Saturday, 30 March 2019

DJ Milky - Underground Vibes - 90's Underground Hip Hop Showcase Vol. 5 (320kbs)

As requested, DJ Milky with the Underground Vibes....

DJ Milky / Intro
The Candy Store / Memories
Emanon / Good Measure
Burnt Batch / Black Innovation
Adagio! / Ass & Benefits
Walkin' Large / Reachin'
Ugly Duckling / I Did It Like This
The Animal Pharm / Still Nobody Knows
Flying Pupa / Werdz
Basement Khemists / Correct Technique
Bruisers / Talk About You
Constant Deviants / Hustlers Prayer
Money Boss Players / Walk With The Limp
Nomad / Blessed 2 Mic Check
Chaundon / Family Business
Jigmastas / If
Lost Island / Another Day
Espionage Team / Death By Misadventures
Ras Kass / Understandable Smooth
Channel Live / Raise It Up
Da Grassroots / Price Of Livin
Mountain Brothers / Paper Chase
P.U.T.S. / Time To Rock Our Shit
Mod / Make It Happen
The 45 King / Soul Hustler
Buckwild / Countless Thoughts
Lace Da Booms / Glory

Debonair P - Debonair Blends 18 ('95-'97 Hip Hip Megamix) (320kbs)

Megamix of 63 tracks from the 95-97 era. This mix is available on CD from

01. Sticken Moov & Guru - Life
02. Capone-N-Noreaga - Channel 10
03. G-Dep - Head Over Wheels
04. Children Of The Corn - Harlem Usa (Harlem Version)
05. True Foundation - Heavily Armed
06. Foul Play - Nightfall
07. Da Enfantry - This World
08. Down To Erf - Insertion Of Thought
09. Scientifik - Official
10. Black Demon - Rotten Apple
11. Kukoo - Sleeping On The Enemy
12. Nine - La Rasss
13. Mop - Freestyle
14. Lower Level - Maintain
15. Street Poets - Ease Off
16. Da Hoodz Uv Mizbhavya - No Style
17. Brainsick - I Thank God
18. Nonchalant - 5 O'clock (K-Def Remix)
19. Myschief - Anticipation
20. Az - Your World Don't Stop (Remix)
21. Crime Fam - Table For Two
22. Raekwon - Firewater
23. Mass Kunfusion - I Do My Dirt
24. Da Legendary Villain - Memoirs Of A Villain
25. Ns - Insomniack Musick
26. Oc & Showbiz - Showtime
27. T-Max - The Rhyme
28. Finsta Bundy - Feel The High
29. Chris Styles - Piece Of The Pie
30. Almighty Arrogant - Lay Tight
31. Raw Breed - Riderz
32. Afiliashun - Tell Me If You Open
33. Keiyon - So Glad You Chose Me
34. E-Life - I Thought You'd Understand
35. Adagio - Music
36. Ran Reed - Whutcha Want?
37. X-Clan - We Represent…
38. Blind Mice - How Many?
39. Omniscence - We Lust For The Papes
40. Growin' Pains - Growin' Pains
41. Darksyde - Pretender
42. S.L.I.M. Rockwell - Selectah
43. Big Kwam - I Don't Give A Whut
44. Das Efx & Mobb Deep - Microphone Master (Frankenstein Remix)
45. Splattahouse - Hell Hole
46. Jam - Soul Search'n
47. Original - Hey Mr Mc (Remix)
48. Starvin' Art Clique - Charm City
49. Science Of Sound - No Diggidy
50. Drama Klub - Rolla Coasta Ride
51. Rick De Ville - You & Me
52. Percee P - Nowhere Near Simple
53. Heavy Sedation - What's Da Deal
54. Cipher - Peeps (The Sequel)
55. Mic Rippa - Bad Vibes
56. Shadowz In Da Dark - Fatigez
57. All City - Basic Training
58. Fort Greene Assasins - Money Makin' Time
59. Sleestackz - Bulletproof Shoutouts
60. Major Stress - Cook Dat
61. Onyx W/ Smoothe & Trigga - Purse Snatchers Pt 2
62. Da Henchmen - Stressfield Days
63. Rascalz - Solitaire

Friday, 22 March 2019

DJ Revolution - Class Of '85 (320kbs)

Back to '85, DJ revolution cuttin it up!!

Rock Master Scott - The Roof Is On Fire
Masterdon Commitee - Funkbox 2
MC Shy D - Rap Will Never Die
Word Of Mouth - King Kut
Jazzy Jay - The Def Jam
Force MD's - Itchin For A Scratch
Roxanne Shante - Bite This
UTFO - Bite It
Cutmasta D.C. - Brooklyns In The House
Z Three Mcs - Triple Threat
Whistle - Just Buggin
Doug E Fresh & Slick Rick - The Show
Whodini - Big Mouth
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - Larrys Dance Theme
Choice Mcs - Beat Of The Street
LL Cool J - Rock The Bells
Schoolly D - P.S.K.
Run Dmc - King Of Rock
D.S.T. - The Home Of Hip-Hop
King Of The Cuts (Interlude)
MC Shan - Marly Marl Scratch
Stetsasonic - Just Say Stet
T La Rock - Breakdown
Mantronix - Needle To The Groove
Mantronix - Fresh Is The Word
Djs Flee (Interlude)
Dana Dane - Nightmares
MC Chill - Bust This Rhyme
Kurtis Blow - If I Ruled The World
Fat Boys - The Fat Boys Are Back
Boogie Boys - You Aint Fresh
Toddy Tee - Batterram
Freshest Scratches In The World (Interlude)
LL Cool J - Dangerous
LL Cool J - Cant Live Without My Radio
Steady B - Ill Take You Radio
Run DMC - Together Forever (Krush Groove 4)

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

DJ Revolution - Class Of '86 (320kbs)

DJ Revolution mixing up them joints from 1986!!!  Stream or download below..enjoy!!

Intro / Just Ice / Back To The Old School
Run DMC / Peter Piper
Original Concept / Pump That Bass
Cutmaster Dc / Brooklyn Rocks The Best
Divine Sounds / Do Or Die Bed Stv
Tricky Tee / Leave It To The Drums
B Fats / Woppit
Kool G Rap & Polo / It's A Demo
Stetsasonic / Go Stetsa (12' Remix)
Fat Boys / Breakdown
Heavy D / Mr. Big Stuff
Biz Markie / Make The Music With Your Mouth
Word Of Mouth / Coast To Coast
The Real Roxanne / Bang Zoom
T La Rock / Back To Burn
Steady B / Bring The Beat Back
Just Ice / Cold Gettin' Dumb
Dj Revolution / (Track Bridge)
Eric B & Rakim / Eric B Is President
B.D.P. / South Bronx
Mc Shan / The Bridge
Dougie Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew / Nuthin'
Beastie Boys / Hold It Now, Hit It
Run Dmc / My Adidas
Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince / Girls Aint Nuthin But Trouble
Ice Cream Tee / Guys Aint Nuthin But Trouble
Ultramagnetic Mc's / Ego Trippin'
Whodini / Funky Beat
King Tee / Paybacks A Mutha
Original Concept / Knowledge Me
Ice T / Six In The Morning
Beastie Boys / Paul Revere
Salt & Pepa / My Mic Sounds Nice
Joeski Love / Pee Wee's Dance
Mc Boob / Do The Fila
Kool Moe Dee / Go See The Doctor
Just Ice & Dmx / Latoya
Sweet Tee & Jazzy Joyce / It's My Beat
Rodney O & Joe Cooley / Everlasting Bass

Eric B & Rakim / Check Out My Melody

DJ Mattnyce - Golden Age Soul 5 (320kbs)

Another Mattnyce sureshot....Where'd all the soul in hip hop go? Right here. More random rap/ gangsta/ jazzy boom bap random rare joints all laid out for 56 min. of all vinyl pure underground dope joints from the 90s and the 2000's.  Grab the single file from Soundcloud or the split tracks rip as usual below ;)

The Hemisphere / Lioness
Juice / Sincerely
Mr.Complex / Why Dont Cha
Rufus Blaq / Magic
C Rayz Walz / Mood Swings
Mr.Magalon / Powerful
Gettoe Noize Productions / The Illest Things
Hot Sauce / To You
C / Town / Ghetto
5 Bros Wit Ugly Clothes / Believe In The Five
Dr.Octagon / Blue Flowers (Prince Paul So Beautiful Remix)
Prophetix / Earthly Inheritance
Swampheadz / Southbound Strategies
Tri Black / County Blues
Tyree / Wicked Verses
We Be I / Javellin Experiment
Blind Craftsmen / Altered Reality
Strange Sanity / Its A Must
Remedy / Seen It All
Da Outfit / Fed Up
Japhia Life / Precious Memories
Many Fazes / Im Hip (Hip Hoppers)
Ed. O.G. / Dont Talk About It
Ricci Ric / Raw And Pure
King Solomon / Hunger Pains (Starvin Remix)
Fresno Ft. The Last Emperor / Tenement Building
Cunninlynguists / Lynguistics
Dal Jones / Dynasty
Obscure Disorder / Lyrically Exposed Part Two
Killah Priest / When Will We Learn
BMF / Steel Contraption (Beef Wellington Remix)
Insight Ft. Mr.Lif / Universal
Lords Of The Underground / What Im After
Lone Catalysts / Dynomite
L Swift / Daydreamin
Paw Dukes / Amazing
Sektion 31 / Sea Of Discontent
Sef The X / Cutioner / Keeper In Da Crib
Redrum / Blue Note
Imperial Element / Gotta Live
Q-Tip / Things U Do
Madkap / The Proof Is In The Puddin
Souls Of Mischief / Make Your Mind Up (Rock On Mix)
Bedroom Wizard / The Bedroom Wizard Is Here
Boostin Kev / Smoke You On The Mic (Remix Blend)

Sunday, 17 March 2019

DJ Lynkle - Lounge Excursions Vol. 2 (320kbs)

Dope mix by DJ Lynkle from Japan, some nice mid-90's tunes mixed with 2000's tunes along the way.


Jazzanova / L.O.V.E. And You & I (Dr Ghe Mix)
Deep Thinkers / Stand Strong
Thes One / Noonen
Asheru And Blue Black / Elevator Music
J.Rawls Ft. Fat Jon / The Black Brigade Of Cincinnati
The Basement Khemist / Everybody
Mood / Info For The Streets
90 Proof / Inner City Prophets
Think Twice Ft. Manchilde & Shogun / People Wanna Know
DJ Yoda Ft. People Under The Stairs / Quid Control
Yah Supreme / Old & Wise
Bone Idols & Aphletik Ft. Ty / Keep On
Hardkandy / Moonlight
Bun Ft. Phife Dawg / What'S Da Deal
Sam Sever / Tonight
Substantial / Freestyle
Ghetto Concept / E-Z On Tha Motion
Oktober / When Your Empires Collapse
Sound Providers / Dope Transmission
Quasimoto / Low Class Conspiracy
Kazi / A.V.E.R.A.G.E.
Med Ft. Noelle / Nightlife
Harvey Lindo Ft. Roddy Rod / This Lonely Girl
Deux Process / The Process (Inst)
Da Grass Roots Ft. Elemental / Drama
Down To Erf / Learn To Earn
Kemui / Freestyle
Dr. Rubberfunk / Two Fisted Pianistics
Com:Plex / In Theory
Mos Def / The Universal Magnetic
St Germain / Forget It
Arts The Beatdoctor Ft. Pete Philly / All Of Us
DJ Embee / Shibuya
Senna / Azumi

Saturday, 16 March 2019

DJ Mattnyce - Midschool Heat 6 (320 kbs)

New mix from DJ Mattnyce bringing you the indie heat again........
"Back at it again with another fresh batch of goodness. Don’t do yourself a dis-service by skipping tracks on this one. No filler. Get's better as it progresses. Grab the phones and enjoy fifty seven electric minutes of non-stop head snapping joints from the west coast, east coast, the north, the south, Germany, the UK and back. Turn it up this is it. Awwready.!

Download the single file from soundcloud, or download the split tracks 320kbs version as always below


X-Rae / Is Ya Wit Me
The Crash Crew / The Real Hip Hop
Split Personality / Dont Stop Hip Hop (Remix)
Chokolate Soldiers / This Is London
499 / Still Waitin
Overthecounterculture / Domdabadi
City / Runnin Shit
Boy X / Make Her Cum (Erick Sermon Remix)
Underground Sound Unit / Hit The Jackpot
Illegal / We Getz Busy (Buzy Vibe Mix)
Da Youngstas / Ill Make U Famous
Bsb / How I Live
5 Bros Wit Ugly Clothes / 5 Bros Rock On
Outcast / Terrible
Erick Sermon / Boy Meets World
Strictly Difficult / Illa Killa
Kavasci / Culture Body
Aarophat / The Storm
Doc J / No Other
Lo Life / No Weak Signs
Da Bullpen / Who Runz Da Block
Sharpshooters / Trust No One
The Goats / Hip Hopola
The Nobodies / Hands To The Sky
The Servants / Stranded (Ease Jazz Mix)
Scientists Of Sound / Scroll Of The Fake Assassins
Nomad / Blessed 2 Mic Check
Al Master / Testing One
Mr. Magalon / Powerful
Pure Sinister / In The Box
International Rap Syndicate / Hit Me (Late Nite Edit)
DJ Markk / Directly Inorganick
Ghetto Hippie / Str8 From Da Ghetto
J Bad / Stop The Madness
Mad Flav / Freak It
Cru / That Shit
D Auguste Ft. The Last Emperor / Not 2 Far
Sunni Black / Cold World (DJMN Funkymix)
City Boyz / Down Like 4 Flat Tires
Homeless Nation / Nite N Day (DJMN Funkymix)
Sham & The Professor / Lights Go Out (Remix Blend)
Da Homelanders / 4 Rotations (Remixed)
MC Serch / Can You Dig It

DJ Viblam - Bring The Beat Back Vol. 1 (320 kbs)

Nice old school hip hop mix from Japan's DJ Viblam, originally released on cassette and remastered for a CD release

Bronx Dogs / Intro: Tribute To Jazzy Jay (Harvey Remix)
UTFO / Wanna Rock
Double Dee & Steinski / The Sugarhill Suite: Voice Mail
The Wild Bunch / Machine Gun (Down By Law)
MC Sway & King Tech / A Word To The Wize
Overlord X / Rough In Hackney
Unique Poet Supreme / Funk Is So Good
EMF / Rough Potential
Funkmaster Wizard Wiz / Girls
Robbie B & Jazzy J / Jazzy-J On The Scratch!
Afrika Bambaataa & The Jazzy 5 / Jazzy Sensathion
DJ Viblam / Sucker Mc'S Break
Pieces Of A Dream / Mt, Airy Groove
Word Of Mouth / King Kut
Jazzy Jay / Def Jam
Key-Matic / Breakin' In Space
DJ Chuck Chillout & Kool Chip / That's Life
3-D / Once More You Hear The Dope Stuff
Queen / Another One Bites The Dust (Remix)
MC Duke / Miracles
Bomb The Bass / Megablast
Hijack / The Badman Is Robbin'
CPO / The Movement
Most Wanted / The Movement
DJ Prince Ice / Dope Mix Vol. 2
Cold Crush Brothers / Cold Crush
Just The Two Of Us / Most Valuable Poet (M.V.P)
DJ Viblam / Slammin' Break
Jewel-T / Rock Nice
Skinny Boys / Skinny
Davy D / Have You Seen Davy
The UBC / Take It To The Top
Power Cut Crew / Powercut Ll
Treacherous Three / At The Party
The B-Boys / Rock The House
The Future Sound Of London / We Have Explosive
Grandmaster & Melle Mel / White Lines
Jelly Bean / The Mexican
The 2 Live Crew / Megamix V
DJ Viblam / Outro

Friday, 1 March 2019

Boogie & The Barber w/Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Hot 97 WQHT September 1, 1996

The latest installment from DJ Eclipse's radio recordings archive..

Dope joints, no guests. Mic breaks at 35:29, 59:18 (attending to some quick technical difficulties), 77:25 and 113:21. As usual some funny stories as well. lol @ 84:02.

A Tribe Called Quest - Peace, Prosperity & Paper
Jeru The Damaja - Ya Playin' Yaself
Keith Murray - The Rhyme
Keith Murray - The Rhyme (The Slum Village Street Remix)
Raekwon - Rainy Dayz (Remix)
Hillfiguz ‎- Boom!
M.O.P. - Downtown Swinga
Royal Flush - World Wide
Hillfiguz ‎- Up on Prospect
Mic Break
Mr. Live - Supa Dupa
O.G.C. - Da Storm
Camp lo - Stretch & Bob Promo
KRS-One - The M.C.
Al Tariq - Crime Pays
Gauge The Mental Murderah ‎– Cranium
Real Live - The Turnaround
Mic Break
Big Noyd - Usual Suspects (Stretch Armstrong Remix)
The Roots - UNIverse At War Ft. Common
Wisdom - All Star Jam Ft. Adagio & The Juggaknots
Mobb Deep - Drop A Gem On Em
Organized Konfusion - Decisions
Capone-N-Noreaga - Illegal Life
Mic Break