Saturday, 29 August 2009

Cypha Sounds - Westwoods Radio1 Rap Show

'97 style on Westwoods rap show....

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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

DJ Seiji - Crates Diggaz Lesson 1

Real nice mix combining dope hip hop tracks and their original sampled tracks that were sampled and used in the Crates Diggaz Lesson 1 mix.

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JR Ewing - Straight From The Underground Best of 1997

One of the most consistent mixtape djs, dropping nothing but the best undeground joints is JR Ewing. Independant head nodders all the way on this Best of 1997 compilation.

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Monday, 24 August 2009

DJ Drez - EZ Street

More DJ Drez for your eardrums, hip hop styleeeee!!

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DJ Drez - Sleepy Dust

If you have never heard a DJ Drez mix then you need to wise up and get some in your eardrums. Faultless mixing, dope selection. 96 style with Kool Keith, Organized Konfusion, PEACE, 2Mex, Choclair, and more!!!

Grab it and see. Leave comments if you like it, its nice to get some feedback people.

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Sunday, 23 August 2009

DJ OND - Street Soul 31 1995

Even more R&B joints for thia lazy sunday afternoon, few beers and all that ;)

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DJ Bazarro - R&B Spring 96

Nice r&B blends on this DJ Bazarro tape.

Bobby J (Flip Squad ) - Westwoods Radio1 Rap Show October '96

Flip squad on Tim Westwoods 1FM Rap show from 26.10.96, where Ghostface Capadonna and Jeru pass through and drop some freestyles.

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Friday, 21 August 2009

Shadez of Brooklyn - When the Sun Goes Down

01. Change
02. When It Rains It Pours (Survival Warz)
03. Calm Unda Pressure
04. Diamond Mine
05. How It's Done
06. Paradise
07. Wanted Men
08. Hell Yeah, Oh Yeah
09. Drama
10. Tony Touch Freestyle
11. One Life
12. NY
13. Everyday Life
14. War & Position
15. Return of the Mack (Da Beatminerz Remix)

Straight up dopeness here from the Shadez of Brooklyn crew (Chocolate Tye, Tee Black, Rev. Al, and Rambo) who released some wicked 12"s in the 90's. Major props to JustDuWitt for making this compilation.

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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Eddie Ill & D.L. - A Trip Below Double Tape 1997

This double tape was the hotness back then and gave me my first taste of eminem before he blew up, damn that shit was dope!! Eddie Ill & D.L. comin correct. This 2 x tape includes quite a few freestyles, including J-Live, Obsession, Wizdom Life, A.L. Skills Kwest Da Madd Ladd, Mr. Voodoo, Saukrates, Afrotistic, Choclair, Skam, Life, Wordsworth, L-Fudge, Mike Zoot, L-Swift, Poisen Pen, Breez Eva Flowin, Gauge, Supernatural,IG Off, Reflection Eternal, Hazardous...........

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

DJ Lazy K - Jurassic Hip Hop Vol. 1

Some DJ Lazy K this time around, I think S.O.U.L. dropped vol 2 on his blog a while back, anyway here is the cd of Vol. 1.

New Link 02.09.10

One Year Marquis Club #005

DJ Roey Marquis, DJ Semtex, DJ Kofi and DJ Ev all on one tape right here!!! As always click pics for enlarged images and track listing.

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Monday, 17 August 2009

Eddie Ill & Dr. Dekay - Beats For Insomniacs 1998

DL Presents his partner in crime Eddie Ill & Dr Dekay with a Beats For Insomniacs Mixtape full of indie gems from '98. Eddie Ill & Dr Dekay have a side each on this banging tape. As always click the picture for an enlarged pic including tracklisting on the cover.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

DJ OND - Street Soul 30 1995

Some more R&B from that Mid-90's period thats started to see an influx of hip hop artists guesting on R&B tracks especially Remixes.

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DJ Mister Cee - That Mister Cee Shit 2 1993

This is a dub that I got in a trade way back when. Quality on side a isn't upto the normal standard but is still very much listenable. B Side is right though, and the blend/mix at the start of "No No No" and Jero is wicked!! No proper cover or tracklist with this one. I also have vols 6,7,8 (i think) in my tape box somewhere, and I'll get them done when i have the time.

Nice results today :D

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Friday, 14 August 2009

DJ P.F.Cuttin - 90's Hip Hop Mix

Nice P.F Cuttin mix, gettin busy in the decks.

New LINK!!

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Stretch Armstong & Bobbito WKCR 1994

Another drop, another Stretch and Bobbito episode of dope hip hop from 15 September 1994. Please feel free (on any of these drop with no track list) to leave a track list if feel like it in comments section.

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Thursday, 13 August 2009

DJ Mister Cee - No Tricks, Just Jointz BRAAAP!!

Aaaaahhhh Yeeeeaaahhhh. Mister Cee back with another dope tape. Enjoy fam. It might not be a 1997 tape, but I honestly couldn't be arsed researching some tracks to see what year it was.......Sorry :/

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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Debonair P - Blends 2008

Been bumping this for a few weeks now and its on point! Debonair P dropped this on the Philaflava forums, Dope selection of records seamlessly mixed and blended into each other. Put your feet up and smoke a fat one.

You wont be disappointed. Download Here.

Track list:

OC - Everidae
Beyond There - Slummental
Eclipse - My Position
Grandaddy I.U. - Mack of the Year
Cella Dwellas - Perfect Match (Instrumental)
Juggaknots - Namesake
Teflon - Get Mine (Instrumental)
Xperado - All Night
AZ - Gimme Yours RMX
Vooodu - One Life to Live
Sean C - Mellow Madness
All City - After Hours
Mic Geronimo - For the Family
Encore - Ice Age
Thrust - Rage RMX
J-Treds - Make it Happen
Ran Reed - Enough
Basement Khemists - Vibrate
Nick Wiz - Four Elements
Milano - Show Em
Pete Rock & Large Pro - The Rap World
IG Off & Hazardous - This Ain't Livin
Masta Ace - Observations
Coloured Section - Hip Hop
AK Skills - One Life ta Live
Cunninlinguists - Dirty Acres
Jaz-O - Kingz Kounty
World Renown - How Nice I Am
Frankenstein - Sparkin Intellect
Organized Konfsion - Decisions
Cru - Nuthin But
Fat Joe - Find That (VR RMX)
Forefathers - Glory
Great Ones - That Ni@@a
Big Shug - Play It
Chubb Rock - Clear The Decks
Brainsick Enterprize - Time To Shine
Large Pro - Oh Winz
Choclair - Just a Second RMX
Kollabo Brothers - My Flows To Blow RMX
King Tee - Cali Expert
Shortie No Mass - U Like My Style
Pitch Black - Its All Real
Maspyke - Truth in Position
Ed OG - Shed A Tear
K Terroribul - MC Chronicles
Red Hot Lover Tone - BMW

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Mixmasters Weekend - Westwood Radio 1 10.10.97

Another TDK D120 mixmasters weekend tape from Westwoods Radio 1 Rap Show. A-Side has DJ's Fats & L.J. showcasing their talents, while on Side B we have The Ill Kidz and DJ Orlando with some dope mixes and blends.

Includes Redman & Method Man, Cru, Big Pun, Common, Jay-Z, Rakim, Nas, Royal Flush, Mobb Deep, L.O.T.U.G., Black Moon, Mic Geronimo, Gang Starr, Biggie, Janet Jackson, Das EFX, Pharcyde, EPMD, Total, Allure, Donnel Jones, Blackstreet and more.

Download Here

Monday, 10 August 2009

Bullitz R & B Tape 12 1996

Some more R&B bullitz for ya gunz!

I've tagged the mp3's wrong, so Side A is actually Side B and vice versa :)

Download Here

DJ Premier - Crooklyn Cuts III Tape A, B, C, D

Been a bit busy lately with life and shit, you know how it goes! Was looking through my box of cassettes and saw these staring me in the face, so I thought fuck it, i'll rip these for myself anyway, cos i figure everybody has these classics already. If not happy downloading.

Tape A

Tape B

Tape C

Tape D

Friday, 7 August 2009

Stu Allen - Best Of '89 Hip Hop Key 103 1989

Stu Allen's Bus' Diss rap show on key103 is legendery in the North West of England, playing the hottest and newest 12"s and album tracks around. I remember recording this show each week, and the house hour too. The show always featured a top 10 chart each week compiled from Spin Inn Records in the market center until it had to relocate to fennel street and renamed manchester underground. Memories!!! (Last time I saw Russ he was working in Vinyl Exchange)

1. Big Daddy Kane - Warm It Up Kane
2. Ace & Action - Letter To The Better
3. Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel - White Lines 89
4. Silver Bullet - 20 Seconds To Comply (Inst)
5. King Sun - On A Club Tip
6. Twin Hype - Do It To The Crowd
7. Doug Lazy - Let It Roll
8. De La Soul - Me Myself & I
9. Young MC - Bust A Move
10. Queen Latifah - Dance For Me
11. Tuff Crew - What, You Dont Know
12. Cookie Crew - Born This Way (Inst)
13. Rob Base - Get On The Dancefloor
14. Monie Love - I Can Do This
15. Roxanne Shante - Live On Stage
16. Big Daddy Kane - Another Victory
16b. Outlaw Posse - The Original Dope (Richie Rich Inst.)
17. DJ Chuck Chillout & Kool Chip - Rhythm Is The Master
18. Twin Hype - Those Who Like To Groove
19. MC Martay & DJ DBM - Beyond Control
20. MC Buzz B - How Sleep The Brave
21. De La Soul - Eye Know
22. De La Soul - Say No Go
23. Digital Underground - Doowutchyalike
24. Redhead Kingpin & The FBI - Do The Right Thing
25. Wrecks-N-Effect - New Jack Swing
26. Heavy D & The Boyz - We Got Our Own Thang
27. Stezo - Its My Turn
28. Ultra Magnetic MCs - Give The Drummer Some
29. Most Wanted - Calm Down
30. Public Enemy - Fight The Power
31. Dismasters - Black and Proud
32. EPMD - So Wat Cha Sayin
33. Lakim Shabazz - When a wise man speaks
34. DJ Supreme Nyborn - Versatility
35. EPMD - Big Payback
36. Cookie Crew - Come On & Get Some
37. NWA - Straight Outta Compton

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Hurricane with The Gravediggas & The Roots - Westwood Radio 1

This tape is from when Hurricane, The Gravediggas & The Roots were on Tim Westwoods Radio 1 FM Rap show on 13 April 1995. The Rahzel / Gravediggaz freestyle is one of the best things Rahzel has ever done.

A Side
Start :Tim Westwood and The Hurricane
9:00 - Tim talks to The Roots
11:30 What Goes On? - Proceed
16:40 - 29:12 Tim talks to Rahzel and Rahzel does a 12 minute beatbox with Black Thought, The
Hurricane and all The Gravediggaz

B Side
Start- Gravediggaz Freestyle with Price Paul on Wheels of Steel
7:29 Black Thought Freestyles with The Gravediggaz
17:00 - 29:36 Hurricane interview

Download Here

DJ Kwestion - School of Hard Knocks / Back To The Grill Again

DJ Kwestion, down with Jedi Mind Tricks dropped these dope cd's mixing classic and rare 90's hotness!!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

One Verse - Indy Mix

Another dope mix from One Verse. Track list in comments.

Download Here

DJ Premier mixes Originals

A Continuous Mix Of Funk & Soul As Sampled By DJ Premier

Download Here

Dope Indy mix - One verse-Summa Mix

This mix is one of the best I have heard in ages and have had it on repeat for weeks.

Introlude Summertime
Souls Of Mischief – Never No More
Erule – Listen Up
Munk Wit Da Funk – I Been Here I’m Stayin
Ras Kass – Miami Life
Intelligent Hoodlum – Grand Groove
Wordl Renown – How Nice I Am
Interlude – 2000 Seasons
Aboriginals – Keep It Hot
Jungle Brothers – Brain
Mad Skillz – Doin Time In The Cypha
K-Otix – Falling Behind
Jaleel – Call It Like I See
Natural Ressource – Negro League Baseball
Cipha – Rock On
Lord Digga – Brand Nu Day
The Cenobites – Keep On
Blaque Spurm – Pack Ya Shit
Gp Wu – Hip Hop
Walkin Large – Reachin For My Peeps
Rob O – Wonderlust
Nas – World Is Yours
A+ – Wanna Be Rich
Colored Section – Beat Street
Definite Vakashun For Suckas – Great Chicago Fire
Shadez Of Brooklyn – Change
The BUMS – Elevation
Down To Erf – Formation
Down South – Sittin Here
Funkdoobiest – Dedicated
Camp Lo – Coolie High
Sparrow – Rhyme Impotence
Coolio – Mama I’m In Love Wit A Gangsta
The Figure – Dreams Come True
Artifacts – Come On Wit Da Get Down RMX
Saafir – Riddin’
Supernatural – Buddah Blessed It
Ultramagnetic MCs – Saga Of Dandy, The Devil & Day
Boss – Recipe Of A Hoe
Siah & Yesh – The Visualz
Tribecca Sound – She Loves Me Not
Mf Grimm – Scar & Memories
Finsta Bundy – Who I Be
Young Lay – All About My Fetti
E Bros. – Funky Piano
Juggaknots – Clear Blue Skies
Juggaknots – Loosifa
Soul Kid Klik – U NI Verse

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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

DJ OND - Street Soul 29 1995

Here's Vol. 29 in this wicked series of R&B tapes from Manchester's Owen D.

Download Here

DJ MK - Tape 10 - Bootlegged In Japan 1996

And here's another one...........................Probably bootlegged all over London.

Download Here

DJ MK - Tape 15 1999

Another DJ MK's fabulous mixtapes!!!!

Download Here

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Mixmasters Weekend - Westwood Radio 1 9.11.96

Occasionally Timmy would have some guest DJ's in to show of their skills and to promote themselves, and would basically take over the most part of the show if not all of it with "Mixmasters Weekend". This tape from 9th November '96 features 2 DJ's, Fats on side a, Paris on side b. nice mixing and scratching prevail, tracks include blahzay blahzay, mobb deep, east flatbush, m.o.p., money boss players, mad lion, frankie cutlass, special ed, run dmc, dougie fresh, l.o.t.u.g., o.g.c, black moon, large pro, a.t.c.q., cnn, nas, kool g rap, funky dl, de la soul, jeru, krs1, keith murray, group home and many more. Enjoy.

Download Here

Monday, 3 August 2009

DJ OND - Street Soul 28 1995

DJ OND (Owen D) dropped some real nice mixtapes in the 90's with the latest R&B jams, mixed smoothly with a few juggles on the way. I have a further 20ish tapes to get through of DJ OND's Streetsoul series, gonna be a long slog!!

Download Here

DJ MK - Tape 14 1999

DJ MK outta London, DJ MK was the first UK hip-hop DJ to release regular, well-packaged and now valuable mixtapes. These early mixtapes helped him land a slot on the Capital Rap show alongside Tim Westwood (1993-1995). After Westwood and the Rap show, Itch FM saw MK hosting a show which ran for four years before he eventually left for his current weekly residency on Kiss FM. I have a few more MK tapes to get round to doing as well.

Download Here

Bullitz RnB Tape 10

More 90's R&B business with Bullitz!!!!!

Download Here

Silva Sirfa - USA 97

I got this mixtape back in 1997 when I used to buy and swap mixtapes with people who used to advertise in places like hip hop connection etc. I may have even picked this up from somewhere in Manchester, slam jamz or fat city as both used to be bang upto date with the latest shit from the states. I always used to have some good times chattin to leaky fresh @ slam jamz, good times.

Anyway, here is this Silva Sirfa mixtape, all i know about it is the titles that was on the tape cover, it could be called something else?? I have no idea, so titled it as it was. Besides that its really dope.

Drop some feedback if you have any ideas.

Download Here

Sunday, 2 August 2009

DJ Evil Dee - RnB Joints 2 1995

DAMN, DJ Evil Dee tape full of his own R&B blends, on 2 decks only, no 4 track mixtape.

DJ Enuff - 2 & Pass 1996

Flip Squad member DJ Enuff with his 2 & Pass tape, features some nice underground tracks as well as some more familier joints.

Download Here

DJ Ron G - It's On Pt. 2 1994

Ron G, possibly THE, or one of THE best mixtape DJ's dropped this tape in '94, still sounds fresh today.

DJ Doggtime - Its So Hott

DJ Doggtime's R&B blends are well known in the mixtape game, and this one doesn't disappoint.

Download Here