Sunday, 25 April 2010

DJ T. Contsu - Hip Hop Mix Volume 5

Track List:
Excitiement.Contsu - Move Into A Old House
The Starving Artists Crew - Artistry Original
Jazz Club - Saxy Nine
Abdominal&dj Faust - Tale Of Two Bitties
People Inder The Stairs - Hang Loose
F15 - Loco Motive
Moka Only - Live From Rio
Atomosphere - Multiples
Procryptix Feat. Ty - Sometimes I
DJ Squashy Nice - Raw Dawg
Shamus - Big Willie Style
Scientifik - I Aint The Dawn One
Grassrootz - Grasslandz
Mf Grimm - Do It For The Kids
3rd Rail - On Wid Da Show
Flying Pupa - Unmentionable
Next Wavelength - Are You Ready
L Swift - How Itz Going Down
Royal Flush - Regulate
L.Blue Lights & Blunts
Lost Island - Mic Life
Ugly Duckling - I Did It Like This
On Toda - Sampling

Download Here

Volume 6 HERE, Volume 7 HERE

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