Monday, 24 June 2013

DJ Premier - Live From HeadQcourterz 14 June

DJ Premier with all the latest hip hop....

Thursday, 20 June 2013

DJ Mitsu The Beats - Solid Black

In conjunction with Snow Dog Projects and Black Jazz Records, Jazzy Sport crew member DJ Mitsu The Beats has composed a seamless mix of tracks selected from the Black Jazz catalogue. Well known for his hip hop mixes, Mitsu takes a two-decade-veteran DJ’s perspective here, more often than not segueing complete tracks, as opposed to doubling and cutting breaks, for a 70-minute-plus trip through vintage 1970s spiritual jazz that a listener can easily lose themself in. Of course beats and breaks and funk abound here, but the emphasis of this mix lands on the Black Jazz label’s overall vibe, while highlighting the funkier edge to the catalogue, which has collectors chasing original vinyl copies to this day!!!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

DJ Muro - Diggin' Black Jazz

DJ Muro, the king of diggin', has created this beautiful mix out of 17 stand out selections from the vast catalouge of the Black Jazz records imprint, and it's both smooth and funky as hell.

Wrong link initially posted, ooops!!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

DJ Norihito - Underground Railroad 11 (320 kbs)

Latest installment of the Underground Railroad series, DJ Norihito in them mix!!!

Iceburg / This Thing Of Ours
Dilated Peoples / Third Degree
Spaztik Mc / Who I Be
Trybal-Men / Watch Me Blow
Deams / Get It On (Remix)
Reggie Reg / Presence Of The Past
Blaque Spurm / Pack Ya Shit
Roughneck Soldiers / Kill Or Be Killed
Blackmajik / Bring It If You Wanna
Miilkbone / Mindgamez
Rakim / Remember That
South P/Nuts / Park Bench Poetry
Reggie Reg / Some Be Fronting
Legacy / That's How I Live
Citizen Kane / The Gambler
Pauly Yams & Dj Jazz / When I Blow Up
X-Caliber / Brand Name Woman
Derelect Camp / Prillz (Pressure)
Street Poets / Mindless
People Without Shoes / Escape The Streets
Raw Produce / Foundation
Jam / Soul Search'n
Bas Blasta / Ain't Watcha Do
36Zero / The Lyrical Jasun
Ruggedness Madddrama / Checkin Down The Menu
4th Quarter / C-Notes & Grants (Remix)
Trife God / World And Beyond
A.B.U. Nation / Pat Em Down
Mister Voodoo / Hemlock
Rond And Crazy Rak / No Justice, No Peace
Money Boss Players / Stick-N-Step