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DJ Kiyo - Trademark Sound Series Vol.5 (The Alchemist) (320kbs)

OK.  Here is Vol. 5 of DJ Kiyo's Trademark Sound Series Mixes, Alan The Chemist in full effect, all productions by The Alchemist...please don't ask me to post the other volumes.  

After all the bitching after the DJ Koco fiasco, I seriously cant be arsed with peoples self entitlement.  I am trying to make it easier for people to cop these mix CD's from Japan by adding them to Discogs in a semi-timely manner, If all you want is downloads without even putting your hands in your pockets and supporting, then you seriously get the gas face.  Discogs link for this cd is HERE.  (There is one for sale at the time of writing)


See, I'm soo lazy , I cant even be bothered typing the tracklist :)


PS.  If people left more nice comments I might feel compelled to post more rare CD's :)

DJ Emskee - Pen Joints #213 21 May 2021 & Pen Joints #214 28 May 2021 (320kbs)

Last weeks of shows from DJ Emskee dropping that dope shit as fucking always.  Apologies for lack of updates, believe I got loads in the stash..


Saturday, 22 May 2021

DJ DS - Goes Back To School (The Graduation: 1991) (320kbs)

It’s time to go ‘Back to School’ again for the final time.  1991 is the year that I graduated from high school is probably my second favorite year, after 1988 of course!  I’ve loved making this series of mixes and it’s definitely cemented the fact this was the best era for the culture.  

Thanks to everyone that recorded a drop for me on this and the others in the series, including Percee P, Skratch Bastid, DJ Moneyshot, DJ Jimmy Green, DJ Repo, Rob Pursey, Nanlib, Def Goldbloom, DJ Bobby Cousy, E Major, DJ Mentos, Kil, Kane Major, DJ Wix One, Easy Egg, Hip Hop History Guy, Richie (1 of 100), Steve (Applestump Records) and anyone else that’s hooked me up!

Stream on Mixcloud, or peep the HQ DL after the immense tracklist!!!

DJ DS – Intro
Boogie Down Productions – We In There
Jimi Hendrix - Little Miss Lover
A Tribe Called Quest Feat. Leaders of the New School – Scenario
Del the Funky Homosapien – Ahonetwo, Ahonetwo
Boogie Down Productions – Duck Down
Downtown Science - If I Was
Lord Finesse - Return of the Funky Man (Remix)
Lord Finesse - Return of the Funky Man (A Cappella)
Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs - Life of a Kid in the Ghetto
Rufus Thomas - The Breakdown (Part II)
Queen Latifah - Latifah's Had it Up to Here
The Genius - Life Of A Drug Dealer
Isaac Hayes - Hung Up on My Baby 
Geto Boys - My Mind Playing Tricks On Me (Extended Mix)
Geto Boys - My Mind Playing Tricks On Me (LP Mix)
The O'Jays - Give The People What They Want 
EPMD – Give the People
Hard Knocks - Dirty Cop Named Harry
3rd Bass – Derelicts Of Dialect
Black Sheep - The Choice Is Yours (Revisited & LP Version)
A Tribe Called Quest – Buggin’ Out
Craig-G – Take the Bait (12” Version)
Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band – What Can You Bring Me?
The Partridge Family - I Think I Love You
Nice & Smooth - Hip Hop Junkies
MC Lyte - Poor Georgie
Freestyle Fellowship - 7th Seal 
DNA feat. Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner
Nikki D ‎– Daddy's Little Girl (Main Mix)
Ice Cube - Steady Mobbin'
Ultramagnetic MC's – Chorus Line Pt. 2
Naughty By Nature - O.P.P. (Ultamix)
Naughty By Nature - O.P.P. (Sunny Days Remix)
Delegation - Oh Honey
UMC's - Blue Cheese
Two Kings in a Cipher - Movin' On 'Em (The Remix)
De La Soul - Keepin' The Faith
Ice-T - New Jack Hustler
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Crosstown Traffic
Caveman – I’m Ready
Tracy Chapman - Fast Car
Nice & Smooth – Sometimes I Rhyme Slow
EPMD Feat. L.L. Cool J – Rampage
Cypress Hill - How I Could Just Kill a Man
NWA – Appetite for Destruction
Biz Markie - Busy Doing Nuthin' (Remix)
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Good Life
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Good Life (Group Home Mix)
Main Source Feat. Nasty Nas, Joe Fatal & Akinyele - Live at the Barbeque
Ultramagnetic MC's - Make It Happen
Tim Dog – F**K Compton
K.M.D Feat. Brand Nubian & Leaders of the New School - Nitty Gritty (Dog Spelled Backwards Mix)
Leaders of the New School - Case Of The P.T.A.
James Brown - White Lightning (I Mean Moonshine)
Leaders Of The New School - Sobb Story
Tony D - I Know Who I Am
Grand Puba - Fat Rat
K.M.D – Who Me?
Young Disciples Feat. Master Ace - Talkin' What I Feel
Organized Konfusion - Fudge Pudge (Bob T Mix)
Organized Konfusion - Fudge Pudge (Remix A Cappella)
Downtown Science - Out There but in There (Instrumental)
Downtown Science - This Is A Visit (Hardhead Instrumental)
The Jaz – Hypocritters
Heavy D & the Boyz, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Grand Puba & Q-Tip – Don’t Curse
Showbiz & A.G. Feat. Diamond D – Soul Clap (Short Version)
Showbiz & A.G. – Soul Clap (Off Beat Mix)
Showbiz & A.G. – Party Groove (LP & Bass Mix)
Naughty by Nature - Uptown Anthem
Greyson & Jasun Feat. Slick Rick – Get Bizzy
Big Daddy Kane Feat. Q-Tip & Busta Rhymes - Come On Down
Godfather Don - On And On
Caveman – Cool Cos I Don't Get Upset
Digital Underground Feat. 2Pac – Same Song
Marley Marl Feat. Little Daddy Shane, Craig G, Master Ace, Kool G Rap & Big Daddy Kane - The Symphony, Pt. II
Kid Capri – Apollo
Gang Starr – Step in the Arena
Poor Righteous Teachers – Shakiyla
D-Nice – 25 Ta Life (Instrumental)
Minnie Riperton - Baby, This Love I Have
A Tribe Called Quest - Check The Rhime (LP, Skeff’s & Mr. Muhammad's Mix)
Bubble Gum Machine - I Wonder
Black Sheep - Flavor of the Month
Black Sheep - Butt... In The Meantime
Joe Farrell - Upon This Rock
Tom Scott and The California Dreamers - Never My Love
Public Enemy - Shut Em Down (Pete Rock Remix)
D-Nice Feat. Naughty By Nature - Time to Flow
Master Ace – Go Where I Send Thee
Hard Knocks – Hands Of A Stranger
A Tribe Called Quest - Jazz (We've Got)
The Turtles - You Showed Me
Freestyle Fellowship - Sunshine Men
Gang Starr – Check the Technique
Marlina Shaw – California Soul
S.O.U.L. - Peace of Mind
Craig-G – What You're Used To
Cypress Hill – Latin Lingo
Slick Rick - It's A Boy
Slick Rick - It's A Boy (Large Professor Remix)
Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs - I Got To Have It
Chubb Rock – The One
9th Creation - Bubble Gum
Fu-Schnickens – Ring The Alarm
Fu-Schnickens – Ring The Alarm (Steely & Clevie Extended Mix)
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Summertime
Joe Simon - Theme From Cleopatra Jones
Compton's Most Wanted - Growing Up In The Hood
2Pac – Trapped
De La Soul - Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa 
Gang Starr - Execution Of A Chump
Pointer Sisters - Don't It Drive You Crazy
Main Source - Just Hangin' Out (Our Hood)
Main Source - Just Hangin' Out (Your Hood - Remix) 
Biz Markie - T.S.R. (Toilet Stool Rap)
Blue Mitchell's - Good Humour Man
The UMC's - One To Grow On
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - The Creator
Organized Konfusion - Who Stole My Last Piece Of Chicken! (Remix)
Hijack - Airwave Hijack (Part 1)
DJ DS – Outro

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