Wednesday, 31 March 2010

DJ Kiyo - The Basis


Siah & Yeshua Dapo Ed - The Visualz
Krumb Snatcha - Gettin' Closer To God (Instrumental)
Edo. G - Acting
Saukrates Feat. Marvel - Hate Runs Deep (Remix)
J-Treds - Make It Happen
Natural Elements - Paper Chase
Godfather Don - Piece Of The Action
Godfather Don Feat. Mike L & Scaramanga - No Competition
Jigmastas - Dead Man's Walk
World Renown - Easy On The Tweeter (Instrumental)
Pumpkinhead Feat. Makin' Records Crew - Dynamic (Remix)
Homeliss Derilex - Cash Money
The Nonce - Live And Direct
Finsta Bundy - Bomb Shit B/w Mathematik-Rhyme Training (Instrumental)
Jedi Mind Tricks - Neva Antiquated
Shadez Of Brooklyn - Wanted Man
Neek The Exotic - Pump Ya Fist
The High & Mighty - It's All For You
Mike Zoot - Service
The High & Mighty - Hands On Experience
Jay I Geez - Across The Globe
Homeliss Derilex - Operations
Da Grass Roots Music Feat. Elemental - Living Underwater
Scientifik - I Got Planz (Instrumental)
Erule - Synopsis (Instrumental)

1 comment:

  1. 1. Siah & Yeshua Dapo Ed "The Visualz"
    2. Krumb Snatcha "Gettin' Closer To God (Instrumental)"
    3. Edo. G "Acting"
    4. Saukrates feat. Marvel "Hate Runs Deep (Remix)"
    5. J-Treds "Make It Happen"
    6. Natural Elements "Paper Chase"
    7. Godfather Don "Piece Of The Action"
    8. Godfather Don feat. Mike L & Scaramanga "No Competition"
    9. Jigmastas "Dead Man's Walk"
    10. World Renown "Easy On The Tweeter (Instrumental)"
    11. Pumpkinhead feat. Makin’ Records Crew "Dynamic (Remix)"
    12. Homeliss Derilex "Cash Money"
    13. The Nonce "Live And Direct"
    14. Mathematik "Rhyme Training (Instrumental)"~Finsta Bundy "Bomb Shit"
    15. Jedi Mind Tricks "Neva Antiquated"
    16. Shadez Of Brooklyn "Wanted Man"
    17. Neek The Exotic "Pump Ya Fist"
    18. The High & Mighty "It's All For You"
    19. Mike Zoot "Service"
    20. The High & Mighty "Hands On Experience"
    21. Jay I Geez "Across The Globe"
    22. Homeliss Derilex "Operations"
    23. Da Grass Roots Music feat. Elemental "Living Underwater"
    24. Scientifik "I Got Planz (Instrumental)"
    25. Erule "Synopsis (Instrumental)"