Tuesday, 30 March 2010

DJ Ivory - Hear No Evil Vol. 1, 2 & 3

DJ Ivory of Nottingham’s own The P Brothers is credited with starting the hip-hop trend, dubbed “random rap”, in which old, obscure (and sometimes not very good) rap records are picked out and finally given the attention that they supposedly deserve (check out this article for a more thorough explanation of the phenomenon).

Often worked into mixes, “random rap” was a bandwagon well and truly jumped upon, yet the thing about DJ Ivory is that his pioneering mixtape Hear No Evil, released in 2001, bore no tracklisting, quickly sparking desperate attempts to identify and name all of the tracks, a feat which took some two years.

Drawn entirely from rap’s golden era, Hear No Evil included rare “unreleased and under-played” 12″ tracks taken from DJ Ivory’s own collection, and became an instant sensation, driving the internet and the second-hand market nuts (a limited press of Vol. 1 meant that sellers could eventually charge a premium). Spurred on by its success, Vols. 2 & 3 were released over the next few years, to equal critical acclaim, as well as heads’ ultimate perplexion, for the CDs once again came without a tracklisting, each time sparking a fresh bid to indentify these rare joints.

Here are all 3 volumes, the first 2 come with tracklistings found posted on various sites on the web. However i've been unable to find a tracklist for volume 3.


  1. I had both 1 and 2 and when I requested three many told me it wasn't worth the listen!! Now I get the chance to hear for myself, but I can tell you 1 and 2 I played the hell out of they were hot!!!

  2. number 3 isn't much chop, too much singing...

  3. Thanks for sharing, your time and efforts are more than appreciated.