Friday, 31 July 2009

Mixtape Project Blast Off

It's about to go down the start of the project (wich is still nameless if you guys have a idea for a name for the project let s.o.u.l. know). If you would like to make any kind of contribution to the project contact S.O.U.L. @

You can check S.O.U.L.'s dope blog HERE.

It's that time to release the first mixtape for your ears enjoy.

Download Here

Action Pac - Summer of '96

This tape was the soundtrack of my summer in 1996, even had to do a dub of it for the owner of the gym I used to use and I'd bang on the latest mixtape I'd copped at the time (to a lot of people's annoyance :D). Was the first time i heard the 2 pac's dis to Biggie as well, the only down fall for this tape in my eyes. Looking at it now, I think i've tagged the tape summer jams as well, DOH, never mind!

Download Here   (New Link)

Bullitz RnB Tape 9

Another 90's RnB mix, I have a few in this series and more by other DJ's that where doing there thing with the rnb mixtapes locally to me, hopefully I'll find the time to post them all.

Download here

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Flipmode on Westwoods Radio1 Rap Show 30.08.97

DJ Scratchator on the decks, while Lil Kim, EPMD, and Flipmode chill in the studio. EPMD and Flipmode lay down some freestyle ish.

Download Here

DJ S and S - Somethin For Dat Ass 3 The Final Chapta 1994

One of DJ S&S's many tapes out there....RE-UP!!!!!!!

DJ Enuff - 4 My R and B Bitch November 1996

Tape Kingz had the mixtape game on lock back then, my only grips being its a shame the quality of the recordings wasn't consistent enough from one tape to another. Luckily this is one thats pretty dope.

Download Here

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

DJ Chubby Chub - Da Heat Iz On 1996

More Chubby Chub with the bangin hip hop and rnb collabo tape. No idea how many tapes this dude did, anyone know?

DJ Chubby Chub - Eat That Shit Up 1996

Yet another Chubby Chub mixtape from 1996, eat that shit up. Amazes me how they make up these titles for these fucking tapes!!


Stretch & Bobbito WKCR 89.9 92/93

This tape features Big L's 8 is Enuff (Children of the Corn) click rippin it for like 13 minutes, this is the complete freestyle . Goes back a few years. Tape also has LordDigga freestylin and the Jerky Boys kick a Arab taxi cab rhyme. Other MC's include KILLACAM aka. Cam'Ron MurdaMase aka. Mase - Bloodshed - Herb Mcgruff - Buddha Bless - MC TERROR - Big Twan and Biggie Smalls

Download Here

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Raekwon passes through DJ MK's Funhouse

DJ Riz & DJ Eclipse - Halftime Radio Show April '99

Download Here

Chubby Chub - Street Madness Pt. 2 1996

Boston DJ Chubby Chub droppin another dope tape this time no R&B on the B-side just more indy gems.

Download Here

DJ Mastermind - It's Yours '97 Tape 35

DJ Mastermind from Toronto, Canada, nice mixtape dj, always consistent.

DJ Styles - Take A Toke Pt. 11 1996

Nice R&B mix from DJ Styles in the UK. Some nice mixing and scratching with the smooth r&b joints back in 1996.

DJ Mayhem Live on Westwoods Rap Show 1997

This is another recording from Westwoods Radio 1 FM Rap show on 20.06.97. Guest DJ was DJ Mayhem outta New York and fellow co-host of new york live with DJ Riz.

Beat Junkies in the house!!!

Dynamic Duo J-Rocc and Rhettmatic on the cut.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Marley Marl in control again. Westwood's Show 1999

More recordings from Westwoods Radio1 Rap Show with Marley Marl in control again. This tape is a 2hr recording from 19.03.99 and includes freestyles from Truck Turner, Craig G, Black Moon and a turn on tables from DJ S&S.

Kool Mike Ski - Da Realness '96

Dj S.O.U.L. dropped a DJ Kool Mike Ski tape the other day here which prompted me rip this. From what I remember, this used be on constant rotation in the whip back than.


A - Side
Fat Joe, Armageddon, Keith nut, Smoothe Da Hustler, Trigga, Rhyme Wrecka, Tha Phantom, Big Fats, D Butta, Sha Boo, Kool Mike Ski, Redhanded, Rambo - Freestyles
Onyx, Smoothe Da hustler, Trigga - Purse Snatcha Pt. 2
Frankie Cutlass, Sadat X, Redman - You
Smif N Wesson - All About The Cash
2 Pac, Method Man, Redman - Got My Mind Made Up
KRS-1, Mad Lion - Doube Trouble (Remix)
AK Skills - Nights Of Fear
Heltah Skeltah, OGC - Leflah Part 2
Saukrates - Father Time
Sadat X - Stages And Lights

Side B
Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip - Ill Vibe
Sadat X - Hang Em High
Onyx, Method Man - Evil Streets (Remix)
Large Professor - Mad Scientist
Lord Finesse, Sadat X, Large Professor, Grand Puba - Actual Facts
Fat Joe, Raekwon, Armageddon, Big Pun - Firewater
Busta Rhymes, Def Squad - Flipmode Meets Def Squad
Group Home - Suspended In Time (Remix)
Shout Out Break
Yvette Michelle - Everyday, Everynight (K.M.S. Remix)
SWV - You're The One (K.M.S. Remix)
Case, Foxy Brown - Touch Me, Tease Me
Horace Brown, Foxy Brown - One For The Money (Remix)

Sorry, forgot the link, doh.

Tony Touch R&B #16 Goin For Broke

Figured I'd upload a few 90's R&B tapes as well. I'm not sure how many tapes Tony Touch did in his R&B tape series, this one is from 1996.

Marley Marl live from NY on Westwood 30.01.99

Another recording of Westwoods Radio 1 rap show with Marley Marl in control of proceedings at the beginning of 1999, includes Kool G. Rap on the freestyle tip.

DJ Riz-In The Mix

Dope selection and great skillz from DJ Riz, NYC.


Sunday, 26 July 2009

89.9 WKCR History

peep game

DJ Mister Cee-Hittin Ya In Da Head-1995

Nice tape from Mister Cee, hittin ya in da head for the 95.

Chubby Chub-A Jump On Thangs 1996

Straight outta Boston, Dj Chubby Chubb was Original Flavor’s Dj (Ski second group after the Bizzy boys) and you might remember him on the “Can I get open” video.

Marley Marl live from NY on Westwood 1998

Another tape rip from Tim Westwoods show on BBC Radio 1. Marley Marl doin the business on this one again, recorded this on xmas day believe it or not.

DJ Semtex-98 Mentality

I think might have been the last Semtex tape i picked up all them years ago!!

DJ Semtex-Cream Tape 4

M-Fatiks-Ricanstruction Mixtape

Another tape packed with mid 90's indie bangers from start to finish!!

Re-Uploaded 20 March 2013

DJ Semtex-The Cream Tape

This is the first DJ Semtex tape i managed to pick up, i'm hazarding a guess around 93, i could be wrong, not very good with years.

DJ Semtex & DJ Ekim-Real To Reel Mixtape

Another DJ Semtex tape, this time split with Dj Ekim on the decks for side B.

DJ Kofi-Da Waxcuta Vol. 1

DJ Kofi won the UK DMC Championships back in 1995, and did this tape not too long after that mixing and cuttin up hip hop from that era.

Side A:

1. Intro
2. GZA - Cold World
3. Blahzay Blahzay - Danger Pt 2
4. Group Home - Tha Realness
5. Redman - Funkorama
6. Lost Boyz - Renee (Remix)
7. (UK Group) ? - Rock The Show
8. DJ Kofi - Scratch Session

Side B:

1. Intro
2. Madd Skillz Ft The Large Professor & Q-Tip - Extra Abstract Skillz
3. Ghostface Killah - Winter Warz
4. Real Live - Get Down For Mine
5. Ill Distraxion - No M.C.'s
6. Busta Rhymes - Woo Hah / Erick Sermon - Welcome
7. Fugees - Fu-Gee-La / Real Live - Real Live Shit
8. Ultramagnetic MC's - Wack MC's
9. Rakim - Remember That / Showbiz & AG - You Know Now (Rmx)
10. Group Home - Up Against The Wall

New Link 02.09.10

DJ B-Mello-Blends Vol. 3

This cassette is pure dopeness if you like blend tapes. B-Mello takes it to another level with the number of accapellas and instrumentals used here.

Stretch Armstrong - Live on Air Vol. 2

Another Stretch Armstrong tape, Live On Air Pt. 2. Has a little static in parts from what it sounds like the radio signal not being 100%.

Side A:
1) Defari – Bionic
2) HDM – Da Professional
3) Rasheed – Industrypartybumrusha
4) A Tribe Called Quest – Same Ol’ Thing
5) Artifacts – It’s Gettin' Hot (K-Def Remix)
6) Godfather Don – Piece of the Action
7) Ruthless Bastards – Ruthless Bastards
8) Breez Evahflowin' - I Heard It
9) Hillfiguz – Not Enuff Time
10) Mos Def – Universal Magnetic
11) DITC – Day One

Side B:
1) Cage – Agent Orange
2) Noreaga & Mussolini Freestyle
3) Tragedy Khadafi – Calm Down

DJ Semtex-Tape 5

Here is a mixtape from DJ Semtex, a UK DJ that used to make his own mixtapes and has gone on to bigger and better things, like working for Def Jam, lol.

Track listing in pic.

Stretch & Bobbito Live On Air Vol. 1

features freestyles from bush babies and royal flush

DJ Peter Parker's 2nd Hip Hop Mixtape

here is peter parkers 2nd mixtape.

Heres some more stretch and bobbito

Wu-Tang Take over Westwoods Rap Show 1997

Right, here we go with another cassette rip from one of Tim Westwood's Radio 1 Rap Shows on Radio 1. This particular show is from 1997 is taken over by the Wu Tang Clan prior to the release of the Wu Tang Forever album. Mental goings on in the studio with Method Man, O.D.B, RZA, Mast Killa, U-God and going wild on the mic while DJ Mathmatics and RZA share the turntable duty.

This was a D120 tape too, so 2Hrs of madness.