 Pass It (Remix)
Natural Elements 89.9 Promo
L-Swift - How It's Goin Down
Natural Elements (L-Swift, Mr.Voo, Dante Pacino) Interview Freestyle
Raekwon - Knowledge God
KGB - Bless Ya Life
Q-Ball & Curt Cazal - My Kinda Moves
Godfather Don - Burn
Raekwon - Verbal Intercourse
Jay-Z - I Can't Get WithThat
B.U.M.S. - Take a Look Around (Vinyl Reanimators Remix)
Mad Skillz - Skillz in 95
Ten Theives - Black Reign
Q-Tip - Glamour & Glitz
Tone The Butcher Interview/Freestyle
Phone Calls
PHD - Set It Part III
Heltah Skeltah - Letha Brainz Blo
Das EFX - Dedicated
Raekwon - Ice Water
Ill Al Skratch - Don't Shut Down On A Player
Souls Of Mischief - Fa Sho Fo Real
Redman & Method Man - How High
Mobb Deep - The Start of The Ending
Masta Ace Inc - Maintain
Lil’ Joon - Life (Amigo Mix)
GZA - Labels Remix
Pudgee Feat. The Notorious B.I.G. And Lord Tariq - Think Big
Talk Break

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