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DJ Wiz - Rap History Mix 1997 Pt. 2

DJ Wiz – Intro
The Beatnuts – Do You Believe
Rakim – It’s Been A Long Time
Mood – Karma
Chubb Rock – The Mind
Krumbsnatcha – Gettin Closer To God
Encore – Defined by The Dollar
Saukrates – P’s & Q’s
Camp Lo – Coolie High
Diamond D – Never ft. Sadat X
Bee Why - The Boro’s
KRS-One – A Friend
Dilated Peoples – Third Degree ft. Defari
Defari – Bionic
Busta Rhymes – We Could Take It Outside ft. Flipmode Squad
Onyx & Wu-Tang Clan – The Worst
Non Phixion – 5 Boros
Cella Dwellas – Main Aim
Dutchmin – Surrounded
Fonky Family – Cherche Vraiment Pas A Comprendre
IAM – L’Enfer
Raphael, Loucha & Shyheim – Worldwide
Wu-Tang Clan – Older Gods
Artifacts – Interview
Slum Village – I Don’t Know ft. Jazzy Jeff
Black Attack – Correct Technique
Funky DL – I’ve Lost My Microphone
Jungle Brothers – Brain
Hieroglyphics – You Never Knew
Jurassic 5 – Concrete Schoolyard
D.I.T.C. – Day One
O.C. – M.U.G. ft. Bumpy Knuckles
Boogiemonsters – Say Word ft. Bahamadia
Saukrates – Rollin (Rmx) ft. Masta Ace & O.C.

DJ Wiz - Rap History Mix 1996 Pt. 2

DJ Wiz – Intro
INI – Fakin’ Jax
Siah And Yeshua Dapo ED – The Visualz
Jeru The Damaja – Me Or The Papes
Blackmajik – Rotten Apple
Royal Flush – Rotten Apple
C.H.A.O.S. – True M.P.
Son A Bluntz – Don’t Snooze
Royal Flush – Smoke Session
Redman – Smoke Buddah
Sick Lyrical Damager - It’s Over
Cella Dwellas – Wussdaplan
Shades Of Brooklyn – Change
Foundation & Rezidue – Boogie Down’s Got The Flavor
Heather B – If Headz Only Knew
Busta Rhymes – Everything Remains Raw
LA The Darkman – As The World Turns ft. Raekwon
MF Grimm – International Rules
M.O.P. – Brownsville
Mobb Deep – Back At You
Bahamadia – Spontaneity
Frankenstein – The Rain Is Gone
Group Home – East NY Theorie ft. Brainsick Mob
AK Skills – One Life Ta Live
O.G.C. – No Fear
Keith Murray – The Rhyme
Large Professor – IJUSWANNACHILL
Busta Rhymes – Woo Hah!! Got You All In Check (Jay-Dee Remix)
De La Soul – Stakes Is High
Alps Cru – All Alone
Real Live – The Turnaround
Erick Sermon – Maintain
Grav – One Puff
A Tribe Called Quest – The Hop
Citizen Kane - Blackrain

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Sunday, 19 August 2012

DJ Premier - Live From HeadQCourterz August 17

Latest show on Sirius XM with DJ Premier

Monday, 13 August 2012

DJ Ian Head - Rap Vinyl

I love underground, independent hip-hop. I don't think it gets its proper due. There's just something about listening to talented, hungry emcees over unpolished beats that you don't find in much mainstream music. There's that certain aesthetic, the DIY hustle, that shines through the music. People keep telling me I'll grow out of it, but it hasn't happened yet.

In high school I spent a lot of time buying used tapes at one of Portland's classic record stores, 2nd Avenue Records. Most of the store was vinyl, but they had this old wooden cabinet in the middle of the store and you could pull out these giant, heavy drawers full of cover-less, beat-up tapes for $2 each. I loved digging through those drawers, and sometimes I'd spend my lunch money on some new music. After grabbing a tape or two, I'd occasionally wander over to the hip-hop vinyl section and peak through. But it was a pointless mission since I didn't have a record player.

However, I was a bit of a computer nerd, and I did have a 2400 baud modem attached to my dad's PC. Around 1995, I found myself on a "BBS" (google it) message board emailing with a young emcee and producer in Florida who was accumulating heavy amounts of obscure, independent hip-hop vinyl. He volunteered to fill up any blank tape I sent him with the best hip-hop he had, and it was too good of a deal to pass up. I'd send him two tapes at a time, and get them back a month or two later, packed full of all kinds of independent hip-hop, b-sides and remixes. Stuff from all over the country. It was an education, and I can't thank that dude enough for being so generous. He's now a fairly well-known producer and emcee in New York, who has worked with many of the artists he dubbed onto those tapes. When I moved to New York in 96, I started hitting Fat Beats, Footwork, and other spots, not just for the latest wax, but also some of those classic joints from those mixes. Over the years I've tracked many of them down - but there's still a few that elude me.

The first mixtape I made for internet distribution in 2007 was collection of 90s independent, underground hip-hop vinyl. Honestly, I don't have a copy of that mix anymore - I'd looked on old hard drives, CDs, everywhere - I can't find it. So I thought I'd take it back with a similar theme, and play an hour of independent hip-hop vinyl - it's not strictly 90s releases, but most of these joints are at least 10 years old (I can't believe it's 2012...). A LOT of records got left off this tape - those that made the mix are some favorites and obscurities that hopefully not everyone has heard before. I tried not to play too many records that appear on my past tapes, and I also tried to span the country geographically.

So for the backpacker, underground heads like me that hear this, hopefully you enjoy.

-- DJ Ian Head

Rhymefest "How We Chill Pt. 1"
Encore "Defined by the Dollar"
Pumpkinhead "Dynamic (Remix)"
Kutfather "Neva Scared"
Elusive ft. Grouch and PSC "The CMA"
Mr. Lif "Enter the Colossus"
Aceyalone and Self-Jupiter "When the Sun took the Day Off and the Moon Stood Still"
Source of Labor "Q. R."
Mass Influence "LIFE to the Emcee"
Sleestackz "Ruination"
Mr. Complex "Why Don't Cha" (DJ Spinna Instrumental)
Danja Mowf "Questions"
K-Otix "Intro"
Munk with the Funk "Exersize"
Smut Peddlers "One by One" (Instrumental)
L.A.W. "Styles Bug"
T-Love ft. Chali 2na "Wannabeez"
Network Reps "Simplistic"
Unspoken Heard "Mid-Atlantic"
Arsonists "The Session"
The Cuf "Sacramento"
Atmosphere "Sound is Vibration"
The Nonce "Mixtapes"

Da Beatminerz - Live From HeadQCourterz 10 August

Da Beatminerz stand in for DJ Premier

Friday, 10 August 2012

Just Dizle - Summer's End Mixtape teamed up with DJ Just Dizle again for another mixtape for you to ride out the rest of the Summer! Taking classic summer joints from some of the hottest 90′s artist to give you a timeless Summer’s End mixtape which we have to say has “Nuttin but 90s Hip-Hop Joints.“

01.Quincy Jones – Cast Your Fate To The Wind
02.Sublime – Doin Time (Martial Arts Remix) (Feat The Pharcyde)
03.Queen Latifah – Elements I’m Among
04.Outkast – Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik (Diamond Remix)
05.Bahamadia – I Confess (The Roots Remix)
06.Kris Kross – Live And Die For Hip Hop (DJ Clark Kent Mix)
07.Big L – MVP (Summer Smooth Mix)
08.Ill Al Skratch feat. Brian McKnight – I’ll Take Her
09.Curtis Mayfield – You’re So Good To Me
10.Al B Sure – Nite And Day
11.Da Youngstas – Ill Make You Famous (Remix)
12.Ras Kass – Ghetto Fabolous Feat Dr Dre & Mack 10
13.Tha Dogg Pound – Let’s Play House
14.Richie Rich – Let’s Ride
15.Erick Sermon – Do Your Thing
16.Too Short – In the Trunk
17.Mad Lion Ft KRS One – Double Trouble (Third World Street Remix)
18.Michael Jackson – The Lady In My Life
19.Camp Lo – Coolie High (Paradise Remix)
20.Da Brat – Original Remix
21.Heltah Skeltah – Laflaur Leflah Eshkoshka (Remix) ft. OGC
22.Cru – Loungin’ Wit My Cru
23.Digable Planets – Nickel Bags
24.O.C. – Born 2 Live
25.Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Take You There
29.Bounty Killer – Change Like the Weather feat. Busta Rhymes
30.Domino – Sweet Potatoe Pie
31.Da Bush Babees – We Run Things
32.N-Tyce – Hush Hush Tip Feat. Method Man
33.Royal Flush – Iced Down Medallions
34.Surface – Closer 2 U
35.Shyheim – This Iz Real
36.Lost Boyz – Music Makes Me High (L.T. Hutton Extended Club Mix)
37.Funk Flex Presents Wu-Tang Cream Team – Line Up
38.Masta Ace Incorporated – Sittin’ On Chrome (Pitkin Ave Mix)
39.Goodie Mob – Soul Food
40.Organized Konfusion – Stress (Extra P Remix)
41.Kurupt – We Can Freak it
42.Charli Baltimore – Horse And Carriage (Remix)
43.Nice & Smooth – Old to the New
44.Naughty By Nature – It’s On (Kay Gee Remix)
45.Zhigge – Toss It Up

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Mac Dough - Dust Your Tape Deck - The Rah Rah Tape No. 5 - The Wreck Shop

MF Grimm : Crumbsnatchers
Fat Joe : You Must Be Out Of Your Fuckin' Mind
Hyenas in the Desert : Othe Side of Midnight
Cru : Bluntz & Bakakeemis
Not responsible : Hankin For A Hunka Cheese
Large Professor :Spacey
D-Stroy : Off the Wall
Sons of Sam : It's Like That
Big L : MVP (Buckwild Remix)
Shorty Long ‎: Shorty'z Doin' His Own Thang
Shanow : Remedy Man (Known As The Shanow)
Kukoo da Bag a Bonez : Sleepin on the Enemy - Sergent records
Propo'88 & Blabbermouth : Boogiewitdaruffneck - Sergent Records
Mista Melo : In the Cut - Sergent Records
Ego / Ellmatic / Rawberry : Funky 2 + 1 Demo (scratches : Calhoun) - Sergent Records
Ruggedness Maddrama : Checkin down the Menu
Horror City : MC Hustler
World Renown : How Nice I Am (SID Remix)
T.D.S Mob : Dope for the Folks (Props Remix)
Lord Aaquil : Kick it Like This
Cash Crew : Bring it Down
Indikator : The Indikator Remix
Labtekwon : Pharaoh of the Kayo
Voodoo : Nasty Nigga
Suspekt : Straight from the Heart
£ords of Rap : Where Does The Xtra 3 Quid Go?
Tha 9-X Crew : Smoked Hickory
Flatbush Natives : Big Up
Roguish Armament : Bodega
The Bums : Rain
Ego the Baptist & Propo'88 : Egotrip - Sergent Records
Black Sheep : City Lights
Ideal J : Show Bizness
Keith Murray : Herb is Pumpin'
Meyhem Lauren : I got the Fever
Real Live : Iceberg Slick
Consequence / Mobb Deep : Queens gets the Money
Fat Joe & Armageddon : Big Apple gone Rotten (Remix)
Hi Tech : the Tech's Technique
Blak Twang : Mr. Jam Promotah
Scientists of Sound :What's the Reh Reh
Hillfiguz : Not Enuff Time
Call O Da Wild : Clouds of Smoke
The Bums : Take a Look Around (Groovebumz Remix)
GhostFace Killah : Marvel
Danny Brown : Re-Up
Celph Titled & Buckwild : Swashbuckling
Hidden Identity : Pure Rudeness
Ewrection : Mixed Up
Props : Props (Bring it On)
Shazam X feat. Percee P & Sick Lyrical Damager : Respect Costs More Than Money
The Beatnuts : Back 2 Back
Ego The Baptist & Propo '88 : 71.1 Freestyle Session - Sergent Records
Action Bronson : Shiraz
A Tribe Called Quest : 1nce Again (Caligari Remix) - Sergent Records
Big O : Schmoov wit tha Ruffness
Group Home : East New York Theory
Da' Enna C. : You Can't Use My Pen
the Next Wavelength : Push Come To Shove
Huss & Hodn : Der Stoff, aus dem die Regenschirme sind
M.T : Set it Off
MSI & Asylum :Bwoy Wah Ya Tek Dis Fah
Born in Hell : The Boom
The Nonce : World Ultimate
Big Joe Krash : Break The Chain
East Of The Rock : Galaxy Rays
3 Times Dope : Gimme dat Beat
Ill Distracxion : No Mc's
Ideal J : Comme Personne Ne L'A ...

J Rocc - Tasters Choice Vol. 6

After a three year hiatus, the underground mixtape series Taster's Choice returns from the Stones Throw/Beat Junkies DJ, J Rocc. The long awaited Volume 6 highlights rare breaks and obscure mixes of African/Reggae music in a collective blend as only the Funky President can assemble

That Reggae Funk
2 in 1
Version 1
Version 2
That Congos Edit
A Fela Joint
A Fela Break
Afro Break 1
Universal Music
More Of That Afro Funk
Reggae Funk Break 1
Funky Reggae
Reggae Funk Break 2
James Brown Cover
I Bought This For $3
Afro Break 2
Let's Slow It Down
Track 18
King Floyd
I Already Had This One
Art Lebeau Classic
Lou Rawls
Alton Ellis
Bill Withers

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

DJ Eclipse - Live From HeadQCourterz 3rd August

DJ Eclipse standing in for DH Premier again....

1. La Coka Nostra - Mossad
2. ?
3. Shabaam Sahdeeq - This Is (feat. Skeezo)
4. Masta Ace - I Did It
5. Ice Water - Watered Down
6. Strong Arm Steady & Statik Selektah - Forever (feat. Chace Infinite)
7. 38 Spesh - No More
8. Meyhem Lauren - Radioactive Tuna (feat. Smoke DZA, J-Love & Thirstin Howl the 3rd)
9. Concise Kilgore - Octapussy Tentacles (feat. Action Bronson)
10. Big Shug - Blue Collar
11. Public Enemy - Catch the Thrown (feat. Large Professor & Cormega)
12. Large Professor - UNOWHTMSAYN
13. DJ Bazooka Joe - The Fan? (feat. Sadat X)
14. Maylay Sparks - True Lies (feat. J-Ro, Rocc Boogie & Styliztik Jones)
15. Oh No - Dues N Donts (feat. Jose James & Phife Dawg)
16. Apathy, Blacastan & Motive – Mud Duckin
17. La Coka Nostra - Electronic Funeral (feat. Sean Price)
18. House Shoes - Trouble (feat. Moe Dirdee & MarvWon)
19. Punchline & DJ Soulclap - New York City (feat. Torae, Ruste Juxx & Pav Bundy)
20. Apollo Brown & O.C. - We The People
21. Vinnie Paz - Cheesesteaks
22. Nas - Loco-Motive (feat. Large Professor)
23. Nature - Redemption
24. Strong Arm Steady & Statik Selektah - Fair Fight (feat. Black Hippy)
25. Craig G - Heaven & Hell (feat. Styles P)

Saturday, 4 August 2012

DJ Eclipse - Live from HeadQCourterz 27 July

This week its DJ Eclipse standing in for Premo....