Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Sloppy White - Golden Era Hip Hop Mixes

Tracklistings and links below.....

Fat Tape   (new link)
Supreme Force - You Gotta Come Out Fresh
King Sun - Fat Tape
Tall Dark And Handsome - The Bronx Is Back
Partner In Crime - Do You Know What I'm Saying
Black Rock And Ron - Getting Large
The Wise Guyz - Ef Youu En Kay E
Greyson And Jasun - Hard As They Come
Style - The Assassinator
Maestro Fresh Wes - The Mic's My Piece
Doctor Ice - The Mic Stalker
Makeba And Scratch - Candy Rappers
III Most Wanted - Lights Out
Nice And Smooth - Dope Not Hype
LL Cool J - Why Do You Think They Call It Dope?
Hostyle - It's Our Turn
Lakim Shabazz - When You See A Devil Smash Him
Craig G - Dopest Duo
Big Daddy Kane - The Wrath Of Kane
Maestro Fresh Wes - Jazz Tip
Godfather Don - Sleeping With The Enemy

The Way It Was
Sloppy White - Intro
Don Juan - The Prime Minister
Skinny Boys - Ill
Ruthless Rod & MC Dollar - In The Groove
Raw Corp - I'm Real Def
Reel Deal - Drippin Dope
Sway & Tech - Baddest Mutha On 2 Turntables
Magnetic  Force - We Want More
Ruthless Rod & MC Dollar - As I Get Funky
Extra Curricular - Go With The Flow
Blackmale - Center Stage On The Mike
Soul Shock - Break The Limits
Cold Crush Brothers - Cold Crush
Nu Sounds - Everything We Do Is Gonna Be Funky
YZ - Taggin' It Up
Fresh Finesse - You Aint' Sayin' Nothing
Grandmaster Caz - Need To Know The Flavor
Freddie Foxxx - The Master
Class A Felony - Hyped Up
Kaos & Mystro - Outcast
Sir Fresh & DJ Critical - I'm Smooth
Larry Larr - Keep On Y'all

Get Some
Sloppy White - Get Some Intro
L-Cee - Ace Of S.P.A.D.E.
Def IV - Do It E-Z
Finnesse & Synquis - Fatal Beauty
Monay & DJ Cuthroat - Choke On This
Hot Day Dante - Going Straight Up
Gee & Jay - Got To Get Some
Def IV - Get Busy
The BTX - This Jam Is Black
K-Cloud & MC Valentine - We Like It Hype
Kid 'N' Play - Gittin' Funky
Too Kool Posse - Give 'em A Sample
Grand Daddy I.U. Soul Touch - Soul Touch
Blue Eyes & DJ Mink - The Law
A.O.K. - Shack It Up
2 Deep - Groovy Thang
Too Brown - Jazz Keep The Beat Bumpin'
Just-Ice - Bring 'em Back Alive
DJ Chuck Chillout & Kool Chip - I'm Large
School Of Hard Knocks - School Of Hard Knocks
Kaos & Mystro - Timeless Insight Of Kaos (Remix)
Sloppy White - Get Some Outro

Note:  These are the cd rips with cue files.


  1. Thanks for the rips... I cant seem to get "Fat Tape" to download though. The link goes to Multiupload but in Firefox I don't have an option to download... In IE, clicking the DL banner just sends you to an endless series of bs ads. Can you re-up please? The other 2 downloaded just fine. Thanks again. Peace.

  2. Thanks homie