Saturday, 26 September 2015

DJ Eclipse - The Halftime Show (Guests Stretch & Bobbito) 89.1 WNYU September 23

To kick off their promotional campaign for their upcoming movie "Stretch & Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives", the duo came by The Halftime Show to talk about the documentary and everything KCR related. As soon as the two of them were in the place together and we turned on the mics it was 1994 all over again (22:37). Jokes were flying, phone calls were taken and info was shared about the history of their come up. Even after Bobbito left, Stretch stayed and we had another discussion about his career as a DJ and the decline of his interest in the music that was being made in the late 90s, early 2000s (99:56). Additionally, I played all 90s Hip Hop on vinyl (3:46) (79:34) (126:31) and incorporated another WKCR alum, DJ Homicide aka Hungry Jack to help out with the instrumentals. The documentary is amazing and for information on it's release as well as anything Stretch & Bob related you can go to

DJ Eclipse & Stretch
Mobb Deep - Back At You (Inst)
O.C. - Times Up
AZ - Rather Unique
Jemini - Funk Soul Sensation
Royal Flush - Movin On Your Weak Productions
Real Live - The Turnaround
Rakim - Remeber That
Camp Lo - Coolie High
Stretch & Bobbito Interview
Das EFX - Microphone Masters (Remix)
Large Professor & Pete Rock - Rap World
Gang Starr - Gotta Get Over
Sadat X - Stages & Lights
Bas Blasta - The Rythm
Godfather Don - Piece Of The Action
Kamakaze - Bridge 95
D.I.T.C. - Themes, Schemes & Dreams
Street Smartz - Metal Thangz
Stretch Interview
Showbiz & AG - Next Level
Mobb Deep - Reach
Pudgee & Biggie - Think Big
Heltah Skeltah & Saukrates - Ultimate MC
Sparrow - Physics
Sic Sense ‎– Positional Bypass
Shabaam Sahdeeq - 5-Star Generals
Non Phixion – No Tomorrow
All City - Metro Theme
Organized Konfusion - Stress (Remix)

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Kashi Da Handsome & Ryuhei The Man - Soundtrack To The Streets Vol. 01 (320 kbs)

This one was a little harder to find, I think someone requested this some time ago, well here it is!!!  A real nice mix of some real nice tracks, enjoy!! :)


Friday, 18 September 2015

Mr Mayhem, Sunset & DJ Riz - New York Live WNYU March 12 1997 (320 kbs)

Another gem from the crates of DJ Eclipse......

This "NY Live" episode is from 3 days after Biggie was killed. The first time the mic is cracked (23:44) you can feel the tension in the air over Big's death. And every artist that came up that night touched on the subject as it was obviously the headlines in NYC that week. Joe Summa from One Step Beyond was the first guest up (68:18). The next to touch the mic after Joe was another NYC, NYU favorite, Half-A-Mill (90:48) who ironically was also gunned down years later. One of his rare demos "Unpredictable" premieres at 99:16. Closing out the show was Stronghold's own Breez Evahflowin' (107:18). Outside of the somber mood in the studio was an always on point DJ Riz who provided a dope selection of music cut up as only he could.

Mr Complex - Visualize
Erick Sermon, Heltah Skeltah, O.G.C. & Trigger Tha Gambler ‎– If You
Beatnuts - Do You Believe
Just Ro Ft. Common - Confusion
DITC - Day One
Talk Break
Mobb Deep – G.O.D. Pt. III (Remix)
PMD Ft. Prodigy - It's The Pee '97
Notorious BIG - Kick In The Door
Cormega – Dead Man Walking
Capone N Noreaga - T.O.N.Y.
Rakim - When I'm Flowin
KRS One - Perhaps She'll Die (Livin A Lie)
Teflon Ft. M.O.P. - Rawness
Jeru the Damaja – Me, Not the Paper
Talk Break
Joe Summa from One Step Beyond Freestyle
Tragedy Khadafi Ft. Imam T.H.U.G. - True Confessions
Shabaam Sahdeeq – Arabian Nights
One Step Beyond - Dedicated
Half-A-Mill Freestyle
Half-A-Mill - Unpredictable (Demo)
Masterminds - I'm Talented..........
Breez Evahflowin' Freestyle
Krumb Snatcha - Gettin' Closer To God
Cream Team - Hustle So Much

Sunday, 13 September 2015

DJ Riz & DJ Eclipse - The Halftime Show 89.1 March 4 1998 (320 kbs)

Another DJ Eclipse archive tape....

Here's the first ever episode of The Halftime Show. Riz and I stepped to Lynn Gonzalez who at that time had the Wednesday night slot and asked her if she wanted to join forces. After some initial hesitation she agreed and thus The Halftime Show was born. Unfortunately Lynn wasn't able to make the first show, but in her place was T.O. Sweet who had his own show on WNYU. Listening back the show was definitely a little rough around the edges, but we made it work. Riz spun the first half of the show and I spun the 2nd half (70:33). We had A-Butta and L-Swift of Natural Elements as our guests (92:44) which led to a couple dope freestyle sessions (96:16 & 104:25). Mr. Len from Company Flow was hanging out with us in the studio as well. This was before Serato and CDJs so every time we had to play an exclusive we would have to stop the mix to throw on the dat. A lot of the music played represented what was also going on at Fat Beats at the time. The good ol' days. 

Halftime Intro
Canibus - 2nd Round Knockout
Bashton the Invizabul Mang - Two Bad Brovas
Shabaam Sahdeeq – 5-Star Generals Ft A.L., Eminem, Kwest Tha Madd Lad
Heltah Skeltah - Ultimate MC Ft. Saukrates
La The Darkman - Heist Of The Century
KRS-One - Drop It Heavy
Mass Influence - Space Cases
Mood - Karma
Talk Break
Dilated Peoples - Work The Angles
Smut Peddlers - The Hole Repertoire
Numskullz - If It Ain't Raw
No I.D. - Mega Live (That's The Joint)
Laster - Searching 4 Meaning
Cormega - One love
Bedroom Wizard Ft. Mad Skillz - Skillz In '98
Outsidaz - Rain Or Shine
Rufus Blaq Ft. The Lox - Artifacts Of Life
God Sunz - 1-787
Polyrhythm Addicts – Not Your Ordinary
X-ecutioners - Raida's Theme (Remix)
Gang Starr - Royalty
Jay-Z - A Million and One Questions Instrumental
Talk Break with Natural Elements 
Natural Elements Freestyle
Natural Elements - Tri-Boro
Natural Elements Freestyle
Dynasty – Wildcat
Gang Starr - Work
Eminem - '97 Bonnie & Clyde
All Natural - It's O.K.
Indelible MC's - Weight
Gooch Ft. Kool G Rap - Fifty Wayz (Street Opera Mix)
NY Confidential - Why
True Bash - More Cheese
Talk Break

Marley Marl & DJ L.E.S. - Pirate Radio 105.9 January 28 1995 (320 kbs)

Another tape from DJ Eclipse,

DJ L.E.S. joins Marley on this episode of Pirate Radio. After LL's "No Airplay", L.E.S. jumps right into a blend mix of instrumentals and acapellas along with the latest music. Guests in the place are Queens' own Kamakaze (KL & Kyron) (16:49) and The Grand P.O. aka Blaq Poet (18:13). After their freestyles L.E.S. goes back into the mix with more blends and new music.

LL Cool J - No Airplay
Talk Break
Method Man – Release Yo' Delf  b/w Mobb Deep - Shook Ones Pt. 2
Channel Live - Mad Izm
Funkdoobiest - Rock On 
Kamakaze (KL & Kyron) - Freestyle
The Grand P.O. aka Blaq Poet - Freestyle
Mobb Deep - Shook Ones Pt. 2 B/w Kamakaze Beat
Redman - Can't Wait
Showbiz & A.G. – Under Pressure
Da Youngstas - Mad Props (Remix)
Artifacts - C'mon Wit Da Get Down B/w Notorious BIG - Big Poppa
M.O.P. – To the Death Blend
Talk Break
Kid Capri & Sah B - Merciless 
O.C. - Born 2 Live (DJ Eclipse Remix)

JR Ewing - Pure Premium Vol. 3 (320 kbs)

JR Ewing / The Password Intro
Breez Evahflowin' / Forsaken
Herb McGruff / Harlem Kids Get Biz
Cream Team / Hustle So Much
Mr. Moetown & Mr Bloody / Thug Paradise
Finsta Bundy / Where Ya At Ft. Brain Dead & D Ruckus
Aiello Wilson / Black Soil Ft. North Bronx Alliance
Deep In Da Circle / I
Raze / Bosses
Thrust / Lights, Camera, Action (Remix)
Rock Marciano / Give It To Y'all
Eklypse / Main Attraction
Half-A-Mil / Any Day Can Be Ya Last
Brainsick Enterprize / Playin For Keeps
Camouflage Large / Cocbacda 9
Kukoo Da Baga Bonez / Real Kukoo
KGB / Heads On
A.C / Rest In Peace Ft. J Dilla                                                                            
Athletic Mic League / The Declaration
Real Live / The Turnaround (Thug Remix) Ft. Capone, Tragedy Khadafi
Saigon / Favorite Thingz

Monday, 7 September 2015

Marley Marl & Pete Rock - Future Flavaz Hot 97 January 29 1995 (320 kbs)

Here's another Future Flavas show from the collection of DJ Eclipse. It may be the earliest show I have as Marley and Pete had just taken over Future Flavas from KRS-ONE in January of '95. Lot of joints from their camp played like Sah-B, LOTUG, Heavy D, World Renown and Dedi Baby Pa. A nice Marley remix of Brandy "Baby" right at the top of the show. Crazy too because this is the episode where they played my O.C. "Born 2 Live" remix (12:35) and said "got mad calls last week on this joint right here, gotta hit you in your head with it one more time". I had left a cassette of the remix for Pete at his Soul Brother Records office. Based on the hype created from this show we (Wild Pitch) decided to press promos of the remix to service to DJs.

Brandy - Baby (Marley Marl Remix)
Talk Break
Bandit - All Men Are Dogs (9 Dog MC's Mix)
talk Break
O.C. - Born 2 Live (DJ Eclipse Remix)
Naughty By Nature – Craziest 
Heavy D - Every Day
D&D Allstars - 1,2 Pass It
World Renown - How Nice I Am (S.I.D. Remix)
LL Cool J - No Airplay
Brand Nubians - Hold On (Remix)
Nas Ft. AZ - Life's A Bitch (Buckwild Remix)
Lords of the Underground – Neva Faded
Talk Break
Kid Capri & Sah B - Merciless
Ikey C - Who Kicks The Gutter
Dedi Baby Pah & Pete Rock - Everyman For Himself

Friday, 4 September 2015

DJ Milky - Yo! Danjil Mix (90's New School Mix) (320 kbs)


Latest mix from Japan's DJ Milky...

Yall So Stupid / Introduce Me
Da King & I / Krak Da Weazel
The Alkaholiks / Make Room
Double XX Posse / The Headcraker
Showbiz & Ag / Hold Ya Head
Lords Of The Underground / Chief Rocka
Double XX Posse / Pure Thing
Shadez Of Lingo / Think I Give A Fuck
The Beatnuts / World Famous
Chi Ali / Funky Lemomade
Da King & I / Ghetto Instinct
Lifers Group / Jack You Back
Showbiz & AG / Soul Clap
Ultramagnetic Mc's / Poppa Large
Red Man / Time 4 Sum Aktion Remix
LL Cool J / Mama Say Knock You Out
Young Black Teenagers / Sweatin' Me
Masta Ace / Saturday Night Live
EMPD/ The Big Payback
Nice & Smooth / Down The Line
Gang Starr / Manifest
Buckshot Lefonque / Breakfast @ Denny's
Eric B & Rakim / I Ain't No Joke
Organized Konfusion / Stress
Krs One / Squash All Beef
Wu Tang Clan / 7th Chamber Pt 2
Craig Mack / Get Down

Funkmaster Flex - Friday Night Street Jam Hot 97 May 7 1993 (320kbs)

Big up DJ Eclipse..once again!!!!

So far most of the 90s mix shows I've posted here have been specialty shows that were found on non-commercial stations and focused on songs you probably wouldn't hear on mainstream radio. Funkmaster Flex was given an opportunity back in 1993 to start a Friday night mix show on Hot 97 which ran from 11pm-2am. His show was based more on what was popping commercially, but in the clubs and streets. What's most interesting about this particular show is to see how much commercial music has changed from 1993 to now. The show starts with a dope Cold Crush Brothers promo for Flex followed by a mixture of joints from names like Onyx, Kool G Rap, Brand Nubian, Zhigge and Redman. Within the 3 hours Flex also spins Reggae (52:46), Old School (66:09) and has freestyle appearances from Double XX Posse (75:11) and Rampage (124:53). So sit back and enjoy the music and Palladium references along with Angie Martinez, Overseer Salaam (Remi) and the man who is still the king of radio 22 years later.

Cold Crush Brothers Hot 97 Promo

Zhigge - Rakin In The Dough
Funkmaster Flex - Dope On Plastic
Onyx - Slam
Kool G Rap - On The Run
Brand Nubian - Punks Jump Up
Redman - Tonight's Da Night
Talk Break
Michael Jackson - Remember The Time Flex Blend
Pharcyde - Passing Me By
Dr. Dre – Puffin on Blunts and Drankin Tanqueray Inst.
Dr Dre - Dre Day
Time Zone ?– Zulu War Chant
Raz The Ruckus - Local Impact
Flavor Unit MC's - Roll Wit Tha Flav
Talk Break
Dr. Dre Introducing Snoop Doggy Dogg – Deep Cover
Cutty Ranks - Who Say Me Dun
Chaka Demus & Pliers - Bam Bam
Chaka Demus & Pliers - Murder She Wrote
Buju Banton - Wicked Dickie Ft. Nadine Sutherland
Shaggy Ft. Rayvon - Big Up
William Rosario - Booma Dem (Original Mix)
EPMD - So Wat Cha Sayin
LL Cool J - Around The Way Girl
LL Cool J - Pink Cookies In A Plastic Bag
Double XX Posse Freestyle
Naughty By Nature - Hip Hop Hooray
Kings Of Swing - The Blunted
House Of Pain - Who's The Man
Talk Break
Lords Of The Underground - Funky Child
Jungle Brothers - 40 Below Trooper
Run DMC - Down With The King
Funkmaster Flex - Six Million Ways To Die
Rayvon - Girls Fresh
Supercat - Ghetto Red Hot
Run DMC - Get Open
Last Boy Scout Freestyle
Heavy D. & The Boyz – Mr. Big Stuff
Run DMC - My Adidas
Biz Markie - Nobody Beats The Biz
Run DMC - Peter Piper
Heavy D. & The Boyz - The Overweight Lover's In The House
Eric B & Rakim - Eric B For President
Onyx - Throw Ya Gunz
Dr. Dre – Nuthin' But a "G" Thang (Remix)
Young Black Teenagers - Tap The Bottle
Wu Tang Clan - Protect Ya Neck
Biggie - Party & Bullshit (Remix)
Talk Break

Funkmaster Flex - Friday Night Street Jam Hot 97 August 6 1993 (320kbs)

Another peep into hip hop history courtesy of DJ Eclipse.......

Here's another Funkmaster Flex Friday Night Street Jam show on Hot 97 from August 6, 1993 featuring a very animated Busta Rhymes and Leaders of the New School. As soon as Flex cracks the mics open (94:27) Busta goes right into a freestyle before being joined by Milo and Dinco (C Brown was late). The whole segment is freestyle and interview intertwined. After Flex plays a couple L.O.N.S. joints they get into the history of the group (1:17:45). Charlie Brown finally makes it up (1:59:55) as him and Flex trade a few snaps near the end of the show.

Fu-Schnickens - Whats Up Doc? (Can We Rock) Ft. Shaquille O'Neal
Eric B & Rakim - I Know You Got Soul
Bahamedia - Paper Thin
Stetsasonic - Talkin' All That Jazz
Jungle Bothers - J-Beez Comin' Through
EPMD – So What Cha Sayin'
Talk Break
Eric B & Rakim - Eric B For President (Marley Marl Remix)
Forte - Run Don't Stop
Cypress Hill – Insane in the Brain
Tha Alkaholiks - Make Room
Naughty By Nature - It's On
Talk Break
Nice & Smooth - Cash In My Hands
Onyx - Slam
Masta Ace – The Mad Wunz
Lords Of The Underground - Funky Child
D-Nice - Uh
Ice Cube - Check Yo Self (Remix)
Talk Break
Positive K - Carhoppers
LL Cool J - Pink Cookies In A Plastic Bag
Wu-Tang Clan - M.E.T.H.O.D. Man
Pharcyde - Passin Me By (Fly As Pie Mix)
Redman – Tonight's Da Night
Leaders Of The New School - Freestyle
Leaders of the New School – What's Next?
Leaders of the New School - Connections
Fat Joe - Flow Joe
Lords Of The Underground - Chief Rocka
2Pac - I Get Around
Funkmaster Flex Pres. The Flip Squad - C'mon Baby (Ghetto Mix)
Funkmaster Flex – Six Million Ways To Die
Frankie The Pacemaker - Move To This (Original Mix)
Funkmaster Flex Pres. The Flip Squad - Butterfly Style (It's Yours 93) Ft. T La Rock
Leaders of the New School - Classic Material
Talk Break

Wildman Steve & DJ Riz - 90.3 WBAU May 8, 1995 (320 kbs)

Another gem from DJ Eclipse's stash....

Here goes another awesome WildMan Steve & DJ Riz show. First guest of the evening was MC Serch (31:00) who was joined by King Just (35:55) right before hitting an ill freestyle session (38:47). Evidently this was the day that Wild Pitch gave us notice that they would be closing their doors for good as Serch repeatedly references that throughout the interview and even does an off-the-top freestyle dedicated to Wild Pitch (47:20) which unfortunately my tape flipped right in the middle of his verse. King Just continues on with the interview before dropping another short verse (65:18). The Mystidious Misfits show up later in the show (112:10) and drop some verses as well (124:12). Like most of these shows from the 90s, sometimes the talk breaks are just as entertaining as the guests or music being played. Hearing Riz communicate with Steve through his headphones plugged into the mic jack on the mixer is classic. BAU was definitely the Monday night hangout for us. Miss that spot.

AZ - Rather Unique
Bushwackas - Caught Up In The Game
Mic Geronimo - Masta I.C.
Big L - All Black
Mobb Deep - Eye For An Eye (Your Beef Is Mines) Ft. Nas, Raekwon
Artifacts - 
Masta Ace Incorporated - Da Answer
Talk Break w/ MC Serch
MC Serch & King Just Freestyle
Talk Break
King Just - No Flow On The Rodeo
Talk Break
King Just Freestyle
AZ - Sugarhill
Shabbazz The Disciple - Death Be The Penalty
The Roots - Proceed V
Sach - Who Falls Apart
D&D All Stars - 1, 2 Pass It
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Searching
Masta Ace - Whats Goin On
Mobb Deep - Temperatures Rising
Talk Break
Mystidious Misfits Freestyle
Mystidious Misfits - I Be
Pudgee – Think Big
Mad Skillz - Nod factor
Grand Puba – I Like It (I Wanna Be Where You Are)
Shamus - Big Willie Style
Milk Bone - Keep It Real

Re-Ups Part 1076!!!

Had some requests for some re-ups, granted I haven't post much lately, life is kind of full on right now!!


DJ Seiji - FT Beat Emotion Library (Lost Crates) (320 kbs)

DJ Muro - More Rap-A-Dab Daytona 2010 (320kbs)

DJ Muro - Elegant Funk Vol. 2

DJ Seiji - 1985 Beat Emotion Library (320 kbs)

DJ Seiji - 1986 Beat Emotion Library (320 kbs)

DJ Seiji - 1987 Beat Emotion Library (320 kbs)

DJ Seiji - 1988 Beat Emotion Library (320 kbs)

DJ Muro - The B-Side Wins Again (320 kbs)

DJ A.Vee - Yeah But Does He DJay? Mixtape (1996)

DJ 3rd Rail - Subway Hip Hop 35

DJ Fuji - Another Viewpoint Of The Roots

DJ Koco - Collage

DJ S-KY (Cookinjax) - All The Way Live! Vol. 02

DJ Minoyama - Throw Back 3

DJ Ken5 - Groovy Situation 1

DJ Ken5 - Groovy Situation 2

DJ Ken5 - Groovy Situation 3

DJ Ben The Ace - Skull Session

Grooveman Spot - Cultivate Beats

Kogataroo - Classic Moments

DJ Ben The Ace - Black Monday 94 (320 kbs)

Grooveman Spot - Keep In Music Project Vol. 2 (320 kbs)

DJ Mu-R - Monster Jam 90's Hip Hop Mix

DJ Seiji & DJ Tama - Best Of 90's

DJ Cojie - Play It Cool Vol. 2

DJ Kensei - East Coasting Vol. 4

DJ KZA - Pimp The System Mix Show

DJ KZA - Raw Dope Era 2

Force Of Nature - The Days Of Gold

J. Rocc - 90's Hip Hop Mix (320 kbs)

Lord Finesse - Hip Hop Soul Vol. 1

DJ Takumi - The Natural

DJ Takumi - True Blue

DJ XXXL - Nippon Breaks Vol. 4

DJ Bunta - Survival The Vinyl (320 kbs)

DJ Ameldabee - Original Samples Vs Hip Hop Beats 1

DJ Ameldabee - Original Samples Vs Hip Hop Beats 2

DJ Ameldabee - Original Samples Vs Hip Hop Beats 3

DJ Ameldabee - Original Samples Vs Hip Hop Beats 4

DJ Ameldabee - Original Samples Vs Hip Hop Beats 5

DJ Ameldabee - Original Samples Vs Hip Hop Beats 6

Azzurro & Inner Science - Sequential Landform (320 kbs)

DJ Dai & DJ Yasuo - Drop The Bomb (320kbs)

DJ Kazzmatazz - Rugged Cutz II (320kbs)

DJ Mu-R - Authentic Butter Blend (320 kbs)

DJ T-Flow & DJ Keisuke - United Bridges (320kbs)

DJ Milky - 90's Underground Volume 2

DJ Milky - Underground Vibes Vol. 3 (320 kbs)

DJ Mr Flesh - Extra P Collections

DJ Mr Flesh - Extra P Collections Chapter 2

DJ Mr Flesh - Soul Brother #1 Sessions Chapter 1

DJ Mr Flesh - Soul Brother #1 Sessions Chapter 2

DJ Taiki - Jazzy's Flavor

Kousuke Sato - As Usual (320kbs)

DJ Koco - Hardcore Hip Hop (320kbs)

DJ Koco - Turntable Trix One

DJ Koco - Vinyl Trave

DJ Masanori - All The Way Live Mix Vol. 4 (320 kbs)

DJ Nature & DJ DJ Humi Takashi Shimizu - I'm The Man 2CD (320 kbs)

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Wildman Steve & DJ Riz - 90.3 WBAU 1st March 1993 (320 kbs)

DJ Eclipse has been dropping some dope radio show tape rips from his personal collection over the past month or so, this one is from 1st March 1993.

Here's a classic Wildman Steve & DJ Riz show from '93 which features a very early appearance of Wu-Tang members Ghostface, Raekwon, Method Man & U-God (54:09) as well as college radio veterans Total Pack which consisted of Ce Style & Kamal B Wise (99:14). WBAU used to come on Monday nights on Long Island's Adelphi University's 90.3 frequency. The show aired from 10pm-2am. The show location itself was like a typical night at D&D Studios. Once you were buzzed in and took the elevator to the 3rd floor you would stumble across many aspiring artists. Wildman Steve started on the station in '87 while DJ Riz joined him in '91. The show ran it's course until August 1995 when the frequency was sold to Nassau Community College. Steve's voice would boom through the speakers with a touch of reverb while DJ Riz destroyed the turntables. He remains to this day one of the nicest DJs to ever do radio. Both Steve and Riz's contribution to the show and Hip Hop itself still resonates today.

Mixlords-Rockin' On 'Til The Break Of Dawn
Flavor Unit-Roll Wit Da Flava
RUN DMC-Down With The King
Funkmaster Flex-Sad & Blue (vocal mix)
Funkdoobiest-Bow Wow Wow
Art Of Original-Un-rational
EightBall-What The F--k is A Eightball?
Funkmaster Flex ft 9MM-Go Bang (Can't / Won't / Don't Stop) (Flex Mix)
Public Enemy-Livin' In A Zoo (The 13th Message)
James Brown - Can't Get Any Harder (C&C Leaders Of The New School Mix)
The Mix Lords - ‎Make Some Noise (The Dip Mix)
Talk Break w/ Wu-Tang Clan
Wu-Tang Clan-Protect Ya Neck (Bloody Version)
Wu-Tang Freestyle - Black Moon-Who Got Da Props (Evil Dee's Deadly instrumental)
Lords of The Underground-Funky Child
Apache-Hey Girl
Yaggfu Front-Slappin's Suckas Silly (LP Version)
Eazy-E-Only If You Want It
Onyx-Throw Ya Gunz
Total Pack freestlye - Pete Rock & CL Smooth-It's Not A Game (Instrumental)
Nas-Halftime Instrumental
MC Serch-Daze In A Week

Peace to DJ Eclipse for the rip, download below as usual :), 320kbs

DJ Koco - 45's Live Rap Mix 2 (320 kbs)

More 7" vinyl being cut up by Japan's DJ Koco.......

De La Soul / Buddy Ft. The Jungle Brothers
Black Sheep / Try Counting Sheep
A Tribe Called Quest / Electric Relaxation Instrumental
A Tribe Called Quest / Can I Kick It?
Q-Tip / Move
Q-Tip / Vivrant Thing
Busta Rhymes / Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See
Busta Rhymes / Do The Bus-A-Bus
The Beatnuts / Watch Out Now
Nas / If I Ruled The World
Nas / Is Like
Paul Nice Featuring Masta Ace / BK
Pharoah Monche / Simon Says
Canibus / Golden Terra Of Rap
Akinyele / Break A Bitch Neck Ft. Kool G Rap
Main Source / Time (Alt. Mix)
Guru / Respect The Architect
Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs / Be A Father To Your Child
Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs / I Got To Have It
Take 6 / Spread Love (The 45 King Remix)
Dr Dre & Snoop / Still D.R.E.
Blackstreet / No Diggety
Smif-N-Wessun / Home Sweet Home
The Notorious B.I.G. / Warning
Damian Marley & Notorious BIG / Welcome To Jamrock Remix
Jay-Z / It's A Hard Knock Life
Fatlip / I Got The Shit (Instrumental)
Jay-Z / Girls, Girls, Girls

DJ Koco - 45's Live Rap Mix (320 kbs)

Dope mix of 7" vinyl hip hop, DJ Koco in effect........

EPMD / It's My Thing
Run DMC / Darryl And Joe
Run DMC / Sucker M.C.'s
Run DMC / Beats To The Rhyme
Run DMC / Run's House
Kurtis Blow / AJ Scratch
The Two / The Real Granaster
Steady B / Serious (BDP Remix)
Jungle Brothers / Because I Got It Like That
M.C. Price & D.J. Trouble / My Life Story
Skinny Boys / Stylin
Lord Finesse Ft. AG / Keep It Flowing
Biz Markie / This Is Something For The Radio
Eric B & Rakim / I Know You Got Soul
Eric B & Rakim / Let The Rhythm Hit 'em
Eric B & Rakim / Put Your Hands Together
Public Enemey / Night Train Ft. Cl Smooth
James Brown Ft. Leaders Of The New School / Can't Get Any Harder
Def Duo / You Gotta Believe
James Brown / Static
Big Daddy Kane / Raw
MC Shan / Juice Crew Law
Ultramagnetic Mc's / Give The Drummer Some
LL Cool J / It Gets No Rougher
LL Cool J / Rampage
Super Lover Cee / Super Casanova
Stetsasonic / Talkin All That Jazz
The Jungle Brothers / Promo No. 2
De La Soul / Me Myself & I
De La Soul / Say No Go / Saturday
De La Soul / Brainwashed Follower

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

DJ Riz - Hot 97 Boom At Noon 28th August 2015 (320kbs)

DJ Riz did a guest spot on Hot 97 New York last week, and that shit was crazy, he's kindly uploaded for a free download