Sunday, 25 April 2010

DJ T. Contsu - Hip Hop Mix Volume 4

Track List:
On Toda - Whisper Hill
Bored Stiff - Therapy
Various Blends - Chill As I Flex
N.I.K.Organization - Freez Tag
Isosceles - Sign Language
Red Life - The Nights Young
Mountain Brothers - Paperchase
Yah Supreme - Old&wise
Thrust - This N That
Babu Iriscence - Pay Attention
On Toda - Daily Select
Nomaads - The Ultimate
Dead Poets Society - Dont Quit
Da Enna C - You Cant Use My Pen
Beats In Progress - Served On A Plate
Two Outta Millions - Time To Get Way
Blue Planet - Push Came To Shove
Buckhead - No Dummy
Black Jesus - Modern Day Thug
Nonchalant - Lazy Afternoon
Az - Ho Happy Jackie

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