Tuesday 26 March 2024

DJ DS - Workinonit - A J Dilla Tribute Mix (320kbs)

Massive new mix by DJ DS..

"Hey everyone,

I've been a little quiet on the mix front recently as I've been playing out pretty regularly, with a few charity gigs and a monthly residency at Jordy's Pizzeria in Nantwich. Last month, I was also invited back to play at Workinonit at The Hip Hop Chip Shop in Manchester. My first appearance there was last October's MF DOOM tribute and I released an extended version of the mix afterwards. Check it out HERE if you haven't already.

Incidentally, this has had to be released on my Soundcloud as Mixcloud banned the mix due to it containing more than 3 tracks by the same artist within the marathon 3.5-hour mix. Big up to Soundcloud for being so amazing!!

I've decided that I'd do the same this time as my latest appearance there was to play a 2-hour tribute to the one and only, J Dilla. The 2-hour set has now been extended to 3.5-hours and again, the mix is jam packed with all things Dilla from samples, remixes, covers, production & more. I wanted to get this out right after the set but I’ve had a crazy few weeks here and have only just got time to record it!!

As ever, a huge thanks to all the Workinonit crew, alongside Ozzie & the team at The Hip Hop Chip Shop for such an amazing event & thanks for letting me get on and close the event!! Great to catch up with all the homies and the rest of the good people who came out. Massive thanks to the guys for asking me to be the official DJ for Workinonit too!! I'm still blown away by this and it meant the world to me!!

It’s the second time I’ve played at The Hip Hop Chip Shop now and I absolutely love playing there!! Also, using my own gear too always things so much easier. Nice to have my trusty Technics 1210s, Pioneer DJMS-7, Serato DJ Pro & Phase. Always bulletproof and makes things so much easier!! I do realise why people switch to controllers though. All this gear gets heavy when you get to my grand old age!!

Anyway, I hope you dig the mix and I always respond to the comments, etc. If you could share this as far and wide as possible we can spread the word about Workinonit and the music of Jay Dee!!

Also, if you don't follow me on socials, here's the link to pretty much everything. It would be great to link up so that I can say thanks for all the support.

Thanks again & let me know what you think of the mix when it does drop!!




  1. Yo!!! Thanks for posting!!! Massively appreciated my man!!

  2. Yo, can we have a dowload link also in 320 for the MF Doom Tribute ? Please. Peace.