Sunday, 21 March 2010

DJ Wiz - Years Too Late Vol. 1

Volume 1 of DJ Wiz's mixes of 90's tracks, volume 2 is here.

DJ Wiz-Intro
J-Force-For All Thoze
Dna-My Shit Iz Tight
Cover-Underground Flow
Gauge Ft. Cella Dwellas-Cranium
Royal Flush-Rotten Apple
War Click-Bullet For Bullet
Finsta Bundy-Feel The High
Foundation And Rezidue-Dont Get It Twisted
Blackstract-Diary Of A Mad MC
Concrete Mob-Boiling Point
East Flatbush Project-Madmans Dream
Frankenstein-Frankensteins Pain
Money Boss Players-Walk With The Limp
Adagio-The Obvious Joint
Brother Arthur-What You Gonna Do
DSA-The Horror
Mikey Dee-J.Q.N.Y.
Rawcotiks-Live Your Life
Group Home Ft. Brainsick-East NY Theory
Gab Gotcha-Angels
Sic Sense-Positional Bypass
Shadez Of Brooklyn-Change
Pitch Black-Show And Prove
Smiff N Wessun-Nuttin Move But The Cash
Obscure Disorder-Lyrically Exposed Pt. 1
Chaos-Death Stalks
Kukoo Da Bag A Bonez-Real Kukoo
Calhoun-Anotha Banga
The Candy Store-Escape From Belize
Ghetto Concept-E-Z On The Motion
Da Henchman-What U Gonna Do
Kgb-Yeah You
Citizen Kane-Blackrain

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