Wednesday, 7 October 2009

DJ Koco - Time To Make The Floor Burn

1. L.T.B.-Yo! Start the show
2. Kool G Rap-Raw
3. Rakim & Big Daddy Kane-Rakim Vs Kane
4. Big John Hamilton-Big Bad John
5. Johnny Pate-Shaft In Africa
6. The Chosen Ones- Don't Play Me Close
7. Cliff Nobles & Co.-The Horse
8. DJ Koco's Choice-Rockin Break Beatz
9. Class A Felony-Hyped Up
10. 45 King & K-Moet-Bonus Beat
11. Lakim Shabazz-The Voice Of Power
12. The Odd Couple-It's Our Turn
13. Ace & Action-Letter To The Better
14. M.C.Sundance- Dance To The Groove
15. Friend And Lover- Reach Out Of The Darkness
16. Main Source-He Got So Much Soul
17. Eric B.& Rakim-Teach The Children
18. Eddie Harris & Les Mccann-Shorty Rides Again
19. Tribe- Ebony Lady
20. Bud Shank-Sundancers
21. James William Guercio-The Chase
22. Mu-Stars-Funky Soysauce
23. Vernon Burch-Get Up
24. King Errisson-Well, Have A Nice Day
25. Cerrone-Look For Love
26. D.L -Must Be The Music
27. Harlem World Crew-Rappers Convention
28. Pleasure-Let's Dance
29. First Choice-Armed And Extremely Dangerous
30. The World's Famous Supreme Team- Hey DJ


  1. is there a way to reup these dead dj koco gems?!? the man is a legend and your blog (which is amazing) is only the second place i've ever found working links....