Sunday, 25 October 2009

DJ JS-1 & DJ Skizz-Heavy Rotation Vol. 2 (Reprogram)

Dope 90's mix right here....... DJ Js-1-Reprogram Intro Channel Live-Reprogram The Legion (Dres Verse)-Jingle Jangle Biz Markie-Girl Named Kim Kool G Rap-It's A Shame (Remix) Krs-One-Mad Crew Busta Rhymes-Everything Remains Raw K Def & Larry O-Real Live Live 'n Effect Posse-I Get Physical Craig Mack-Zoom (Get Retarted) Hard 2 Obtain-Li Groove Bassblasta (Guru & Smooth B Verse)-Down The Line Maestro Fresh Wes (Showbiz Verse)-Fine Tune Da Mic Chi Ali (Phife Dawg Verse)-Let The Horns Blow Trends Of Culture-Off & On Doo Wop-Bounce Master Masta Ace-Four Minus Three Kool G Rap-Symphony 2 Craig G-Live 'n Direct From The House Of Hits Dr. Dre-Deep Cover 187 (Remix) Fat Joe (Diamond D Verse)-Watch The Sond Remix) Method Man (Of Wu-Ang Clan)-Method Man (Remix) Nice & Smooth-How Many Blunts Break Positive K-Nightshift (Remix) Lil Shawn-I Made Love Break 3rd Bass (Pete Nice Verse)-Gass Face (Remix) Nas-Villain Demo Gza/ Genius (Of Wu-Tang Clan)-Life Of A Drug Dealer Papa Chuk-Funky Science Break Nice & Smooth-Cash In My Hands Naughty By Nature-It's On Erule-Listen Up Common-Soul By The Pound (Remix)' Showbiz & A.G-Next Level' Mad Flavaz-Shadez Of Lingo O.C.-Constables Mad Skillz, Large Professor (Of Main Source), Q-Tip (Of Tribe Called Quest)-Xtra Abstract Skillz Frescho & Miz-Ain't U Frescho? Mos Def, Q-Tip, Tash (Of Tha Alkoholiks)-Body Rock Das Efx-Hard Like A Criminal Das Efx-Real Hip Hop (Pete Rock Remix) Top Quality-Magnum Opus Big Noyd Feat. Prodigy (Of Mobb Deep)-Recognize And Realize Beatnuts-Reign Of The Tec Notorious B.I.G-Cunt Rennaisance Krs-One-The Mc Black Attack & Problemz-Correct Technique Nas-The World Is Yours (Vibesman Remix) Nas-It Ain't Hard To Tell (Remix) Large Professor-Spacey 

Thursday, 15 October 2009

OUHH Presents: DJ Remike - Stetsasonic: The Original Hip Hop Band

A few words from S.O.U.L......

Now it's time for the second release. This one is a tribute to Stetsasonic by my man DJ ReMike. This is what he has to say about the mixtape:

Stetsasonic was a hip hop group that dropped 3 albums in the mid to late 80s (around the same time as Run-DMC was active). They're considered to be the first hip hop live band. After the group folded, heir frontman, Daddy-O went on to drop a solo debut and become a very in-demand producer, and their DJ Prince Paul became a part of reknowned hip hop group De La Soul. My reason for dropping this mixtape was that I felt that Stetsasonic's was forgotten and to bring it to the light. Additionally, the tape is part of SOUL's mixtape project. The project is meant to bring back the real original mixtapes & real mix DJ's. Big thanks to Shake from for the (2)dope cover! Anyways, enough talk let's enjoy!

01. Hip Hop Band Intro
02. Showtime
03. Just Say Stet
04. So Let the Fun Begin
05. Gyrlz
06. Go Stetsa
07. Wordsmith - Interlude
08. Daddy-O - Brooklyn Bounce
09. Talkin All That Jazz
10. Speaking Of A Girl Named Suzy
11. Go Brooklyn 3
12. Hip Hop Band
13. Ghetto Is The World
14. DBC Let The Music Play
15. No BS Allowed
16. Stet Troop 88
17. Daddy-O - Flowin In File
18. Daddy-O - Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt
19. Bust That Groove
20. My Rhyme
21. A.F.R.I.C.A (Norman Cook Remix)/Outro
22. The Problemaddicts - What It Seems (Remix Produced By DJ ReMike)(Bonus Track)

Download link for the one track mix:

Download link for the loose tracks mix:

Sunday, 11 October 2009

DJ Eclipse - Coffee Syrup 1998

I found this on an old hard drive while having a clear out, and havent really seen it before.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

DJ Kensei - Old School Flava Vol. 2

Dope mix of 80's old school.

01 Jungle Brothers - Jimbrowski
02 Lord Alibaski (Of The Flavor Unit) - Lyrics In Motion
03 The 45 King - Rock It Slow
04 Mc La Kim - We Got The Funk
05 Yz.G - Rock-In Control Of Things
06 Captain G Whiz - All The Way Live
07 Mc Ez & Troup - Get Retarded
08 Just Ice - The Music (Inst)
09 Just Ice - Going Way Back
10 Boogie Down Productions - South Bronx
11 Jvc Force - Styling Lyrics
12 DJ Hollywood - Hollywood's World
13 The 45 King - Word To Snow Bird
14 T La Rock - You Got The Time
15 Just Ice - Latoya
16 Priority One - I Can't Go For That
17 Jungle Brothers - What's Goin On
18 Boogie Down Productions - Poetry
19 Jvc Force - Strong Island
20 Jvc Force - Nu School
21 Hot Day Aka Dante - Hot Day's Burning
22 Funkmaster Wizard Wiz - Girls
23 Cash Money And Marvelous - Find An Ugly Woman
24 5 T La Rock - Breakdown
25 T La Rock - This Beat Kicks
26 Just - Ice-Cold Gettin Dumb
27 Jungle Brothers - The Promo
28 Lakim Shabazz - Gettin Fierce
29 T - Ski Valley-Catch The Beat
30 Spoonie Gee - The Godfather
31 Stezo - It's My Turn
32 The 45 King - The 900 Number

Download Here

DJ A.Vee - Only V 1998

Classic tape from '98.

Download Here

DJ Koco - Time To Make The Floor Burn

1. L.T.B.-Yo! Start the show
2. Kool G Rap-Raw
3. Rakim & Big Daddy Kane-Rakim Vs Kane
4. Big John Hamilton-Big Bad John
5. Johnny Pate-Shaft In Africa
6. The Chosen Ones- Don't Play Me Close
7. Cliff Nobles & Co.-The Horse
8. DJ Koco's Choice-Rockin Break Beatz
9. Class A Felony-Hyped Up
10. 45 King & K-Moet-Bonus Beat
11. Lakim Shabazz-The Voice Of Power
12. The Odd Couple-It's Our Turn
13. Ace & Action-Letter To The Better
14. M.C.Sundance- Dance To The Groove
15. Friend And Lover- Reach Out Of The Darkness
16. Main Source-He Got So Much Soul
17. Eric B.& Rakim-Teach The Children
18. Eddie Harris & Les Mccann-Shorty Rides Again
19. Tribe- Ebony Lady
20. Bud Shank-Sundancers
21. James William Guercio-The Chase
22. Mu-Stars-Funky Soysauce
23. Vernon Burch-Get Up
24. King Errisson-Well, Have A Nice Day
25. Cerrone-Look For Love
26. D.L -Must Be The Music
27. Harlem World Crew-Rappers Convention
28. Pleasure-Let's Dance
29. First Choice-Armed And Extremely Dangerous
30. The World's Famous Supreme Team- Hey DJ

DJ Koco - Back To The Lab

01: Plush Bros 'Back to the Lab'
02: Izzy Ice & DJ Majesty 'Funky Freestyle'
03: 3 the Hard Way 'Hyped'
04: Hardcore 'We Got It All'
05: Funkmaster Wizard Wiz 'Girls'
06: Top Priority 'Let the Homicides Begin'
07: Antoinette 'I Got an Attitude / Antoinette 'Hit 'Em With This'
08: - We Go Heads Up
09: DJ Scratch & G-O-D 'The Party Is Jumpin'
10: MDS Productions 'Because I'm A Pro'
11: Marley Marl 'Droppin Science'
12: Kev-E-Kev & AK-B 'Out for the Count'
13: Kool G Rap & Polo 'It's A Demo'
14: The Chosen Two 'This Is Talent'
15: ??
16: Pre Sweet 'Out of Here'
17: Unique Poet Supreme 'Lyrically Climbin'
18: Worthy D & The Boys 'My Technology'
19: ??
20: ??
21: Bolaji 'Run 4 Cover'
22: Chubb Rock 'Caught Up'
23: Unique 'Axe Maniac'
24: 360 'Pelon'
25: P Brothers 'Ich Nichten Lichten'
26: B Boys 'Rock The House'
27: Jimmy Castor Bunch 'It's Just Begun'
28: Arthur Baker 'Breakers Revenge' (Steiber Twins Remix)
29: Trouble 'I Get Hype'
30: Rough Luxury Crew 'Pandemonium'
31: Todd 1 'It’s Time To Make The Floor Burn' w '?
32: Big Daddy Kane 'Set It Off'
33: Big Daddy Kane 'Wrath of Kane'
34: Antoinette 'This Girl Is Off On Her Own (Remix)'
35: 3rd Dynasty 'It's Curtains'
36: Hip City Swingers 'I'm the Man'
37: Singing MC Breeze 'It Ain’t New York'

Friday, 2 October 2009

Underground Railroad 6

More 90's goodness!!!

Download Here

Urban Groove Phat Tape #3 - Mixed By I-Gura (Netherlands)

Much props to K-Funkadelic over at the TROY forums for this dope mix. Great selection and skills a plenty.

01. Intro (Produced by Zombie THC)
02. Heather B. - All Glocks Down
03. Neek The Exotic feat. Large Professor - ExoticÆs Raw
04. Rawcoticks - Hardcore Hip-Hop (DJ Premier Remix)
05. Pitch Black feat. Lord Finesse - Show and Prove
06. Swordmen - Interlude (Produced by S.I.K.)
07. Cestyle - Backstreet
08. Shabaam Sahdeeq - Arabian Nights
09. Brick City Kids - What What
10. Black Moon - How Many Emcees
11. Jamal - Keep It Live
12. Chuck D. - Endonesia
13. Bee Why - Reality
14. DITC - Feel the Beat
15. Tragedy - Pass da Tek (Remix)
16. Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard - Clap Your Hands
17. Dred Scott - Nuttin Ta Lose
18. I-gura & DJ Undoo - The Cut Professors û Outro (Produced by Instru)

Download Here