Thursday, 22 April 2010

DJ ?????? - Mid 90's Hip Hop Mix

Well, no idea who the DJ is on this mix, all i can say is its full of dope 90's indy head nodders.  Check it!

Dj??? - Intro
Citizen Kane - Black Rain
Scott Lark - Razzle Dazzle
Punk Barbarians - The Drama In Between
A.K.S.H. (Cs Exclusive) - Da Crook On It
Da Germ - More & More
Mop Top - For Ever
Down To Erf - Learn To Earn
Ill All Skratch - Chill With That (Rmx)
Mr. Live - Supa Mmercial
Mr. Live - Supa Dupa
Dead Poets Society - Lick A Shot (Rmx)
Omniscence Feat. Sadat X - Touch Y'all (Rmx)
Darc Mind - Visions Of Blur
Creative - The Hard Way
Mix Master G-Flexx - Salute To Da Hustlers
Harleckinz - Don't Sleep
Bro-N X - Who You Be
Little Indian - One Little Indian
Saukrates Feat. Common - Play Dis
Krondon - The Rules
Living Legends - Nothing Less

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  1. Its by Crooksoundz from Bernburg, Germany