Sunday, 31 December 2017

DJ S1, Enuff, Preme, Red Alert, Bent Rock - New Year's Mastermix (WBLS) - 2017.12.30

Stream & Download below...

Saturday, 30 December 2017

DJ Premier - Live from HeadQCourterz (SiriusXM) - 2017.12.29

Latest show with DJ Premier on the decks..Stream and HQ Download below...

01.  Ockz (f. Conway The Machine)–Actual Facts
02.  Showbiz (f. Tashane & A. Bless)–Burn Somethin’
03.  Ruste Juxx & The Lst Composer (f. Flashius)–Never Ran Never Will
04.  Scarface–Live That Life
05.  Arsun Fist–Crab Pot Soapbox
06.  Planet Asia (f. Turbin)–Shots At Your Highness
07.  Fabolous & Jadakiss (f. Swizz Beatz)–Theme Music
08.  Prince AK (f. Mysty Blanco & Runt Dawg)–Brick
09.  Joell Ortiz & Fred The Godson–Talk Dat
10.  Dinco D. & C. “Boogie” Brown–How We Like It
11.  DJ Premier (f. A$AP Ferg)–Our Streets
12.  Ghostface Killah & Apollo Brown–Rise Of The Black Suits
13.  DJ Muggs & Meyhem Lauren (f. Hologram & Benny The Butcher)–War Drums
14.  ST. Da Squad (f. Ea$y Money, Reks & Termanology)–K.I.M. (Derelict 2)
15.  Krs-One, Cutty Ranks & Grand Surgeon–The Blessings
16.  Lone Catalysts (f. Greg Nice)–Rhymes
17.  Showbiz (f. David Bars)–Do What I Want 2
18.  Wu-Tang Clan (f. Inspektah Deck & Redman)–Lesson Learn’d
19.  Cyhi The Prince–Get Yo Money
20.  Smiley The Ghetto Child–Mustle For The Hustle
21.  Eminem–Framed
22.  One Session (f. Hus Kingpin, TriState & Planet Asia)–Payday Crooks
23.  Talib Kweli (f. Anderson .Paak)–Traveling Light 
24.  Supreme Cerebral x Alphabetic x Nowaah The Flood–Bully Rap
25.  Labba (f. El Da Sensei)–Pipe Bombs
26.  Domo Genesis (f. Phonte)–Shaq Carried Kobe
27.  Statik Selektah (f. Raekwon & Royce da 5’9″)–Nobody Move
28.  Ty Farris–Real Shit
29.  Big K.R.I.T.–Price Of Fame

Friday, 29 December 2017

DJ Eclipse - Rap Is Outta Control (SiriusXM) - 2017.12.28

New hip hop on SiriusXM, Stream/HQ Download below...

1. Thruway feat. Gab Gotcha & Willie Stubz “11368” (prod. by Labor Dept)
2. Invincible Mask (Kyo Itachi & Tha Soloist) “Highs & Lows” (prod. by Kyo Itachi)
3. Guilty Simpson feat. Meyhem Lauren & Starvin B “CO-OP” (prod. by Cuns & Sine One)
4. Defari feat. Krondon “Break Wide” (prod. by Evidence)
5. Primo Profit “No Handouts” (prod. by Teyo Beats)
6. Kriswontwo feat. Artifacts & EDO. G “Amsterdam Cypher” (prod. by Kriswontwo)
7. Joe Young feat. Mobb Deep & Big Noyd “What The Thugs Do” (prod. by Dame Grease)
8. Verbal Kent & Superior “As Far As A Fair Fight” (prod. by Superior)
9. Statik Selektah feat. Run The Jewels “Put Jewels On it” (prod. & cuts by Statik Selektah)
10. ChanHays feat. Ghettosocks, Guilty Simpson, Ras Kass & Tachichi “Gotta Love It” (prod. by ChanHays)
11. Duffel Bag Hottie feat. Benny “U Know What It Is”
12. Thruway feat. Ag da Coroner & Maffew Ragazino “Love or Hate (prod. by Michelangelo)
13. Jeru The Damaja feat. Lil Dap “Truth Be Told” (prod. by O.S.T.R)
14. Son Of Sam feat. Masta Ace & Large Professor “Come A Long Way” (The Extra P Remix)
15. DITC Studios feat. Tashane and Majestic Gage “Bronx Day” (prod. by Showbiz & Motif)
16. Conway “XXXTRAS” (prod. by Daringer)
17. V.Nova feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq “New York City (prod. by Crack Factory)
18. DITC Studios feat. Tashane and A Bless “Burn Somethin” (prod. by Showbiz & Motif)
19. Roc Marciano, Foul Monday, Rim (DaVillins), Rock & Sean Price “The Delegation” (prod. by Roc Marciano, cuts by DJ Akil)
20. Willie The Kid X V Don “Unrule” (prod. by V Don)
21. iLL Conscious feat. Jay Royale “The Narrative” (prod. by EyeDee, cuts by DJ TMB)
22. E Jake feat. Roc Marciano “Counterfeit” (prod. by Vanderslice)
23. NickeB “Faded” (prod. by Camouflage Don)
24. Jon Glass feat. Singapore Kane & Big Shug “This And Them” (prod. by Jon Glass)
25. Styles P “Strong As Oak” (prod. by gradeaproducer)
26. Jeru The Damaja feat. ILL BILL “Monopoly” (prod. by O.S.T.R)
27. Peedi Crakk “Good Life” (prod. by 4th Disciple)
28. Paradox & Imperial feat. Erik Jackson “Alive on Arrival” (prod. by Imperial)
29. Rasheed Chappell & Crimeapple “The Bridge (Freestyle)”

DJ Statik Selektah - Showoff Radio (SiriusXM) - 2017.12.28

New Statik Selektah show on Shade 45, Stream/HQ Download

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Serch4beatz - Slight Uptempo Heat (320 kbs)

New mix from the indie king, Serch4beatz...rammed with 90's gems. End of year, time for a new mix, with "a bit faster than slow" jams..enjoy!

01. Da Funk - Lifestyle
02. Choclair - What It Takes (Remix)
03. The Incredible Ease - All Praises Due
04. Complete Unit – The Game
05. Mercenaries - Bounce
06. 499 – Still Waitin
07. Get Open – Here & Now (Remix)
08. Jaheem Sadaam - Lords Of Orbit
09. Wolfe D.O.M-Nation - Da Stash
10. Tryadz - T-r-y-a-d-z
11. Tha Lowa - Never Give Up
12. Priest - Realizm
13. Da Bulnate - Hazardous
14. Datbu - Non Believers
15. Double Action, Warchild, Renegayd - Shaolin Style
16. Gunrunnerz - Darkside

DJ Premier - Live from HeadQCourterz (SiriusXM) - 2017.12.15

New hip hop with DJ Premier in the mix Stream/Download below.....

1.  DJ Muggs & Meyhem Lauren Ft. Hologram & Benny The Butcher – War Drums
2.  D.I.T.C. Studios Ft. David Bars  –Do What I Want 2
3.  Blu, MED & Oh No – The Turn Up (DJ Concept Remix)
4.  Prince Ak Ft. Mysty Blanco & Runt Dawg – Brick
5.  Scarface – Dollar Bill (Anything Alternate Version)
6.  ST. Da Squad Ft. Ea$y Money, REKS & Termanology – K.I.M. (Derelict 2)
7.  Eminem – Framed
8.  Dinco D. & C. “Boogie” Brown – How We Like It (The Take Off)
9.  Ty Farris – Real Shit
10. Big K.R.I.T. – Price Of Fame
11. Von Pea & The Other Guys – Louie BK
12. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – Flash To The Beat (BOZO MEKO Vinyl Version)
13. Arsun Fist – Crab Pot Soapbox
14. Rakim Al Jabbar & Menace – Fly Dialect
15. Stoneface Ft. 9th Prince & William Cooper – Empty Place
16. Fabolous & Jadakiss – F-vs-J Intro
17. Chan Hays Ft. Ghettosocks, Guilty Simpson, Ras Kass & Tachichi – Gotta Love It
18. Ruste Juxx & The Lst Composer Ft. Flashius – Never Ran Never Will
19. DJ Premier Ft. A$AP Ferg – Our Streets
20. Nicholas Craven Ft. Roc Marciano – Wolfing Down
21. Smiley The Ghetto Child – Muscle For The Hustle
22. Statik Selektah Ft. Conway, Westside Gunn & Termanology – No. 8
23. Scarface – Mental Exorcism (Alternate Version)
24. Evidence – Jim Dean
25. Heavy Metal Kings – There’s No Wi-Fi In Vahalla

Jazz Spastiks - Orange Mix (320 kbs)

Brand new mix of classic and underground hip hop! Just in time for your New Year party!
Featuring Big L, Erick Sermon, Showbiz & A.G, Moka Only, Brand Nubian, J.V.C Force and lots more!!
Stream Here..

The Nomaads - Never Need A 9
Rubbabandz - Purple Rain
Messiah - Survival Of The Fetus
Trybal-Men - Down Like That
The Nomaads - Statistics
Erick Sermon - Lil Crazy
Madlib - Infinity
Showbiz  A.G. - Catchin' Wreck
Unique - Don't Even Think About It
Erick Sermon - Hostile
The Nomaads - We Be Gunnin
Erick Sermon - Swing It Over Here
Moka Only - Right There
The Bancheez – Start My Mission
Showbiz & A.G. - Diggin' In The Crates
Big L - Da Unexpected Flava
The Nomaads - Fuck Around, Lay Around
Erick Sermon - Payback II
Unique - Pure Dynamite
Moka Only - Not A Thing
Erick Sermon - Stay Real
Sport G & Mastermind ‎– Let The Rhythm Roll
Unique - Rage Of A Master
Baritone Tiplove - Suckaswannaputasticker
Brand Nubian - The Travel Jam
Brand Nubian - All For One
The Nomaads - Quick Wiff The Ruffness
The Nomaads - What Up Yo
Showbiz & A.G. - Giant In The Mental
Showbiz & A.G. - Soul Clap
Mr. Freeze And The Homewreckers - Cold Wave Of Terror
Mr. Freeze And The Homewreckers - Bahondo
Sport G & Mastermind ‎– Sport Could Get Fluid
J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E. - We Got Our Own Thing
Baritone Tiplove - All Hell Iz Breakin' Loose
Baritone Tiplove - Thinkin' Bout Da Payback
J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E. - Trivial Pursuit
Mr. Freeze And The Homewreckers - The Imperial Master
Brand Nubian - Dance To My Ministry

Or download here.....

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Debonair P - Debonair Blends 16 (320 kbs) + New 5 x CD Bundle

New Debonair P Mix up on his soundcloud page, dope mix, ram packed full of  '92 - '94 bangers!! Stream & Download off the Soundcloud page :)

1. Boostin’ Kev - That Be Boostin' (Remix)
2. Boogiemonsters - Recognized Thresholds Of Negative Stress (Remix)
3. Big Red - How They Want It
4. Jamani - Ya'll Know My Stelo
5. Keith Murray - Escapism
6. Madkap - Questions
7. Simon Barr - Emcee
8. I-Power - Break Da Rulez
9. Black Star - Comin' Thru
10. Funkdoobiest - Represent (J&B Mix)
11. Shorty Long - Shorty'z Doin' His Own Thing
12. Da Henchmen - Livewire
13. Redman - Smoke A Blunt Too
14. Ras Kass - Remain Anonymous
15. Hard 2 Obtain - Hip Hop Lifestyle
16. Fesu - Ya Don't Stop
17. Yz - So Far…
18. Fat Joe - Da Fat Gangsta
19. King Sun - Get Down With Da Get Down
20. Silky Black - Step Up And Get Some
21. Lo Down - Fright Nights
22. Ill Biskits - God Bless Ya Life
23. Pep Love - Rock On
24. Oc - Brothers Are Fake
25. Dredknotz - The Anthem (Remix)
26. Endangered Elements - Whatz The Deal
27. Main Source W/ The Lox - Set It Off
28. Pauly Yams & Dj Jazz - Get Paid
29. Rob O - Worldwide
30. Nas - Represent (Original Version)
31. Da Youngstas - In The City
32. Q-Ball & Curt Cazal - Makin' Moves
33. Rampage - The Last Boy Scout
34. Ec - Bud To The Jazz
35. Ed Og - Going Out My Mind (Remix)
36. Akinyele - Yo
37. Dungeon Lordz - Told Ya
38. Freddie Foxxx - Can't Break Away
39. Grand Puba - Hip Hop
40. Rakim - Shades Of Black
41. Bas Blasta - Ain't Whatcha Do
42. Brother Arthur - What You Gonna Do
43. Infinite Description - Swinging Tight
44. Mental Castaways - Understand Me
45. Mobb Deep - Hold Down The Fort
46. Da Chozen - The Funk Is On
47. Lotns - Classic Material (Remix)
48. Mr Ruffneck - Freaky Flow
49. Raggedy Man & Snaggapuss - All Men Are Dogs
50. Urban Thermo Dynamics - Hardcore Nights
51. Amp Boogie - Maintain
52. T-Max - Real Mcs
53. Black Prince & Aziatic - Props & Specs
54. Lonnie O - It's Like Dat Rmx
55. Godfather Don - Colors Of Death
56. K-Otic Family - Vaccine
57. Society - Rap As An Art
58. Ghetto Concept - Certified (Remix)
59. Reggie Capers - Do It Like That
60. Us Plus One - For All My People Locked Down
61. Kirk - Catch The Beat
62. Kool Kay Dee - Trophy On The Mantle
63. Madpack - Six Souls Singin'
64. Massive Staff - Suspect
65. Scientifik - All Around G
66. Umc's - We Go
67. Da Fat Cat Clique - Young Girls Are My Weakness
68. Divine Beings - Rock On
69. Zigg Zagg - Da Prognosis
70. Grand Daddy IU - Take It From Da Top

If you like Debonair P's mixes they are available on CD, the latest batch being Debonair Blends 15-19 (5 x CD Bundle), click the pic below for all info on these and to order....

Saturday, 16 December 2017

DJ Revolution - Early 90's Mix (320 kbs)

A glimpse into what was going on musically in Hip Hip in 90-93ish. Some of the artists that put in the hard work and made the DOPE shit before it became a billion dollar worldwide mutli-media sensation.

Chubb Rock - Treat Em Right
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - The Creator
Poor Righteous Teachers - Holy Intellect
Public Enemy - Can't Do Nuttin For Ya, Man!
Sugar Bear ‎– Don't Scandalize Mine
De La Soul - Me Myself & I
Jungle Brothers - Beyond This World
King Sun - On The Club Tip
King Tech & M.C. Sway - Beat Of The Drum (4 Minutes Of Death)
UMC's - One To Grow On
Gang Starr - The Meaning Of The Name
Big Daddy Kane - It's Hard Being The Kane
Ultramagnetic MC's - Poppa Large
EPMD - Rampage ft. LL Cool J
Brand Nubian - Brand Nubian
Ice Cube – AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted
Ice T - New Jack Hustler
Main Source - Peace Is Not The Word To Play
Chi Ali - Funky Lemonade
Showbiz & A.G. - Soul Clap
King Just - Warriors Drum
Fu-Schnickens - La Schmoove
Digable Planets - Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)
Del Tha FunkeĆ© Homosapien ‎– Mistadobalina
K-Solo - Your Mom's In My Business

Monday, 11 December 2017

DJ Emskee Pen Joints #33 On Bushwick Radio - 12-8-17

Listen to "Dj Emskee Pen Joints #33 On Bushwick Radio - 12_8_17" on Spreaker.

Stream & Download on the Spreaker website..

Emskee & Luke Davidson (13ldn) - Lost And Found (Shar The Analog Bastard)
Venom Ft. Rah Digga - Ruff And Tuff
Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip - Ill Vibes (Shar The Analog Bastard)
Venom Ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq & Ras Kass - Crack Down
A Fontaine - Pearly Gates
Venom Ft. Camp Lo - Ready For Action
Venom Ft. Shadez Of Brooklyn - Wrong Time
Fabolous & Jadakiss - Soul Food
Venom Ft. Skanks The Rap Martyr (Of Bankai Fam) - Back In Position
Fabolous & Jadakiss - Ice Pick
A Fontaine - Make It To The Top
Skanks - Unsolved Hip Hop Mysteries
Gstats - I Git It On
Venom Ft. Gstats (Of Bankai Fam) - Game Of Survival
Emskee & Luke Davidson (13ldn) - London To Brooklyn (Shar The Analog Bastard Remix)
A Fontaine - Deep
Oh No Ft. Phife Dog & Jose James - Dues & Dons
Grungy Boguez And Emskee - The Balance Agenda
Emskee & E The 5th - Interject Intellect
Skanks - Most Interesting
Rock & Frank B - Brooklyn Vs All
Gang Starr - Ex Girl To The Next Girl
Rakim - Holy Are You
Doc Tmk & Emskee - Sounds Of The Sp
DJ Premier - Me Not The Paper (Unreleased Remix Instrumental)

Friday, 8 December 2017

DJ Eclipse - Rap Is Outta Control (SiriusXM) - 2017.12.07

This weeks show with DJ Eclipse & DJ Riz sharing the mixing duties, this weeks guests being Mathematics, DJ C-Reality, & Greystoke!!

Tracklist December 7, 2017
Guests: Mathematics, DJ C-Reality, & Greystoke
1. Venom feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq & Ras Kass “Crack Down” (prod. & cuts by Venom)
2. Wu-Tang feat. Inspectah Deck & Redman “Lesson Learn’d” (prod. by Mathematics)
3. Verbal Kent & Superior “Meet Your Idols” (prod. by Superior)
4. ChanHays feat. Monark, Ruste Juxx & Cormega “The Medicine” (prod. by ChanHays, cuts by DJ Uncle Fester)
5. Venom feat. The Legion “Face Off” (prod. & cuts by Venom)
6. Fokis feat. Torae & Guilty Simpson “The Pressure (Can’t Fold)” (prod. by Al Hardy)
7. Recognize Ali feat. Estee Nack “The Graduate” (prod. by giallo Point)
8. Wu-Tang feat. Method Man “If Time is Money (Fly Navigation)” (prod. by Mathematics)
9. Cyhi The Prynce “Get Yo Money” (prod. by Brandon Black, Novel & Mark Byrd)
10. Westside Gunn feat. Styles P, Conway & Benny “Down State” (prod. by Daringer)
11. Primo Profit feat. Dimelo “Free Samples” (prod. by VDon)
12. Agallah feat. Edo G “Synthetic Thugs” (prod. by Agallah)
13. Ruste Juxx feat. Tony Gore “Bread”(prod. by Big Bob, cuts by DJ Fastcut)
14. Dave Dar feat. Milano Constantine & Rasheed Chappell “Let it Off” (prod. by Dave Dar, cuts by Flo Fader)
15. Tha God Fahim “Clansmen” (prod. by Eyeree Beats)
16. Bruse Wane “I Love You” (prod. by GrandRiggity)
17. Cashus King (fka Co$$) “Black Fountains of Youth” (prod. by Vnrable Garcia)
18. Stoneface feat. Nature “Ransom Dialects” (prod. by BP)
19. Wu-Tang feat. Method Man, Killah Priest & Chris River “Frozen” (prod. by Mathematics)
20. Gary Rue feat. Recognize Ali “Original” (prod. by Sultan Mir, cuts by DJ Trickalome)
21. THE FIX (Jamil Honesty x Grazzhoppa) feat. Cayoz & ILL Conscious “The Lesson” (prod. & cuts by Grazzhoppa)
22. Venom feat. Rah Digga “Ruff And Tuff” (prod. & cuts by Venom)
23. RSXGLD (RoSpit & 14KT) feat. OcTaNe & ILLiTe “More SpiT” (prod. by 14KT)
24. Wu-Tang feat. Ghostface Killah, Method Man, RZA & Sean Price “Pearl Harbor” (prod. by Mathematics)
25. Ankhle John “Rayful Edmond” (prod. by Camoflauge Monk)
26. Crimeapple feat. Hus Kingpin “Marcel Adams” (prod. by Buck Dudley)
27. L’Orange feat. Oddisee “Look Around” (prod. by L’Orange)
28. Kriswontwo feat. Artifacts & EDO. G “Amsterdam Cypher” (prod. by Kriswontwo)
29. Ockz feat. Conway The Machine “Actual Facts” (prod. by Raki)

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

DJ PF Cuttin - EastNYRADIO On WKCR 89.9 FM December 01 2017 (320 kbs)

DJ PF Cuttin brings his show EastNYRADIO to WKCR 89.9 FM with host Deacon Strange, Izreal and Millz Murda, with special guest O.C., Truth and Mikey. Lots of treats on here.....

01-Labba - Alert
02-Kool Taj The Gr8 - Behind Bars
03-O.C. PF Cuttin - 88 Produced By DJ PF Cuttin
04-PF Cuttin Sean P - Fall Back Produced By DJ PF Cuttin
05-Sean P - Sean P Xclusive
06-DJ Muggs Vs Ill Bill - Trouble Shooters Ft. Sick Jacken, Sean Price & O.C.
07-Westside Doom - Triple Fat Goose (Thanos Beats Remix)
08-Benny - Rivi (Prod By Daringer)
09-Asun Eastwood Ft. Daniel Son - Vinyl Dust Blunts
10-Crimeapple - Paloma (Prod. By Giallo Point)
11-Sean P, Foul Monday, Rim, Royal Flush - D.L.F Produced By DJ PF Cuttin
12-PF Cuttin, Mikey - Put It Down Produced By DJ PF Cuttin
13-Powerule Ft. Thirstin Howl The 3rd - Porta Rock Steady (Reload) (Prod. By Team Demo & Powerule)
14-Starvin B Ft. Tesla's Ghost - Hazard Lane (Prod. By Eyedee)
15-Arsun Fist - Crab Pot Soapbox
16-Sean Price - Dump In The Gut
17-DJ Premier Ft. A$AP Ferg - Our Streets (Prod. & Cuts By DJ Premier)
18-Da Dysfunkshunal Familee Ft. Rockness Monsta - Monkey See Monkey Do (Prod. By Crazy DJ Bazarro)
19-Joell Ortiz X Fred The Godson - Talk Dat (Prod. By Heatmakerz)
20-Foul Mouth - Inst O.C Interview
21-O.C. - A New Dawn (Prod. By Gwop Sullivan)
22-O.C. - Strange Fruit (Prod. By Steph Dash Nash & Big Sproxx)
23-Apathy & Oc - No More Soft Shit (Prod. By Apathy)
24-Apathy & Oc - Perestroika (Prod. By Apathy)
25-O.C Interview - Evidence - Jim Dean (Instrumental) PF Cuttin - Genuine Article (Inst.)
26-Freestyle- Truth-Foul Mouth - Inst
27-Freestyle-Mikey-Izreal- Santorini Greece (Instrumental)
28-Freestyle-Truth-Mikey-O.C.-Izreal- Our Streets (Inst) (Prod. By DJ Premier)