Wednesday, 27 November 2013

DJ Muro - Super Funky Afro Breaks Vol. 2

Speaks for itself.....

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Just Dizle - The Easy Mo Bee & Buckwild Mixtape(Hip Hop Love Of My Life Special)

Quincy Jones - Ironside
RIF (Rappin Is Fundamental) - Who's Da Man
Big Daddy Kane - The Way It's Goin' Down
Jemini the Gifted One - Scars and Pain
Artifacts - C’mon Wit Da Git Down (Buckwild Remix)
Channel Live - Reprogram (Easy Mo Bee Remix)
The Notorious B.I.G. - Dead Wrong (Original)
Queen Latifah - Elements Im Among
Black Rob - Whoa
Doug E. Fresh - It's On
Organized Konfusion⁺ - Bring It On (Remix)
Mic Geronimo - Masta I.C.
Black Rob - Smile In Ya Face
O.C. - Burn Me Slow
The Notorious B.I.G. - The What
Fat Joe - Take A Look at My Life
Termanology - It's Time
Special Ed - Lyrics (Remix)
Jamal - Insane Creation (Featuring Redman)
Bushwackas - Caught Up In the Game
King Just - Can I get some
Brand Nubian - Word Is Bond (Remix)
Busta Rhymes - Everything Remains Raw
Channel Live Feat. KRS-1 - Mad Izm (Buckwild '95 Remix)
Big L - Mvp (Remix Number 1)
2Pac - My Block
Redman ft. DoItAll & Mr. Cheeks - Hands Up
Little Indian - One Little Indian Ft. The Foreigner (Buckwild's Remix)
Lady of Rage - Necessary Roughness
D.I.T.C. - A Different World
Nice & Smooth & Rappin' Is Fundamental - Boogie Down Bronx/BK Connection
Das EFX - Microphone Master
Nas - You Wouldnt Understand (Feat. Victoria Monet)
Chubb Rock - Games We Play
Artifacts - Dynamite Soul II Lip Service Remix ft Mad Skillz
Ill Al Skratch - Chill with that (Easy Mo Bee Mix)
Craig Mack - Flava In Ya Ear (Easy Mo Mix)
Lord Finesse - Hip 2 Da Game (Buckwild Remix)
Biggie Smalls, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Buckshot, Busta Rhymes, Coolio, Heltah Skeltah - The Points
Easy Mo Bee - Let's Make A Toast ft. Flipmode Squad & American Cream Team
Guru Ft Bahamadia - Respect The Architect (Remix)
Mad Skillz - Doin' Time in the Cypha
Red Hot Lover Tone ft. Notorious B.I.G. - 4 My Peeps
Nas Ft Az - Lifes A Bitch (Remix Number 2)
Kool Keith - Yo Black (Remix)
Lost Boyz - My Crew
Funkdoobiest - Rock On (Buckwild Remix)
Whitehead Bros. - Forget I Was A G (Easy Mo Bee's Remix)
Grand Puba Feat. Sadat X - I Like It (BuckWild Remix)
Da Brat - Give It 2 U (Easy Mo Remix)
The Notorious B.I.G. - I Got a Story to Tell
Styles P - Daddy Get That Cash Ft Lil Mo
Heavy D & The Boyz - I Got Love For Ya (Hip-Hop Remix)
Channel Live ft. KRS-One - Mad Izm (Original Remix)
Das EFX - Alright
Craig Mack - Get Down
Paula Perry - Down to Die for this
Alkaholiks - Daamn Remix
Sadat X ft Grand Puba & Lord Jamar - The Lump Lump (Nubian Mix)
Heavy D & The Boyz - Black Coffee
Heavy D & The Boyz - Black Coffee (Easy Mo Bee Hip Hop Remix)
GZA - Phony As You Wanna Be
Wu Tang Clan - Take It Back
Biggie Smalls - Party and Bullshit (Instrumental)
Beastie Boys Ft Q-Tip - Get It Together (Remix)

DJ Chris Read - A Tribe Called Quest "Midnight Marauders" 20th Anniversary Mixtape (320 kbs)

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of A Tribe Called Quest’s third studio album, Who Sampled’s Chris Read and Wax Poetics team up for a mixtape comprised of tracks from the album as well as the original sample material used in the album’s production. If you enjoyed Chris Read’s 93 ‘Til Infinity 20th Anniversary mixtape, you will definitely dig this. Enjoy and be educated.

1. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Award Tour’ (Instrumental)
2. Chris Read – ‘Theme #3′ (Scratchapella)
3. Busy Bee & Rodney Cee – ‘MC Battle’ (Extract) (Sampled in ‘Sucka Nigga’)
4. Jack Wilkins – ‘Red Clay’ (Sampled in ‘Sucka Nigga’)
5. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Sucka Nigga’
6. Roy Ayers – ‘Feel Like Makin’ Love’ (Sampled in ‘Keep It Rollin’)
7. A Tribe Called Quest feat Large Professor – ‘Keep It Rollin’
8. Bob James – ‘Nautlilus’ (Loop) (Sampled in ‘Clap Your Hands’)
9. The Meters – ‘Handclapping Song’ (Sampled in ‘Clap Your Hands’)
10. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Clap Your Hands’
11. Lou Donaldson – ‘Ode To Billie Joe’ (Loop) (Sampled in ‘Clap Your Hands’)
12. Bola Sete – ‘Bettina’ (Sampled in ’8 Million Stories’)
13. A Tribe Called Quest – ’8 Million Stories’
14. Biz Markie – ‘Nobody Beats The Biz’ (Extract) (Sampled in ‘The Chase Pt II’)
15. Steve Arrington – ‘Beddy Biey’ (Sampled in ‘The Chase Pt II’)
16. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘The Chase Pt II’
17. Michal Urbaniak Group -’ Ekim‘ (Sampled in ‘Steve Biko’)
18. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Steve Biko’
19. The Whatnauts – ‘Why Can’t People Be Colours Too?’ (Sampled in ‘Oh My God’)
20. Kool & The Gang – ‘Who’s Gonna take The Weight’ (Sampled in ‘Oh My God’)
21. A Tribe Called Quest feat Busta Rhymes – ‘Oh My God’
22. Jimmy McGriff – ‘Dig On It’ (Sampled in ‘God Lives Through’)
23. The JBs – ‘Gimme Some More’ (Extract) (Sampled in ‘God Lives Through’)
24. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘God Lives Through’
25. Clyde McPhatter – ‘Mixed Up Cup’ (Loop) (Sampled in ‘Lyrics To Go’)
26. Ronnie Foster – ‘Mystic Brew’ (Sampled in ‘Electric Relaxation’)
27. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Electric Relaxation’
28. James Brown – ‘Just Enough Room For Storage’ (Sampled in ‘Lyrics To Go’)
29. Minnie Riperton – ‘Inside My Love’ (Sampled in ‘Lyrics To Go’)
30. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Lyrics To Go’

Thursday, 17 October 2013

DJ Chris Read - Souls Of Mischief 93 'Til Infinity 20th Anniversary Mixtape (320 kbs)

To mark the twentieth anniversary of Souls of Mischief's seminal debut, '93 Til Infinity, Chris Read has expertly crafted an exclusive mixtape for Wax Poetics and Who Sampled.


1. Souls of Mischief - 'Tell Me Who Profits' (Instrumental)
2. Chris Read - 'Theme #3' (Scratchapella)
3. George Benson and Brother Jack McDuff - 'Shadow Dancers' (Sampled in 'Let 'Em Know')
4. A-Plus Interview Extract
5. Too Short - 'Dope Fiend Beat' (Extract) (Sampled in 'Let 'Em Know')
6. Souls of Mischief - 'Let 'Em Know'
7. Detroit Emeralds - 'You're Getting A Little Too Smart' (Sampled in 'Let Em Know')
8. Boogie Down Productions - 'Jah Rulez' (Extract) (Sampled in 'That's When Ya Lost')
9. The Doors - 'Who Do You Love?' (Sampled in 'That's When Ya Lost')
10. Jack Bruce - Statues (Extract) (Sampled in 'That's When Ya Lost')
11. Souls of Mischief - 'That's When Ya Lost'
12. Lafayette Afro Rock Band - 'Hihache' (Sampled in 'That's When Ya Lost')
13. Jerry Butler and Jerry Peters - 'Speak the Truth to the People (Frankie's Theme)' (Sampled in 'Disseshowedo')
14. Main Source - 'Fakin' The Funk' (Extract) (Sampled in 'Disseshowedo')
15. Souls of Mischief - 'Disseshowedo'
16. Les McCann - 'North Carolina' (Loop) (Sampled in 'What A Way To Go Out')
17. EPMD - 'I'm Housin' (Extract) (Sampled in 'What A Way To Go Out')
18. Souls of Mischief - 'What A Way To Go Out'
19. Freddie Hubbard - 'Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey' (Sampled in 'Never No More')
20. Souls of Mischief - 'Never No More'
21. Beastie Boys - 'Pass The Mic' (Loop) (Sampled in '93 til Infinity' (Remix))
22. Souls of Mischief - '93 til Infinity' (Remix)
23. Billy Cobham - 'Heather' (Sampled in '93 Til Infinity')
24. Souls of Mischief - '93 Til Infinity'
25. Souls of Mischief - 'Anything Can Happen' (Instrumental)
26. Traffic - 'Rainmaker' (Sampled in 'Anything Can Happen')
27. Souls of Mischief - 'Anything Can Happen'
28. The Loading Zone - 'Can I Dedicate' (Sampled in 'Live and Let Live')
29. Souls of Mischief - 'Live and Let Live'
30. Souls of Mischief - 'A Name I Call Myself'
31. Gang Starr feat Damo D-Ski - 'Knowledge' (Extract) (Sampled in 'Make Your Mind Up')
32. The Ramsey Lewis Trio - 'Collage' (Sampled in 'Make Your Mind Up')
33. Souls of Mischief - 'Make Your Mind Up'
34. Curtis Mayfield - 'We're A Winner' (Live) (Sampled in 'Limitations')
35. Souls of Mischief - 'Limitations'
36. Souls of Mischief - 'Outro'
37. The Propositions - 'Africana' (Sampled in 'Outro')

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

DJ Pings - Dusty Platter Guest Mix Series #4 (320 kbs)

Welcome to the 4th instalment of the ‘Dusty Platter Guest Mix Series’, brought to you by producer, Hip Hop junkie and record label owner DJ Pings.

For those who don’t know, Pings runs an independent record label called KingUnderground Records. Over the last few years, KU have been building up an increasingly impressive discography, consisting of many sure-shot releases from a wide range of artists such as Lewis Parker, Cappo & Nappa, Planet Asia, Mr Brown and many more.

When Pings isn’t busy running the label, he’s either digging in the crates or on the ones and twos, cutting ish up! Not only is he a fine DJ, but he is also a talented, ‘up-and-coming’ producer, with his debut release dropping last year on 7”, featuring the legendary Rob-O from INI.

Massive shout out to Dan for blessing us with a brilliant mix of some of his personal favourite Hip Hop joints from the last few years.

1. Thoroughest - Gensu Dean & Planet Asia
2. Time Leak (Damu Remix) - Union
3. It's Just Begun - DJ Doom, Nusto, Large Pro, El Da Sensei, Tony Touch
4. Cosmos - Melanin 9
5. Bed Bugs - Muneshine
6. Praise the Lord (Original) - Lord Finesse
7. Track the Movement (Instrumental) - Lord Finesse
8. G.A.M.E O.V.E.R. - Jehst
9. Brunch - Action Bronson
10. Walking Out - Planet Asia
11. The Turning Point - Alchemist Ft. Roc Marciano
12. Morning Breath Chasers – Massinfluence
13. Wings (Damu Remix) - Union Ft. Elzhi
14. Touching Realness - K-Def
15. Ariel View - Lewis Parker
16. Game of Survival - Lewis Parker
17. Relax - Shabaam Sahdeeq
18. Cheke Jazz - MPadrums

Pezo - 120 Lessons Mix

2 hour live vinyl mix...

01. Fat Joe – The Shit Is Real (DJ Premier Remix)
02. J-Twice – It’s Going Down Sucka
03. Scum – Scum Live
04. MF Grimm & Drasar Monumental – If You Don’t Know
05. Roc Marciano – By The Book
06. DJ Spinna – Dillagence
07. Pretty Tone Capone – Marked For Death
08. Lord Finesse – Isn’t He Something
09. Rock La Flow – Wreckamic
10. Magnificent Shakeem – You Better Be Treacherous
11. The Wizard Of Rap – Escape From East New York
12. T.D.S. MOB – What’s This World Coming To
13. Hitman – Mental Pressure
14. Geo & Ricochet – This Is How It’s Done
15. T.D.S. MOB – The Rhyme You’re About To Hear Is True
16. P. Brothers feat. Boss Money – Blam Blam For Nottingham
17. Constant Deviants – Fulton Street
18. Fla Fla (of Sparrow The Movement) – Master Movement
19. Madlib – Young Blood
20. Constant Deviants – Problem Child
21. Brothers Of The Mind – Stop Schemin
22. Finsta Bundy – WTF
23. All Natural – 50 Years
24. Godfather Don – Piece Of The Action
25. P. Brothers Feat. Milano – Got It On Me
26. Big L – Give It To Em L
27. Blvd Mosse – Can’t Escape The Hypeness
28. Nardo Ranks – Gun Pon Cock
29. Asher D. & Daddy Freddy – Ragga Muffin Hip-Hop
30. Stezo feat. Dooley O. – Piece Of The Pie
31. Psycho Les – Psychodelic Shit Mobb Deep Remix (Planet Rocker Blend)
32. ORF Big Band – La Serena
33. Kashmere Stage Band – I Wish Pt. 1.
34. Dennis Coffey & The Detroit Guitar Band – Scorpio
35. Frankie Gee – Date With The Rain
35. Voices Of East Harlem – Take A Stand

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

DJ JS-1 - Live From HeadQCourterz 6 September 2013

DJ JS-1 standing in for DJ Premier.......

01-HeadQCourterz Intro
02-Control Freestyle - Jugganauts (Breez Brewin')
03-I'm Soo High - Marco Polo feat Sean Price & Rockness
04-Get It - Killer Mike & El-P
05-Looking For Trouble - Blaq Poet feat Chino Xl, Spit Gemz, Vinnie Paz
06-Double A - Tony Touch feat AG & Masta Ace
07-Lyrical - Kool Keith
08-9th Wonder - Fat Joe and 9th Wonder
09-Jesse's Little Tear Drops - Kap A feat Purpose, Jon Robinson, Kam Moye
10-Quicksand - Yancey Boys feat Common
11-Green Trees - Barsha feat AG
12-Heavy Metal is Bakk - Dj Skizz feat Jakk Frost and Malik B
13-Can't Fool Me - Demigodz feat Eternia
14-Somn'wrong - Bumpy Knuckles
15-Never Forget - KRS-ONE
16-Keep On Moving - Props Dylan feat Dilated Peoples
17-Modus Operandi - H.A.P.H.
18-DGZ x NYGZ - Demigodz feat Panchi
19-Bang Out - DITC feat Tashane, Axl, Majestic Gage, A Bless)
20-I Excel - AZ
21-Solar Flares - Jeru Da Damaja and Large Professor
22-Righteous Kill - Hannibal Stax
23-Wild Style - Skram Jones
24-The Boom Bap - Zilla
25-Just Can't Quit - Demigodz feat Scoop Deville
26-Ain't No Other Kings - Fredro Starr and Audible Doctor feat Dj Nelson
27-Fuck Em If They Listenin - Pyscho Les feat B-Real of Cypress Hill
28-Touch and Destroy - Tony Touch feat D-Stroy and Dj Premier
29-Heads Up - U-God feat GZA
30-Respect and Success - Ice Water (woadah)
31-The Cypher - Fat Joe feat Diamond D and Nick Shades
32-Throat Chop freestyle - Blacastan and Stu Bangas
33-Let Me Explain - Erick Sermon feat Snoop Dogg and Method Man
34-Here We Go Again - Sadat X and DMC

DJ Seiji - Underground Railroad 10 (320 kbs)

Back again with another installment from the Underground Railroad mix series...they never disappoint!!!

Feel free to message me if you wanna contribute with mixes, or cold hard cash to contribute towards a mix you want to hear...get in touch please, these cd's are not cheap getting them from Japan!!! :/

Sunday, 8 September 2013

DJ XXXL - Nippon Breaks & Beats

DJ XXXl aka DJ Muro...speaks for itself

Saturday, 7 September 2013

DJ Zai - 87 Salute Hip Hop Edition (320 kbs)

Tuff Crew / Tuff is in the House
Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud / Do the James
Kid N Play / Last Night
the Dismasters / You Must be Crazy
Mr. Hyde / the Witch
Steady B / Gangsta Rockin'
Spoonie Gee / I'M All Shook Up
Grandmaster Caz / Get Down Grandmaster
Antoinette / I Got an Attitude
Audio Two / Top Billin'
Sean Baby & Ninja D / K.G. Dance
Black Rock-N-Ron / That'S How I'M Living
Just Ice / Cold Getting Dumb Part. Ii
the Lord Shafiyq / My Mic is on Fire
Kool G Rap & Dj Polo / Rikers Island
EPMD / You'Re a Customer
Fat Boys / Boys Will be Boys
MC Shy-D / Yes Yes Y'All
Heavy D & the Boyz / the Overweight Lovers in the House
Eric B & Rakim / I Ain'T No Joke
Mr. X & Mr. Z / Mr. X & Mr. Z Drink Old Gold
Eric B & Rakim / I Know You Got Soul
Eric B & Rakim / Paid in Full (Seven Minute of Madness the Cold Cut Remix)
MC Shan / the Bridge
Boogie Down Productions / South Bronx
Roxanne Shante / Have a Nice Day
Biz Markie / Nobody Beats the Biz
Derek B / Get Down
Jewel T / Rock Nice
Spoonie Gee / the Godfather
Freak-L / Slammin'
Public Enemy / Right Starter (Massage to a Black Man)
UTFO / S.W.a.T. (Get Down)
Whodini / You Brought It on Yourself

Another Re-Up......

More re-ups as requested,a  little tip, asking for 3 - 4 at a time can be accommodated, asking for 20 or more in 1 go = taking the piss!!!!!!

DJ Seiji - 1993 Beat Emotion Library

DJ Tama - 1994 Beat Emotion Library

DJ Seiji - 1995 Beat Emotion Library

DJ Mitsu The Beats - Extra Feeding 2

DJ Mitsu The Beats - Extra Feeding 3

DJ Mitsu The Beats - Extra Feeding 4

DJ Mitsu The Beats - Library Mix (320 kbs)

DJ Mitsu The Beats - Live In Tokyo 05

DJ Nozawa - Floor Cruising 6 (320 kbs)

DJ Muro - Golden Classics (320 kbs)

DJ Ron G - It's On Pt. 2 1994

Chubby Chub-A Jump On Thangs 1996

DJ Kiyo - Unbelievable CD (320kbs)

DJ Koco & DJ Sunao - Nuthin' But Emotion

DJ Muro - King Of Diggin OST 2CD (320 kbs)

Friday, 6 September 2013

DJ Tadashi & DJ O.D. - Sensibility (320 kbs)

Another dope mix cd from Japan, you wont find these mixes anywhere else!!!!

Wanna contribute????  drop me a mail!!!
Want a mix posting, Jap mix cd or whatever, drop me a mail!!!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

DJ S-KY (Cookin Jax) - Remakin' (320 kbs)

Another dope mix from Japan, Cookin Jax in effect......You'll love this!!!!

Cookintro ...
Brassmunk / Serious Business
Kess / Against The Law Pt.1
Finsta / Crush
Finsta Bundy / Where Ya At Pt.2
Street Smarts / Problemz
Amp Boogie / Bluntly Speaking
Cesar Comanche / Lamb To Lion
King Sun / Sipping Brandy
Wise Eyes / Back In Time
Nas / One Love (Q Blend)
Alps Cru / Loudmouths
Alps Cru / No Question
Obstacles / Obstacles
Shadez Of Brooklyn / Paradise
Mathematik / The Perfect Storm
Group Home / So Called Friends
Royality / Word Play
Naledge / Clothes, Hoes N Liquer
Dan-EO / Dear Hiphop (Return To Sender)
The Inviseez / Haggen-Daj
Sparrow The Movement / What You Expect
MF Grimm / Scars & Memories
E. Bros / Funky Piano
Black Sheep / Let's Get Cozy
Diamond / The Hiatus Remix

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

DJ Nozawa - Floor Cruising 8 (320 kbs)

Method Man / Release Yo' Delf
Pmd / Rugged-N-Raw
Redman / It'S Like That
Das Efx / Mic Checka
Craig Mack/ Get Down
Mobb Deep / Shook Ones,Part Ii
Sir Menelik / Let'S Build for a Sec
Group Home / Supa Dupa Star
Gang Starr/ Blowin' Up the Spot
Krs-One and Channel Live / Maintain Your Focus
Walkin' Large / Reachin'-for My People
2 for 5 / Broke Minds Think Alike
Da King & I / Flip Da Scrip
Freddie Foxxx Ft. Queen Latifah / So Tough
Pharcyde / Runnin'(Jay-Dee Remix)
Arrested Development / Easy My Mind
Main Source / Where We'Re Coming from
Large Professor / Amaman
A Tribe Called Quest / Skypager
The Associates / From the Ground Up
Nice & Smooth / Down the Line
Raekwon / Glaciers of Ice
Jak D / Why You Wanna Do That
Common Sense / Take It Ez (Jazz Instrumental)
Diamond / The Hiatus
Big Daddy Kane / Show & Prove
Guru / Watch What You Say
Fugees / Nappy Heads
Das Efx / Microphone Master
Channel Live / Mad Izm
Onyx / Most Def

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Da Beatminerz - Live From Headqcourterz 16 August 2013

Da Beatminerz standing in for DJ Premier on this show from last week.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Bad Cop - No Gimmicks Rap Shit Pt. 11 - 13

Bad Cop is back, with another dope mix, parts 11 - 13, a selection of rare and unreleased indie / underground hiphop from the 90’s.

01. The Candy Story – Get On Your Hustle
02. Finsta Bundy – Who Wanna Rock (4-Track Mix)
03. Mytee G Poetic - Listen To The Lyrics
04. J.Force – Hit The Untrue
05. 90 Prophets - Remember Me
06. Kamachi Feat. A.G. – The Meanin' (They Don't Know)
07. Danja Mowf – Jack & Da Weedstalk
08. Miilkbone – Mindgamez
09. Mischievous LQ & The Mad Mischief Night – Nonsense
10. Self Scientific - Run The Depth Revisited (Instrumental)
11. Self Scientific - Run The Depth

12. Ill Distraxion - Psychotic Nasty (Demo)
13. L-Swift – Relax (Demo Tape Version)
14. Prophets Of The Ghetto - Da Expansion
15. Hype Da Man - Da Professional
16. Supafriendz - So Fresh (Regular Old Mix)
17. LPDS – Back At Ya
18. L The Head Toucha – Elmo (Sesame Street Hood)
19. 4th Quarter – C Notes & Grants (Remix)
20. Citizen Kane – Rasin' Kane
21. Shufflas – Bonus Beat

22. The Candy Store – Jewel Heist
23. AMP Boogie – Last Word
24. Chico Delvec Feat. Black N Deckah - Trials & Tribulations
25. Dan-E-O – Constipated
26. Rakim – Remember Dat (Remix)
27. Jamal & Calif - Beez Like That (Sometimes)
28. Frankenstein - Quiet Storm (Instrumental)
29. Frankenstein Feat. Grimace Lov - Combine with Frankenstein
30. J Treds, Pumpkinhead & Yeshua Dapo Ed - Truly Gifted Ones
31. L The Head Toucha – Shady Niggas
32. Das EFX – Dedicated
33. Grover Washington - Lock It In The Pocket

Vol 7 - 10 is here

The Elite Camp - Raising The Bar (320 kbs)

In 2007, four members of The Elite Camp embarked on a project that was the benchmark for the future of the entire crews’ catalog. Raising The Bar exemplifies the skill, knowledge, and experience that they all have as a DJ collective. Stemming from their favorite genre in hip-hop, the golden era, the compilation of carefully chosen tracks along with signature Elite Camp tricks is a true representation of their abilities. The Elite Camp’s D Jay Jung, M-Pos, DJ Naz, and Unkle Chip make up the brains behind Raising The Bar. They also had the honor of having fellow New Jerseyan and member of the famous group Artifacts, El Da Sensei, bless the introduction alongside the production of P-Original. Mastered by Phillee Blunt from the Illvibe Collective and album artwork by Romeo Rex of The Collabros.

1. El Da Sensei Intro
2. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – On and On
3. A.D.O.R. – Let it All Hang Out
4. DJ M-POS Interlude
5. Organized Konfusion – Fudge Pudge
6. Showbiz & A.G. – Soul Clap
7. Zhigge – Rakin’ in the Dough
8. Main Source – Fakin’ the Funk
9. Diamond D – Freestyle (Yo, That’s that Shit)
10. Young Black Teenagers – Tap the Bottle
11. Cypress Hill – The Phunky Feel One
12. Double X Posse – Not Gonna be Able to Do It
13. K-Solo – Letterman
14. Nubian Crackers ft. The Artifacts – Do You Wanna Hear It?
15. Grand Daddy I.U. – Represent
16. Chi-Ali – Roadrunner (Remix)
17. Naughty by Nature – Uptown Anthem
18. DJ NAZ Interlude
19. Eric B. & Rakim – Don’t Sweat the Technique
20. Jungle Brothers – J.Beez Comin’ Through (Bonus Beats)
21. Leaders of the New School – Case of the P.T.A
22. AMG – Jiggable Pie
23. LL Cool J – Pink Cookies (Easy Mo Bee Remix)
24. Notorious B.I.G. – Party and Bullshit
25. The Beatnuts – No Equal
26. Brand Nubian – Word Is Bond
27. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – Streets of New York
28. Lord Finesse ft. Big L – Yes You May (Remix)
29. Redman – A Million and 1 Buddha Spots
30. Common Sense – Soul By The Pound (Thump Remix)
31. Funkdoobiest – Rock On (Buckwild Remix)
32. Gang Starr – I’m The Man/Elite Camp Interlude
33. Group Home – Up Against the Wall (Getaway Car Remix)
34. Nas – Memory Lane (Sittin’ In Da Park)
35. Raekwon – Can’t It Be All So Simple (Remix)
36. The Pharcyde – Passin’ Me By (Fly As Pie Remix)
37. Outkast – Crumblin’ Herb
38. Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggy Dogg – Deep Cover
39. M.C. Ren – Final Frontier
40. N.W.A. – Niggaz 4 life
41. Ice Cube – Steady Mobbin’
42. Del tha Funkee Homosapien – Catch A Bad One
43.     D Jay Jung Interlude
44. Digable Planets – Where I’m From (Remix)
45. Da Bush Babees – We Run Things (It’s Like Dat)
46. A Tribe Called Quest – Lyrics To Go
47. Black Moon – Buck Em Down (Da Beatminerz Remix)
48. Da Youngsta’s – Mad Props
49. Das EFX – Jussamen (Pete Rock Remix)
50. Nine – Whutcha Want?
51. Onyx- Throw Ya Gunz
52. Gang Starr – Just to Get a Rep
53. Unkle Chip Interlude
54. Lords Of The Underground – Psycho
55. Original Flavor ft. Jay-Z – Can I Get Open
56. Souls Of Mischief – 93 ‘til Infinity/Outro/Bonus Track

Sunday, 21 July 2013

DJ Mattnyce - Midschool Heat Vol. 3 (320 kbs)

Get ready for the 3rd installment in the midschool heat series with DJ Mattnyce bringing you the best in mid 90s underground hip hop. Get ready for neck snapping mixes, precise scratches and high quality sound with the best midschool mix yet to come.

Monday, 8 July 2013

DJ Ivory - Summer In Notts

DJ Ivory of the "Hear No Evil" mixes drops this mix for download...grab it here...

Sunday, 7 July 2013

DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick - Summertime: The Mixtape Vol. 4

It's that time of year again for the summertime mixtape brought to you by DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick, formerly Mick Boogie....Enjoy!!

Talib Kweli / Summertime 4 Intro
Jill Scott / A Long Walk
D'angelo / Cruisin'
Erykah Badu / On & On
Sade / Cherish The Day
Missy Elliot / Hot Boyz
Jay-Z Ft. Pharrell / I Know
Outkast / So Fresh So Clean
Intro / Funny How Time Flies
Martha & The Vandellas / Heat Wave
Swv / Can We
Oasis / Wonderwall
Little Brother / Whatever You Say (Pooh's Thong Song Edit)
Camp Lo / Coolie High
Junior M.A.F.I.A. / I Need You Tonight
Jungle Brothers / Brain
Ini Ft. Pete Rock / The Life I Live
Smif-N-Wessun / Sound Boy Buriel (Remix)
Hall & Oates / One On One
Ma$e / Tell Me
Will Smith Ft. Biz Markie / So Fresh
Biz Markie / Nobody Beats The Biz
Shai Ft. Jay-Z / I Don't Wanna Be Alone
Billie Holiday / Summertime (Mick + Chi Duly Drum Mix)
Donell Jones / U Know What's Up
R. Kelly / Summertime
Tweet / Boogie 2night
Brandy / Full Moon
Main Source / Fakin' The Funk
One Way / Cutie Pie
Smash Mouth / Rock Star
Souls Of Mischief / 93 Til' Infinity
Guy / I Like
Sister Sledge / He's The Greatest Dancer
Will Smith / Gettin' Jiggy Wit It
Patra Feat. Yo-Yo / Romantic Call
Ghostface / Cherchez La Ghost
Rappin' 4 Tay / Player's Club
Prince / Musicology
Diamond D / Freestyle (That's The Sh!t)
Joe Public / Live And Learn
Sugar Hill Gang / Summertime Skit
Bootsy Collins / I'd Rather Be With You
Betty Wright / Clean Up Women

Saturday, 6 July 2013

DJ Eclipse - The Halftime Show Independence Day 2013 (320 kbs)

Ah YEAAAHHHH, dope shit from DJ Eclipse, 90's Indie test presses in the mix, all vinyl, no serato etc.  Peace to Eclipse for sharing this!!!

Monday, 24 June 2013

DJ Premier - Live From HeadQcourterz 14 June

DJ Premier with all the latest hip hop....