Thursday, 28 January 2010

K-Funk & Deez presents - Gangstafied vol. 1

A few words from K-Funk, "Summer ain't here but we're already preparing for it with this mixtape that i did with my man Deez and Grigo on the turntables. It haves g-funk beats that you wanna bump in ya car while drivin' slow and listen to them, it haves gangsta beats that you wanna listen at a party...shit, it haves a lot of dope stuff on it. I don't wanna write a whole story about it, i just want y'all to trust me and download this shit and listen to it!!! We gonna do a volume 2 also with g-funk only but don't know the exact date yet. Until then, bump this shit! "

Debonair P - Blends 1 & 2

Debonair P has already blessed us with a couple of smooth mixes on here, Blends 4 & 5. Here is Blends 1 & 2 in the series, and they are just like the others here, expertly mixed packed full with underground goodness and are the same fomat as the others, 60 or so tracks spread over 70 mins.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

DJ J​-​Live "Do The Knowledge Mixtape" Vol. 1 (THE LATE PASS)

J-Live sez," Basically, I got tired of hearing a lot of people say stuff like, "there's nothing new out" or "hip hop is wack now". Upon hearing this I usually run down a list of names of new artists and even old artists with new albums and ask if they've heard of'em. Nope! These people have no idea. There's a lot of good new hip hop. You just have to do the knowledge and keep your ears open. These are some of my favorites from 2009 alone. Enjoy!"

Friday, 15 January 2010

DJ Wiz - Years Too Late Vol. 2

Nice find here on S.O.U.L.'s blog, full of indie joints!!!

01. Intro
02. Slomo - Hip Hop Can't Stop
03. Ill & Al Skratch - Don't Shut Down On A Player
04. Ten Thieves - Straight From The Slums
05. Automatik - These Mean Streets
06. Omniscence - Amazin
07. Hard 2 Obtain - L.I. Groove
08. Brainwash 2000 - Break It Down
09. MF Grimm - Get Down
10. Chun Li - Raspy
11. AK skills - Check Da Flava
12. Alps Cru - Check Da Status
13. DNA - Bronx Criminal County
14. Jigmastas - Dead Man's Walk
15. Fierce - Crab
16. Fatal Fountain - Heavyweights
17. Jam D.O.T. - Time (Wastelanz Remix)
18. Werd Of Mouph - 4 Da Streets
19. Killa Kidz - 96' Phenomenon
20. Nitty Gritty - Tru Grain
21. Brick City Kids - Brick City Kids
22. Brainsick Mob - Time To Shine
23. Pure Genius - Undercover
24. Laster - Off Balance (Remix)
25. Darkside Mob - Darkside For Life
26. Shadowz In The Dark - Black Clouds
27. Demastas feat. Nine - Feel No Guilt
28. Get Open - Here And Now (Remix)
29. M.M.O. - Freeze
30. Rottin Razkals - Oh Yeah
31. DSA - Unholy
32. OC - Born 2 Live (Eclipse Remix)
33. Outro

Download Here

Thursday, 14 January 2010

DJ C-Los - The Lost Remixes Vol. 1

Nice mix of 90's remixes, some dope joints on here!!!!

DJ C-Los - Intro
Nas - It Ain't Hard To Tell (Rmx By Dave Scratch-94)
O.C. - Times Up (Rmx By DJ Eclipse-94)
Beatnuts - Get Funky (Rmx By The Beatnuts-94)
A Tribe Called Quest - Jazz (Rmx By Tribe-91)
Common Sense - Ressurrection (Rmx By Large Pro-95)
Gangstarr - Militia (Rmx By Pete Rock-98)
Craig Mack - Get Down (Rmx By Q-Tip-95)
Krs-One - Rappaz R. N. Dainja (Rmx By Kenny Parker-95)
Channel Live - Madizm (Rmx By Buckwild-95)
Group Home - Up Against The Wall (Lo Budget Mix By Primo-95)
Special Ed - Freaky Flow (Rmx By Primo-95)
Xzibit - Eyes May Shine (Rmx By Havoc-96)
Show & Ag - U Know Now (Rmx By Buckwild-95)
Alkaholiks - Daaam! (Rmx By Buckwild-95)
Fat Joe - Shit Iz Real (Rmx By Primo-94)
Method Man - P.L.O. Style (Rmx By Frankenstein-96)
Souls Of Mischief - Never No More (Rmx By Snupe(Hiero)-94)
DJ Honda - Out For The Cash (5 Deadly Venoms) (Rmx By DJ Honda-96)
Beastie Boys - Sure Shot (Rmx By The Prunes-94)
Yaggfu Front - Slappin' Suckas Silly (Rmx By Diamond D-93)
The Roots - Distortion Of Static (Rmx By The Roots-94)
Black Moon - I Got Cha Opin (Rmx By The Beatminerz-94)
Organized Konfusion - Bring It On (Rmx By Buckwild-96)
Wayne Smith - Under Mi Sleng Teng (Rmx By DJ Muggs-93)
Kool G. Rap & Nas - Fast Life (Rmx By The Vynil Reanimators-96)
D&d All Stars - 1, 2, Pass It (Rmx By Primo-95)
Peanut Butter Wolf Ft. Planet Asia - Def Of Ill (Rmx By Madlib-99)
Psycho Realm - The Stone Garden (Rmx By Pete Rock-97)
De La Soul - Stakes Is High (Lost Rmx By Jay Dee-96)

Download Here

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito-11-11-93

Features Kool Keith, O.C., Large Pro and Monch in the studio. Classic episodes of Stretch & Bobbito show on 89tek9. The golden age in its purest form...

Stretch Armstrong& Bobbito 02.22.96

70+ minutes long, pretty sure there is a raggedy man freestyle at the start. Props to Nes over at DW for loads more Stretch & Bob goodness.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

DJ Nikoless - K Funk Presents: Hiss-Story Volume 1

DJ Nikoless wrote:

Ah it feels good to finally get a new mix out. I’ve been a bit uninspired in the last couple years but recently had the spark reignited to create. A few months ago I was approached from a fellow post-er, K Funk, on and asked if I would do a mix for a special radio/tv program in his home of Romania. I was flattered and intrigued…

I then set up procrastinating recording it until the last minute because I couldn’t decide what the “concept” should be and I am apparently incapable of doing a project without some sort of elaborate concept…ha. Around the same time, I was dedicating endless nights digging thru shoeboxes and transferring old demos, freestyles, radio shows and whatever else from tapes to MP3s. Then it hit me, most of these songs have never been on a mixtape and then I had a concept; a mix of all low quality, bad tape dubbed songs…ha. WIth the exception of 3 songs, everything came from a tape and those 3 are fairly rare in their own right. Actual a few of the songs I don’t even have real copies of, I had to jack them from recordings of my old Time Travel radio show and doctor the intro and outros to make them work.

For those of you just waking up, the title “Hiss-Story” is a reference to that wonderful tape hiss sound you hear…the worse the dub the “better” the hiss…this mix, is THAT story.

Oh yeah, it also finishes out with some personal demos of mine in the early 90s. Including one song I arranged (S.P.O), one I produced (Brain Leakage), and my own group, Savage Intellect [Written, Produced, Mix, Rapped by me].

DJ Nikoless - Hiss-Story Vol.1 (K-Funk Presents...)
01.Intro-Hiss Is For You  
02.Madlib-My Style Is Different... ‘95  
03.The Distortionists-Retaliation ‘96
04.Kemest-One For Dah Mental ‘95  
05.Stedy Serv-Lyrical Graffiti ‘99  
06.Interlude:(All Natural-50 Years) ‘96 
07.Definite Vacation 4 Suckas-Perfection ‘97  
08.Dirte & Ope-Ski (T.S.P)-I’m Only 19 ‘99  9.PRZM & Illogic- Poisonous (How We Do) ??  
10.Headshots-Look Into Our Wilderness ‘97  
11.Kool Keith-You Know The Game ‘95
12.The LO’s ft. Erick Sermon-New Haven Connect ‘95  
13.Raw Elements-Blauw! ‘97  
14.Of Mexican Descent-242 ‘94
15.K Borne-The Qwest [JEL Remix] ‘97  
16.Funkytown Pros-Fake Ass Hip Hoppas ‘95  
17.Brain Leakage-Brain Leakage ‘92  
18.S.P.O-Puttin’ Heads To Bed ‘92  
19.Savage Intellect- Technique Of Fury ‘90  
20.Interlude: Incredible Bongo Band-Apache ‘73  
21.Masai Bey-The Untitled ‘93  
22.Interlude: (Jurassic 5-Jurass Finish First Outro) ‘00  
23.Interlude: HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! 
24.Interlude: (Giant Panda-Diggin In The Tapes) ‘05  
25.Bonus Cut: Paten Locke - Auto Reverse ‘09   

Thursday, 7 January 2010

DJ Low Key - De La Extras #2

DJ Low Key puts together a mix of rarities, remixes, guest spots, bootlegs & b-sides that’d please the craziest of De La fanatics.

1. DJ Low Key “De La Extras #2 Intro”
2. Teenage Fanclub & De La Soul “Fallin (Remix)”

3. De La Soul “La La La”
4. Joel Turner feat Dave “You”
5. Big Pooh feat. Posdnuos “People (Remix)”
6. Eslam Jawaad feat. De La Soul “Rewind DJ”
7. Malcolm McLaren feat. De La Soul “Hey DJ”
8. De La Soul feat. Sean Paul “Shoomp”
9. De La Soul & Camp Lo “So Good”
10. De La Soul feat. Jazzy Jeff “Hold Tight” aka “Cobb Creek (Demo)”
11. De La Soul “Breakadawn (De La Soul Remix)”
12. Oh No feat. Posdnuos “Smile A Lil Bit”
13. J-Live feat. Posdnuos & Oddisee “The Upgrade”

14. DJ Jazzy Jeff feat. Posdnuos “Let Me Hear U Clap”
15. J Period feat. De La Soul “Excursions”
16. Adam F feat. De La Soul & DV Alias Khrist “Time 4 Da True”

17. Ty feat. De La Soul “The Idea”
18. Nat & Onda feat. De La Soul “It’s A New Thing”

19. Matt & Kim feat. De La Soul “Daylight (Troublemaker Remix)”
20. Jungle Brothers feat. De La Soul, Monie Love, A Tribe Called Quest & Queen Latifah “Doin Our Own Dang (Richie Fermie Mix)”

21. Queen Latifah feat. De La Soul “Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children”
22. Mint Royale feat. Posdnuos “Show Me”
23. George Clinton feat. De La Soul “Do Fries Go With That Shake”
24. Last Emperor feat. Masta Ace & Trugoy “Clear Day”
25. Rob-O feat. De La Soul & Pete Rock “Stay Away”
26. Truth Enola feat. De La Soul “Voicestress”
27. Bush Babees feat. De La Soul & Mos Def “The Love Song (Remix)”

Download Here

DJ Chong Wizard - Eclectic Relaxation: A Tribute to A Tribe Called Quest

It’s finally here! DJ Chong Wizard hooks up with Thick Magazine & to present Eclectic Relaxation: A Tribute to A Tribe Called Quest. This mixtape has been a work in progress since last summer when a beat contest was hosted on for producers to recreate their favorite ATCQ tracks. Hundreds of entries were submitted and the best made the cut. Featuring emcees such as Del The Funky Homosapien, El Da Sensei, The Lessondary (Jermiside, Tanya Morgan, etc), Frank Nitti (of Frank N Dank), Moka Only, Bootie Brown and many more, Eclectic Relaxation is sure to give Tribe fans exactly what they’ve been waiting for… a proper tribute!

01. DJ Chong Wizard – Check The Classic (prod. by Complexxx)
02. El Da Sensei – Can I Kick It (prod. by LoKeyNote)
03. Del The Funky Homosapien – Lyrics To Go (prod. by Bidimridim)
04. The Lessondary [Jermiside, A.B.N.G, Tanya Morgan & Elucid] – Check The Rhime (prod. by Bidimridim)
05. Muneshine, Roshin & DJ Sonik – Steve Biko (Stir It Up) (prod. by Muneshine)
06. M.I.C. [MeccaGodZilla, Junclassic & Monsta X] – Award Tour (prod. by Zup)
07. Frank Nitti [Frank n Dank] – Eclectic Relaxation (prod. by G.C.)
08. Jovi Rockwell – Gotta Get Out {Bonita Applebum} (prod. by Ro-Data)
09. Dre Biggity – Find A Way (prod. by Damar Davis & Fonkee1)
10. Moka Only – Push It Along (prod. by Moka Only)
11. Jeff Spec & Moka Only – Butter (prod. by K-Murdock)
12. Phoenix Jones & Big Norf Da God – Verses From The Black E.T.z (prod. by DJ Chong Wizard)
13. Phoenix Jones & Jis The Future – Jazz (prod. by Has-Lo)
14. The Googlenaires [Moka Only & Bootie Brown] – Skypager (prod. by Moka Only)
15. Donny Arcade – Scenario (prod. by Don Joe)
16. Dutchmassive – The Love (prod. by Remot)
17. St. Mic & Tomorrow’s Yesterday – Pad and Pen (prod. by St. Mic)
18. Wax & EOM – A Date Called Quest (prod. by EOM)
19. The Movement Fam – Oh My God (prod. by Bidimridim)

Download Here

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

DJ Rob Swift - Rabia- 2nd Movement

DJ Rob Swift of the X-ecutioners just released a new video off his solo album "The Architect" on Ipeacac Recordings.
Filmed in Fatbeats NYC and Scratch Academy(NY).

Monday, 4 January 2010

DJ Eclipse - Rap Is Outta Control 03.01.10

1. Marv Won "Get Back" prod. by Lord Quest
2. Nametag "The Product" prod. by Black Bethoven
3. Skillz "2009 Rap Up" prod. by Sound H Production
4. Arsonists "D-Sturbed Words"
5. Statik Selektah feat. Talib Kweli, Termanology, & Royce da 5'9" "Come Around (RE:Union Version)" prod. & cuts by Statik Selektah
6. Jay Electronica "Exhibit C" prod. by Just Blaze
7. Heltah Skeltah "Neverending" prod. by Kount Fif
8. Rakim "Dedicated" prod. by Nick Wiz
9. Reks feat. Slaine & Torae "RapANomics" prod. by Statik Selektah
10. Fresh Vetz "What You Put In" prod. by DJ Pause
11. Strong Arm Steady feat. Phonte "Best of Times" prod. by Madlib
12. Copywrite feat. Royce Da 5'9" "O.D. (Overdose)" prod. by Camu Tao
13. Blakroc feat. RZA & Pharoahe Monch "Dollaz & Sense" prod. by Black Keys
14. Vinnie Paz feat. The Clipse "Street Wars" prod. by Shuko
15. Skyzoo feat. Rapper Big Pooh & Naledge "Say What You Say" prod. by Illmind
16. Marv Won "Talk About" prod. by Black Milk
17. Bekay feat. Heltah Skeltah "Crazy" prod. by Illmind
18. 4-IZE, Senor Kaos & Anthony David "Hard To Quit The Rhyme" prod. by Floyd The Locsmif
19. MaG "This Ain't Rap" prod. by Remot
20. BURNTmd feat. Reef The Lost Cauze, Copywrite, Reks & Phil Da Agony "Let's Get ILL" prod. by Illmind
21. Shadowman Boogie Featuring Sonny Brix "The Choice"

Download Here

Just Dizle - Once Upon A Time...50 Miles From 1998

Another dope mix from France 's Just Dizle, full of goodness from 1998.

1.Onyx - Veronica
2.Cappadonna - Milk This Cow
3.Onyx ft Dmx - Shut Em Down and Remix w Big Pun
4.Cam'ron - Glory
5.Busta Rhymes - Everybody Rise
6.DMX - Niggaz Done Started Something
7.DMX - We Don't Give A Fuck
8.Cocoa Brovaz - Bucktown Usa
9.Outkast - Aquemini
10.Pete Rock ft Ms Jones - Soul Survivor
11.Big Punisher ft Black Thought - Super Lyrical
12.The Lox - Let's Start Rap Over
13.The Firm - Phone Tap
14.Brand Nubian - The Return
15.Def Squad ft Jamal - Countdown
16.Busta Rhymes - Tear The Roof Off
17.Dr Dre and LL Cool J - Zoom
18.Gang Starr - You Know My Steez
19.Lost Boyz ft Canibus - Beast From The East
20.Redman - Get It Live
21.Mos Def and Talib Kweli - Definition
22.Paula Perry - Extra, Extra
23.Fat Joe ft Va - John Blaze
24.Pete Rock ft Inspectah Deck and Kurupt - Tru Master
25.Ras Kass - Rasassination
26.Xzibit ft Ras Kass - 3 Card Molly
27.Big Punisher - Beware
28.Big Punisher ft Noreaga - You Came Up
29.Def Squad - Guest List
30.Canibus - Patriots
31.Eminem - Role Model
32.Ice Cube - Pushin Weight
33.M.O.P. - My Kinda Nigga
34.Mic Geronimo - Usual Suspects
35.Method Man - Step By Step
36.Noreaga ft Va - Banned From TV
37.Charli Baltimore ft Noreaga and Cam'Ron - NBC
38.Big L - Ebonics
39.Timbaland ft Jay-Z - Lobster and Shrimp
40.Jay-Z - It's Like That
41.Noreaga - Mathmatics (Esta Loca)
42.Natural Elements - Mayday
43.A Tribe Called Quest - Find A Way
44.Canibus - Second Round K.O.
45.The Firm - Desperado
46.Cam'Ron ft DMX - Pull It
47.Cam'ron - Horse and Carriage
48.Cam'ron - Horse and Carriage (remix)
49.Kurupt - We Can Freak It
50.Outkast ft Raekwon - Skew It On The Bar-B

Download Here
Rock Steady Crew's JS 1 released this late 90's mixtape for all lovers of classic mixtapes a few days ago. Made somewhere in 1996 or 97 JS 1 spins that classic Hip Hop we love so much in this mix.

Side One
Craig G – Rip Ya To Shreds intro
Lord Finesse –
EPMD – Big Payback
Rakim – Rated R
Gangstarr – Here is the Proof
Percee P , AG, & Lord Finesse – Yes U May
JS1 sratch interlude
Main Source – Large Professor
Masta Ace – Eyes on the Prize
Organized Konfusion –
Slick Rick – Lick The Balls
Special Ed – Im Taxin’
KRS-one – Feel The Vibe, Feel The Beat
Mr Voodoo – Lyrical Tactics

Side Two
Organized Konfusion – prisoners of war
Ultramagnetic Mc’s – Aint it Good To Ya
Big Daddy Kane – wrath of kane
Pete Rock & CL Smooth – All Souled Out
JS1 scratch interlude
Freshco & Miz – Now Ya Know freestyle
UBC – Mailin’ It Frosty
Low Profile – Pay Dues
Stezo – Bring The Horns
JS1 scratch interlude – Public Enemy – Rebel beat
KRS-one – Still # 1 freestyle remix
Jungle Brothers – Straight Out the Jungle

Download Here

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Just Dizle - Damn!! Don't Listen Too This Mix II

Another Just Dizle mix for your ears!!

1.Capone-N-Noreaga: T.O.N.Y
2.Ill Al Skratch - Where My Homiez
3.The Lox - Fuck You
4.Camp Lo - Luchini
5.The Notorious B.I.G. - Warning
6.The Notorious B.I.G. - Big Poppa
7.Fugees - Vocab (Hip Hop Remix)
8.Lil Kim - Queen Bitch
9.Kris Kross - Live And Die For Hip Hop ft Da Brat, Jd & Aaliyah
10.Pharcyde - Runnin (Video Remix)
11.Nas - The World Is Yours
12.Jadakiss - We Gonna Make It
13.Smiff-N-Wessun - Sound Bwoy Burriel
14.DMX - We Don't Give A Fuck ft Jadakiss & Styles P
15.Rampage - Wild For The Night ft Busta Rhymes
16.Craig Mack - Flava In Ya Ear (Easy Mo Bee Remix)
17.Craig Mack - Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)
18.Junior Mafia - Players Anthem
19.Ras Kass - Ghetto Fabulous ft Dr Dre
20.Drag-On - Spit These Bars
21.Redman - Tonight's Da Nite
22.Fat Joe - John Blaze ft Big Punisher, Nas, Raekwon
23.Wu-Tang Clan - Triumph
24.Raekwon - Ice Cream ft Ghostface Killah, Method Man
25.Keith Murray - The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World
26.Noreaga - N.O.R.E.
27.2Pac - Me Against The World
28.Da Brat - Give It To You (Remix)
29.A Tribe Called Quest - 1nce Again
30.Crooklyn Dodgers - Crooklyn Dodgers
31.Crooklyn Dodgers - Return Of Crooklyn Dodgers
32.Masta Ace - Born To Roll (Jeep Ass Nigguh Remix)
33.A Tribe Called Quest - Check The Rhime
34.Da Bush Babees - We Run Things
35.Da Bush Babees - The Love Song ft Mos Def
36.Shyheim - Shit Iz Real
37.A+ - All I See
38.Lost Boyz - Renee
39.Lost Boyz - Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Venz
40.Lost Boyz - Lifestyle of The Rich and The Shameless
41.Lost Boyz - Music Makes Me High
42.The Notorious B.I.G. - Machine Gun Funk
43.Redman - It's Like That (My Big Brother)
44.Lords Of The Underground - Tic Toc
45.Das Efx - Kaugh In Da Ak (Remix)
46.Ol Dirty Baster - Brooklyn Zoo
47.Mobb Deep - Give Up The Goods
48.Mobb Deep - Survival Of The Fittest
49.Outkast - ATLiens
50.Naughty By Nature - It's On
51.Naughty By Nature - Craziest
52.Pete Rock @ C.L. Smooth - T.R.O.Y.
53.Nice And Smooth - Hip Hop Junkies

Download Here

Just Dizle - 90's RNB 6

Vol.6 of Just Dizle's real nice mixes featuring that dope rnb from the 90's.

1.Let Me Be the One - Mint Condition
2.Ladies In The House - Aaliyah
3.Just Kickin' It - Xscape
4.Diggin' On You (L.A.'s Live Edit + SoulPower Remix) - TLC
5.Same Ol' G - Ginuwine
6.Kissin' You - Total
7.Be with You (Remix) Ft. Lauryn Hill - Mary J. Blige
8.Come Over To My Place - Davina
9.Love Jones ft Erick Sermon And Too Short - Keith Sweat
10.All Night Long - Boyz II Men
11.My Heart - Donell Jones
12.Makeda (DJ Spinna and Ticklah Mix + Original) - Les Nubians
13.There Is Nothing Like This (In The Park Mix) - Omar
14.Hump Bounce - R Kelly
15.Love Like This Ft. Lil' Cease - SWV
16.5-4-3-2 (Yo! Time is up!) - Jade
17.Just the Way (Female Remix) - Alfonzo Hunter
18.Mary Jane ft. LL Cool J (12" limited edtion) - Mary J. Blige
19.Payback - Montell Jordan
20.Let's Do It Again - Xscape
21.Gone Be Fine (Featuring Outkast) - Monica
22.Feels Like Heaven - Kenny Vaughan & "The Art Of Love"
23.We Ride - R. Kelly
24.Dollar Bill ft Foxy Brown - R.Kelly
25.Always Keep It Real - Coko & Jon B Feat. Jay-Z
26.The Way You Talk To Me - Jagged Edge
27.Come Get Wit Me ft Snoop Doggy Dogg - Keith Sweat
28.Are You Ready - Aaliyah
29.Hey Lover (Remix) - LL Cool J Ft Keith Murray

Download Here

Just Dizle - 90's RNB 5

1.Whatever You Want - Tony Toni Tone
2.Tonite's The Night (remix) - Blackstreet ft SWV, Craig Mack
3.Always Be My Baby (Mr Dupri Mix ft Da Brat & X-Scape) - Mariah Carey
4.Everything - Mary J. Blige
5.You Been Played - Smooth
6.Keep Trying - Groove Theory
7.Bring It On (DJ Premier & Guru Mix) - N'Dea Davenport
8.Brown Sugar featuring Kool G Rap (Da Beatminerz Remix) - D'Angelo
9.Feels So Good - Xscape
10.Baby C'mon - Boyz II Men
11.I Miss You (Come Back Home) feat. AZ (Remix) - Monifah
12.Just Like Me ft Lil Kim - Usher
13.All About You - Donell Jones
14.A girl like you ft Treach - Aaliyah
15.Tabou (Roots Remix Feat. Black Thought) - Les Nubians
16.I Can Love You ft Lil Kim - Mary J. Blige
17.Can't Be Wasting My Time ft Mr Cheeks (One Dread Ball Head Remix) - Mona Lisa
18.Someone (feat. Puff Daddy) - SWV
19.It's All About You - Adina Howard
20.Lovin' Ya Boy - Changing Faces
21.Ain't Nobody - Monica Ft. Treach
22.Somethin' 4 Da Honeyz (Remix + Original) ft Redman - Montell Jordan
23.Good Enough - Bobby Brown
24.Walk You Thru - A Few Good Men
25.It's Not Deep Enough - Jewell
26.Not Gonna Hold On - R Kelly
27.Love For Free - Rell Feat. Jay-Z
28.So Into You (Wyclef Jean Remix) (Feat. Free) (Main Mix) - Tamia

Download Here

Just Dizle - 90's RNB 4

1.Together Again (DJ Premier Just Tha Bass Remix) - Janet Jackson
2.Sitting Up In my Room (Doug Rasheed Hip Hop Remix) ft LL Cool J + Original - Brandy
3.I Dont Wanna Be Alone (rmx) - Shai feat. Jay-Z
4.This Is For The Lover In You (Puffy Extended & Trackmasters Remix) - Babyface Feat. Ghostface Killah & LL Cool J
5.Thank You (Untouchable Remix) - Boyz II Men
6.Don't Take It Personal (Hip Hop Remix) - Monica
7.Like this and Like that - Monica
8.Throw Your Hands Up - Aaliyah
9.Baby Baby Baby - TLC
10.If You Love Me (Smooth Out Remix) - Brownstone
11.Crush - Zhane
12.Georgy Porgy (The Bud'da Sauce Remix Feat. Faith Evans & Shaunta) - Eric Benet
13.Ascension (Dont Ever Wonder) - Maxwell
14.Sometimes (The Ummah Remix (Featuring Q-Tip) - The Brand New Heavies
15.HIStory (Ummah Remix) - Michael Jackson
16.Hold On - En Vogue
17.Down 4 Whateva - Nuttin' Nyce
18.Mind Blowin' (Non-Rap Edit) - Smooth
19.Where I Wanna Be Boy [Uptown Extended Mix] - Miss Jones
20.Just The Way You Like It (Remix with Rap) - Tasha Holiday
21.Homie Lover Friend - R. Kelly
22.Vibe - Zhane
23.Pick up the Phone - Aaron Hall
24.Summer Bunnies (Remix) - R.kelly ft. Aaliyah
25.That's The Way Love Goes (LP Version + CJ R&B 7'' Mix) - Janet Jackson
26.Too Close - Next

Download Here

Just Dizle - 90's RNB 3

1.Brandy - Almost Doesn't Count (DJ Premix Mix)
2.Jodeci - Freek'N'You (Mr. Dalvin's Freak Mix feat. Raekwon)
3.Keith Sweat ft Jacci McGhee - Make It Last Forever
4.SWV ft Redman - Lose My Cool
5.Nicole - Make It Hot
6.Intro - Funny How Time Flies
7.Monica - Before You Walk Out Of My Life (Pete Rock Mix)
8.Changing Faces ft Jay-Z and R.Kelly - All Of My Days
9.Raphael Saadiq - Ask Of You
10.Tevin Campbell - Can We Talk + Remix
11.En Vogue ft Rah Digga - Don't Let Go (2000 Watts Remix)
12.Men Of Vizion ft Mr. Cheeks - Do You Feel Me
13.Aaron Hall ft Redman - Curiosity (Marley Marl Remix)
14.Aaliyah ft Missy Elliott- If Your Girl Only Knew (Timbaland Remix)
15.D'Angelo ft Redman - Me and Those Dreaming Eyes (Erick Sermon Remix)
16.Heavy D. - Big Daddy
17.Tony Thompson - I Wanna Love Like That
18.A Few Good Men - Tonite (Eddie F Untouchable Remix)
19.New Edition ft Mr Cheeks - Something About You (Dark Child Remix)
20.Silk - Hooked On You (Chucklife Remix Edit)
21.Boyz II Men ft Erick Sermon and Keith Murray - Vibin (Kenny "Smoove" Remix)
22.Tha Truth ft Keith Murray - Makin' Moves
23.Brandy - Baby (All Star Party Mix)
24.Zhane ft Queen Latifah - Request Line (Remix)
25.Guy - Tell Me What You Like
26.Usher - Think Of You (Bad Boy Remix)
27.Whitehead Brothers - Forget I Was A G (Easy Month Bee Remix)
28.Jodeci ft Erick Sermon - Get On Up (Def Squad Remix)
29.Mary J Blige ft CL Smooth - Reminisce (Bad Boy Remix)
30.Mokenstef ft Grand Puba - I Got Him All The Time (He's Mine Grand Puba Version)
31.Janet Jackson - All For You (DJ Premier Top Heavy Remix)

Download Here

Just Dizle - 90's RNB 2

1.Mary J Blige - My Life
2.En Vogue - Don't Let Go
3.Erykah Badu - On And On
4.Sade - Cherish The Day
5.TLC - Diggin On You
6.Intro - Funny How Time Flies
7.Monica - Before You Walk
8.Raphael Saadiq - Ask Of You
9.Donell Jones - All About You
10.Jodeci - Come And Talk To Me (Remix)
11.Tevin Campbell - Can We Talk (Remix)
12.Faith Evans - You Used To Love Me (Remix)
13.Aaliyah - If You Girl Only Knew (Remix)
14.Mary J Blige - All Night Long (Remix ft Ll Cool J)
15.Aaron Hall - Curiosity (Marley Marl Remix ft Redman)
16.Carl Thomas - I Wish (Remix ft LL Cool J)
17.Horace Brown - One For The Money
18.Dave Hollister - One Woman Man
19.45 King - Spread Love
20.Babyface - Cool In You
21.Guy - Tell Me What You Like
22.Groove Theory - Tell Me
23.Something For The People - Party Started
24.Brand New Heavies - Dream On Dreamer
25.Maxwell - Ascension
26.Gina Thompson - Things You Do (Remix ft Raekwon, Craig Mack)
27.Brandy - Top Of The World (Remix ft Big Pun & Fat Joe)
28.Brandy - Top Of The World (Original)
29.Christopher Williams - Every Little Thing You Do
30.Soul 4 Real - Every Little Thing You Do
31.Next - Too Close

Download Here

Just Dizle - 90's RNB 1

Just Dizle from Paris, France has dropped 6 mixes so far of banging 90's RNB. Here is Vol. 1 with 2 - 6 to follow.

Download Here

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Deejay Manifest Mix 10


1.2pac-I Get Around
2.Kwame-The Rhythm
3.Akinyele - The Bomb
4.Ice Cube-Steady Mobbin
5.A.T.C.Q-Award Tour
6.2 Pac-If My Homie Calls
7.Public Enemy-Can't Truss It
8.Ice T-I'm Your Pusher
10.BDP- Love's Gonna Get'cha (Material Love)
11.Terminator X f. Whodini - It All Comes Down
12.3rd Bass-The Gas Face
13.Biz Markie- Make The Music With Your Mouth
14.Whodini-Funky Beat
15.Doug E Fresh-I-Ight (Alright) [Allstar Remix]
16.Snoop Dog-Tha Shiznit
17.Sadat X-The Lump Lump
18.Groove Theroy-Tell Me(blend)
19Large Professor-I Juswannachill
20.Crucial Conflict - Smokin On Hay
21.Nikki D - Daddy´s Little Girl

Download Here

Deejay Manifest Mix 9

I hope ya'll enjoy this mix of good 80's and 90's music!!!

1.Jay Z-Ain't No Nigga
2.2 pac-2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted
3.Arrested Development-People Everyday (Metamorphosis Mix)
4.Black Sheep-The Choice is Yours(Revisited)
5.Cypress Hill-Insane In The Brain
6.Da Lench Mob - Guerillas In Tha Mist
7.Dr.Dre- Fuck Wit Dre Day (Feat Snoop, Rbx, Jewel)
8.Dj Quick-Tonite
9.3xs Dope-Greatest Man Alive
10.Boogie Boys-A fly girl
11.Mc Lyte-Paper Thin
12.sos band-just be good to me(blend)
13.Stetsasonic-Go Stetsa
14.super lover cee & casanova rud-Do the James
15.Steady B-Serious (remix)
16.Slick Rick-Lick the Balls
18.Audio Two-Top Billin
19.Ice-T-girls (l.g.b.n.a.f)
20.De La Soul-Potholes In My Lawn
21.Kid N Play-Gittin Funky
22.Jungle Bros- J. Beez Comin' Trough

Download Here

Deejay Manifest Mix 8

Here goes some more 90's heat for ya

1.Lords Of The Underground - Chief Rocka
2.Grand Puba- 360° (What Goes Around)
3.Keith Murray - The Most Beautifullest Thing In this World
4.KRS One-mcs act like they dont know
5.ATCQ-Electric relaxation
6.Group Home-Livin Proof
7.Notorious Big-Hypnotize blend
8.Onyx-Shiftee blend
9.Da Bush Babees - Remember We (Salaam Remi Remix)
10.Nonchalant - 5 O' Clock
11.Group Home- Supa Dupa Star
12.O.C-Times Up
13. Keith Murray - Get Lifted
14.Junior Mafia--Player's Anthem
15. Method Man - I'll Be There For You (You're All I Need To Get By) (Razor Sharp Mix)
16. Nine - Whutcha Want
17.DAS EFX- Mic Checka
18.Da Bush Babies-We run things
20.Organized Konfusion-Stress
21. De La Soul - Ego Trippin
23.NAS-NY State of mind
24.Fat Joe-The Shit is Real (dj Premier remix)
25.Fu Schnickens La Schmoove

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