Thursday, 25 March 2010

DJ T. Contsu - Hip Hop Mix Volume 7

More 90's mixes from Japan.

1.T.contsu - Intro
2.Yess D Crime - Keep It Underground
3.Party A LA Mazon - Get Play
4.Babalu - Boogie Hi
5.Finsta - Finsta Baby
6.Lord Finesse - Isn't He Something
7.Kwest Tha Madd Lad - Disk And Dat
8.Ill Brothers - Mescaline
9.Gang Starr - 2 Deep ( M.W.G.B.D.MIX )
10.PD3 - Hippy Skippy.Footshaking
11.A To The D - The Renegade Jew
12.T.Contsu - Skit
13.Boo Brown - For My People
14.Madman Shawn - Walk Thru hell
15.Prince Ice - Kill The Rhythm
16.Love'N'Props - Nobady Knows My Name
17.Mad Flowas - Satisfaction
18.Cold Crush Brothers - Ya Can't Fade Me
19.Reggie Capers - Suspect
20.Crimson League - One Time
21.Pretzel's Logic - U Can Run (Promo Remix)

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